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  1. only at GPPGolf.com 20% Off Sale Continues! Limited Edition Rickie Fowler Puma Apparel and Camillo Villegas JL Apparel CLICK HERE!!
  2. Promotion ends June 30Callaway Golf Buy 1 Get 1 Free Apparel!! Click for deals, hurry ends June 30 Click HERE. For example Buy these shorts: Receive this Polo FREE!!:
  3. ONLY 179.99 at GPP!! No need to pay almost $250 for these! They're finally here!! The ALL ORANGE Limited Edition Puma Cell Fusion 2.0 at GPP!! CLICK HERE to BUY!!
  4. ONLY 179.99 at GPP!! No need to pay almost $250 for these! They're finally here!! The ALL ORANGE Limited Edition Puma Cell Fusion 2.0 at GPP!! CLICK HERE to BUY. I've Personal Messaged WRX memeber, The Long Ball but response to no avail. If you know Nathan, tell him I have his shoes reserved for him in a 14!
  5. <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/24332264?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="398" height="224" frameborder="0"></iframe>Counterfeit clubs are becoming more cosmetically indistinguishable than ever from their originals. GPPGolf.com is an Authorized Retailer for every product we sell and only select retailers get the Authorized Retailer approval. And we pride ourselves on only selling 100% authentic golf gear. So, even though you may see that another retailer is selling your favorite brand, you may want to ask them if they are an Authorized Internet Retailer fo
  6. [color=#333333][url="http://www.facebook.com/PINGGolfFans"]P[/url]ING said the anser wedges will be avail in the Fall and they have yet to determine a specific launch date. Kind of vauge I know. We'll keep you up to date on the specifics of the launch of these wedges. [/color]
  7. We recommend adding pair of flat Trues or [url="http://www.gppgolf.com/products2.cfm/ID/6858/name/ecco-mens-street-premier-golf-shoes"]Eccos[/url] to your footwear closet. It may be of personal preference but we really like the comfortable functionality, ease of use and wider toe box that Trues give -- they really put a ton of thought + R&D into the shoe and you can feel it. Personally, I wear both -- I have a pair of the [url="http://www.gppgolf.com/products2.cfm/ID/13218/name/true-linkswear-tour-golf-shoes-white--white"]white/white Trues[/url] and pair of [url="http://www.gppgolf.com/pr
  8. 25% off ALL: J. Lindeberg, PUMA Golf, Under Armour, & Travis Mathe HUGE APPAREL SALE, 25% off ALL: J. Lindeberg, PUMA, Under Armour, & Travis Mathew!! Click for deals.
  9. PICS!PICS of New Adams: PRO a12 forged irons & hybrids + keri golf collab! Click here to view set. What are you initial thoughts? We tested the hybrids and irons and really love 'em, the upgraded Golf Pride grips are a nice addition, and several of us here are going to add the new hybrid to our bag. Should be available mid-late May.
  10. [size="2"]We have a Masters contest tie!! Jared Walshaw and Michael Brady are each getting hooked up with some gear worn at The Masters!![/size] [size="2"] [/size] [size="2"][color=#333333]They both chose Luke Donald, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods, for combined earnings of $666,584. How many strokes did the winner win by? Jared: 2 Michael: 2 Total Score of Winner? Jared: -15[/color][/size] [color=#333333][size="2"] [/size][/color] [color=#333333][color=#000000][size="2"]So, we're doing, instead of flipping a coin and giving the winner of the coin toss the full winnings, we're g
  11. WIN $400 worth of apparel from GPPGolf.com Get your Masters picks in to win $400 in Masters gear!! Enter by Thursday April, 7th at 7:45am EDT CLICK HERE: Masters 2011 Contest by GPPGolf.com Choose your top three players; Winner will be chosen by accumulated dollars won between all three chosen players. Tie break if needed. No purchase necessary. Good Luck guys!!
  12. CONTEST for GolfWRX members!! We're giving away a doz of the ultra-rare Nike Golf RED swoosh balls!! Guess what Tiger Woods will shoot at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and WIN a doz!! How to win, guess: 1.) total strokes after the cut (sat + sun) Reply in this thread with your guess. Closest person to actual strokes wins!! Drawing if tie. One entry per person. Enter before TW tee off on Saturday. By the way, $20 Srixon Z-Stars, selling online at Dick's or any other authorized online dealer? Give us a call and have the link avail...we'll match it. To buy red swoosh balls, cli
  13. Give us some feedback - what do you all think about these red swoosh balls?
  14. extremely rare + limited, now availSEE PAGE 2 FOR CONTEST You've heard Nike was doing a promo last year with these balls. They never did. So we were able to secure these ultra rare, limited edition RED SWOOSH Nike balls!! Only 6k doz made. Nike Tour and Tour D available and selling for only $39.99 -- not to be missed, especially for any Nike collector: Nike Red Swoosh Tour: http://www.gppgolf.c...ls---red-swoosh Nike Red Swoosh Tour D: http://www.gppgolf.c...ls---red-swoosh
  15. in Beaumont Tx (between Houston,TX + Lake Charles, LA)
  16. Howdy guys -- just want to thank all who entered, we are getting our winner Gabriel ([color=#878787]undermined)[/color] hooked up with a new set of RAZR X irons. Congrats!!
  17. We have several brands of bucket hats -- PING, Titleist, Aussie Chiller -- we've sold quite a few of the Aussie Chiller and they've been pretty popular. It's nice to see some new throwback, retro hats and we those available, see some examples below. You can find bucket hats and some other styles on our site here.
  18. In case you all haven't seen our INCREDIBLE deal we have going on right now --- AdiPure Black/Black/Silver, do so now. We cannot legally post the price here because it is too low, but click link and one of you all can reply to this post with actual price of this deal. We agree with you, that theses are some of the best golf shoes on the market. We also have the Nuovo Chocolate/White/Silver Adipures heavily discounted as well! CLICK HERE FOR DEAL!! CLICK HERE FOR DEAL!
  19. [size="2"]If anyone has any questions on ship time please or order status don't hesitate to call to John St. John (Customer Service extraordinaire) at 1-888-477-3444. [/size]
  20. 15%+ off sale!! We need to move some apparel and we are passing on 15%+ off savings on to you!! Save big on your favorite brands like Nike, J. Lindeberg, Travis Mathew, Adidas, Under Armour and more! We're extending the sale through next week.
  21. [size="2"]We'll be there covering the show and meeting with vendors. What golf innovations and/or brands are you interested in? What would you like for us to cover when we're there?[/size]
  22. It can be difficult for the average consumer to know who to trust and who to buy their clubs from online, especially when the price is sometimes too good to pass up. Technology has allowed some counterfeit manufactures to create clubs that [b]look [/b]very similar to the original product but don't preform in on the course and sometimes end up cracking and breaking, especially at the hosel. We are very well versed in counterfeits because we visit with authorized vendors at their corporate offices and plants, talk with customers who bought from unauthorized dealers and receive fakes to show our
  23. We feel a need to to clarify and update you on a couple things here: 1.) We NEVER shipped Javier (Javmanx) black Adidas 4.0 shoes. We offered him the black colorway but he refused and canceled his entire order because we did not have the white. Which is justifiable. 2.) We now have Javmanx taken care of, we talked and chatted and we are now sending him white non-blems Adidas 4.0 Tours (valued at $129.99) at no additional charge, along with the rest of his order all sent w/ free overnight shipping. We wanted to let you all know that we will always contact you and all our customers if an
  24. We are really sorry we didn't have the Adidas Tour 360 4.0 blems in stock when you placed your order. We offered the free shipping and w/ the crazy price of $59.99 they went fast... in fact, so fast we had some issues with our inventory system on that product. What we have been offering to those small amount of customers who bought those out of stock Adidas 4.0 blems, is a pair of the in-stock NON-blem Adidas Tour 360 4.0s these at no additional charge, which we think is a fair deal. So call us up at 1-888-GPP-3444 and let's get you some brand new 4.0s for $59.99. We will make any mistake o
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