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  1. It makes ya wonder how they get by in other aspects of life.
  2. We just went to a straight stroke play event using handicaps (we stole the format from another trip I do with another group). We use our own handicaps (not usga) based on scores from the trip. We have a guy who calculates it, I think it's based off 3 years of scores. It's been a pretty good system and gives everybody a chance to compete. Using this method is the best way to prevent sandbagging with caps as well, since it's kept in house and only scores from the trip are used. We have payouts for the winner, then do payouts for closet to the pin, lowest 9 hole net and gross, and a couple
  3. Last time we did this, I was the lowest cap and got stuck with the guy who shoots 115-120. He was loving playing my shots, after the first hole I couldn't wait to be done. This was the general consensus with the 20 guys on the trip, the lower handicap players hated it. More or less if that format was ever thrown in again, the lower cap guys would skip the trip.
  4. I ask the guy if he wants to go first or wants me to go first, then just roll with that. Makes no difference to me what order I hit in. Life is too short to be wasting time over this type of nonsense.
  5. I would play them as GUR, if you're playing a cow pasture then just make the best of it and have fun with it. Most courses aren't going to get marked up for daily play, it would involve a lot of man hours to go out every couple of days to spray around the area's that need it. A course like this, they obviously can't keep up with maintenance so how could you expect them to keep up with keeping all the GUR marked?
  6. 100%, most of the better players I play with and see, the ball is in the air before you can blink, on the greens they're ready to hit their putt as soon as you throw your mark down or tap out on your putt. It's been mentioned a few times here, but one of the big components to pace, that seemingly has gotten lost in the last few years, is keeping up with the group in front of you. Everybody seems to look at the time the course indicates and view that as bible. That time is the max time you should be taking, the group in front of you should be the pace you're keeping up with. I don't get why
  7. If it's a 2 man scramble, the couple of times we've done this, the lowest HCP goes with the highest and then you keep pairing them up based on that. It generally has worked pretty well for balance. If it's a 4 man scramble, in your situation the 25 and you should be in one of the groups. Don't ever do an alternate shot event, you'll hate life.
  8. Can you really consider it golfing if you don't get out there and check this before the sun comes up?
  9. What are your priorities? Do you like playing well, or do you like shiny new things? If you're playing well with what you have, why mess with that? If you want new clubs get the new clubs. They also don't have to be mutually exclusive, maybe you'll change and keep scoring.
  10. That's how I am with Heritage Bluffs, or the Bluffs or whatever they call it now. Funny how we all have those courses that just eat us up.
  11. You can find them on ebay for under $15.
  12. Along with all that's mentioned, would this have an impact on being able to bend lies?
  13. Courses that have turf and use mats this time of year are just being lazy, and honestly ripping us off given nobody discounts the balls for mats. There's zero reason right now to be on mats, anywhere. The purpose originally for mats at most places were to extend the range season on both ends and possibly keep it open all year as long as the weather is good, or to use in the summer after periods of heavy rain. If you manage the range over the summer you should be able to continually overseed and have good turn to use. I'm pretty over courses ripping us off, high greens fees, crazy pace of
  14. Nice weather today for a round a Maple Meadows. The staff out there is always great. Course was in okay shape but the greens were a mess. Looked like moon, people were clearly dragging their feet, on top of the typical late afternoon wear. Pace was okay at 4:20, crazy tho that you pretty much need to tee off by 3:30 to get in before dark. Game was solid, hit it well. Chipping and bunker game was good, I just couldn't make a damn putt, and the greens didn't help. Several birdie putts inside of 10 feet, lots of chips within 5 feet, and couldn't get a single one in. Walk
  15. After reading about "The Bluffs" kind of glad we bailed. Looks like an afternoon round up at Maple Meadows.
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