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  1. I just noticed all these memories came up on my FB page. If I remember I played on Christmas eve in shorts and we had to stop after 9 due to a Thunderstorm.
  2. I have an old fujikura tour spec that has yet to be beat. It's a solid combo with this head.
  3. Whatever choice you go with, the ego choice is the wrong answer.
  4. I loved my SLDR, hit bombs, looked and felt great, but the damn thing is as unforgiving as anything I've ever played. With the Sim 2 being a bit longer, and way more forgiving, I wouldn't consider putting it back in the bag, ever.
  5. I don't think they're the crazy ones, the crazy ones are the guys who are paying (and based ont he Arrowhead parking lot the other day people are paying). I do know somebody who paid and said the greens at Arrow are a sandy mess. If people show up, the courses will charge it. I played in a scamble at Twin Lakes a few years back. I agree about those greens, they're some of the smallest I've ever seen, but the fairways are also super narrow, generally under 20 yards wide. I think most of those greens are 15x15 yards or smaller. You probably become a pretty accurate player if you play a place like that on the regular.
  6. The slowness comes from people thinking they can reach it when they can't, and then proceed to need 3 more shots to get there after sitting on the tee box waiting for the green to clear. It's no different than the guy driving it 200 all day long thinking he can reach a par 5 in two from 250. If there's a group waiting that can legit get the ball up the green, it shouldn't hold things up too much as they'd be driving up to the green after hitting those shots, and the group behind them can proceed to play their tee shots. Most golfers out there don't have 250 yards in the bag, let alone 280-300 to hit a short par 4, and these short hitters tend to also play from tees too far back making the drivable hole even less drivable for them.
  7. I mean there's guys on this forum shooting in the 80's and 90's that want to play the back tees for the challenge......
  8. The problem with that first question, 99% of the time the answer is from somewhere in my area amd it turns into the "where do you usually play" "what's your favorite course". I'm 41, been playing since I was 6, any of my country club invites have never come from a random playing partner. I have been randomly paired with known athletes and musicians over the years, I think they appreciated me leaving them alone. If I actually did get to play with somebody who could offer some insight on an area I'm interested in, I'd be into that conversation for sure, it's productive and not just fillign air. The condo thing isn't my gig either, I would apprecaite the offer but woudl turn it down for sure. I make good money and a hotel is fine for me, wouldn't feel comfortable staying in a strangers place. Like I said before, at the sake of not being a jerk I'll generally just go along with the program, but I rarely go out if I know I'll get paired up with a rando just cause I personally don't want to deal with. I have to really want to play to dive into that.
  9. It took me a couple rounds to really figure that out. I don't think it's a great course to play and only play it once unless you really have an appreciation for older courses with amazing green complexes.
  10. How many pages back did you have to go to find this thing?
  11. It takes time, depending on the magnitude of the change it can take months, but if after months you haven't shown any type of improvement then you need to find a new instructor. Unfortunately there's a lot of bad golf instructors out there.
  12. This is on your friend, not on the lessons. He's either sticking with an instructor that's bad/he doesn't understand, or he's not putting the work in. Regardless, if he's taking lessons and not improving, it's on him, not the lessons.
  13. Still carry mine, not gonna change soon. It's become more of a second tee club for me when I need to stay short of something or find the fairway. There's almost no situation that I'd hit it off the deck anymore, especially with the new Super Hybrid.
  14. You and I have very different definitions of 'perfect fall golf weather'!
  15. I'd play with you anyday. I'm not really an introvert, I'll gladly talk to anybody, but it has to be about something worthwhile (to me), and interesting. Not something that just puts noise into the air for the sake of filling it. I'm comfortable with silence, I don't think a lot of people are.
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