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  1. But they got the 9th hole, one of the most fair holes in Chicago.
  2. I swear that's the place everybody does their PAT. I've caddied for a few guys there and played a few times. Maybe my assessment was a bit harsh, I always viewed it as a half-a**** version of Carillon.
  3. I always thought the 15th at Ruffled would be a better/tougher hole if they took those trees out and made it a long par 4. Also agree on Seven Bridges. As a drawer of the golf ball I dread holes 5 and 7 tee shots.
  4. My season is sadly over. Back surgery scheduled for Friday. I'll be living through you guys and your round updates! Hopefully 2021 will be my year, been a while since I've had a full golf season.
  5. I gotta side with Arg on this one. MM in general seems to have tighter fairways and a miss seems to put you in tough spots to get out of. For the most part the landing area's at the Preserve seem to be pretty wide, even if they don't look it from the tee. Holes I'd run out of space on 7, 12 ect are holes I'd never pull driver on anyway giving me even a bigger landing area and just a short iron in. Hole 2 fits my natural shot shape perfect, otherwise I'd never consider a driver there either. Other than the 9th hold continually ruining my front 9 scores, I've scored better at the Preserve th
  6. I'll agree with the MM assessment. There's a lot more scoring chances at the Preserve, and a lot more holes where you can be a little wild and still in play. They do a good job of making some of the fairways look tight but when you get out there they're huge. The 9th being the exception, one of my least favorite holes in the Chicagoland, I have yet to post better than a double on that hole, gonna just play it as a 3 shot hole next time.
  7. Once again I find myself injured in the middle of summer, and once again and injury not related to golf (although golf probably didn’t help this one). Not sure why these things can’t happen in mid winter. Initial diagnosis is a herniated disc in the lower back pushing on a nerve (sciatic nerve most likely), MRI coming up on Tuesday and we’ll go from there. As of now I can barely walk and am in awful pain. This is a wake up that I should start taking care of myself, I’ve put on a good 70 pounds since I stopped playing hockey, between the weight and now hitting 40 I seem to be falling apart.
  8. I never understood the going thing, but who am I to judge on things that bring joy to others. For me, golf is a game of precision and managing misses, the only way you can really be good at both is taking equipment out as the variable. I hate changing clubs and try to do it as little as possible. Once I have my clubs fit and dialed in, I can go out and practice/play knowing that the clubs will not play any sort of variable into the shot, it’s just a matter of me making a good swing.
  9. Most of the better golfers I know, single digits and lower, use 1 set and don't change often other than wedges and the occasional putter. None of them utilize a backup bag. I'm not a + myself, but a low single digit and do the same. If I had a backup bag, it would be a carbon copy to my everyday bag. I know what these clubs do, not a chance I'd be rotating things in and out.
  10. 4:30 at a private club? I'd be taking my money to another club. That's not acceptable for a public club IMO. My group is probably guilty of being on groups butts. We're fast players and single digit handicaps so it doesn't take us much time to get through a hole. None of us would yell at a group, we've never intentionally hit into anybody to get them moving, and generally error on the side of caution it's a blind shot or a "chance".. I think we're pretty good at reading the room and know when there's nowhere to go, but we'll ask to play through if we know there is open ground in front.
  11. Been playing a lot at Village Greens, taking advantage of not having to pay to play. I’ll be running the Coyote Crossing and Kampen at Purdue this Friday, really looking forward to that.
  12. I wouldn't pay anything for a 4 hour round, I still consider that to be slow. I would absolutely pay a premium for a 3 to 3:30 round. Much beyond 3:30, like mentioned, you're getting into the point of standing around. If I'm playing golf, that's what I want to do. If I want social hour there's plenty of ways to get together with the guys and just sit around and shoot the shit for 4+ hours. To me it's not so much about getting home to do other stuff, life is short, I want to spend as little of it as possible waiting around. If I block off 5 hours for golf, if it's done in 3 that means
  13. I'll have to look closer next time, I generally do pretty well keeping things in play. I know on 5 my drive was in the road for sure, it was a nice high pull hook that the wind just took. 11 was the same. Thanks for the heads up on that one.
  14. If it was that really sucks cause I knocked my drive out, re-teed, my then 4th shot flew bounced out again thanks to those mounds up by the green. I never noticed the change, I haven't hit it off the course on that hole in a few years, I'm normally in the trees on the right, generally even if the aggressive line doesn't work out the mounds there will kick it back down to the fairway. If I played it as a hazard I probably would have taken a 6 given that the drop would have been blocked out from trying to reach the green.
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