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  1. Great info all..thank you so very much
  2. Yep Nelly plays it in her driver and so does J.Y. Ko. Top 2 LPGA players use it. Also find it interesting Nelly plays the TSI1 head. Think I am gonna try one..stinks it is kind of an expensive experiment. But that is the life of a club junkie. Lol
  3. Good to know thank you!!.. i always liked Diamana shafts but there are some many now I can't keep track of what is what. My ss is 96-98 but fairly quick transition. Will sound odd but one of the reasons I was tempted by the IZ is I notice a lot of the LPGA gals play it and my ss is more in line with them. I am 54 years old..6 handicap and good ballstriker just don't have the power I used to have
  4. thank you all for the feedback..does the RDX Blue launch much higher than the black?
  5. Mine is the black. Would the IZ have similar feel. I like everything about the RDX other than launch being a bit low.
  6. Playing a Smoke RDX 6.0 in my TSI3. Feel and spin are fine but it launches a little low. How would a Tour AD IZ 6s compare? No place close to try one
  7. Want to try a AD IZ 6s in my TSI3 if any body has one laying around
  8. Head only or smoke RDX 6.0 or one if the AD shafts...no tensei shafts Clean with headcover
  9. Just happy for him that be just hit some balls. I am a fan and whatever happens in the future with his golf is anyone's guess. The fact he is vertical and swinging is already a major win in my book
  10. VERY Clean, crown and topline spotless..just very minimal wear on sole. NO HC but will bubble wrap it very well. $old Only partial trade Ventus Blue or Red 6S or Tour AD IZ 6s Titleist driver shaft
  11. Would prefer elevate tour shaft but open to others
  12. After some debate gonna sell my T100s. These are amazing feeling and performing irons as everyone knows but on my off days I just lose too much, need to suck up my pride and get something a little more suiting to my game these days. These only have 2 rounds and some range time...totally missed cleaning the one face. PIcs tell the story , very , very clean Standard length and loft..my club fitter did something a little different 4-6 are 2 up 7-8 1 up P and Vokey std These bend like butter so no issue getting them to your specs. $old for the T100s and the SM8 shipped in the CONUS I will not sell just the heads. ONLY trade is for PXG 0311 T's or T & P combo
  13. Only interested in 10* and in excellent condition
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