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  1. I've read most threads I could find on Piretti putters but am curious if anybody has played with Forza model? I am a big fan of this head shape and am looking to try something besides Odyssey and Scotty. This seems like a good option. They don't have much info as far as specs go for toe hang but I assume its like most other putters of this model. So any feedback would be appreciated. Soft, firm etc. Thanks!
  2. I have a tour issue 8.5° M2, it’s been a beast for years. Sadly through swing changes I think i need more loft so I’m bagging an Epic Soeed now. I’ve considered getting a higher lofted M2 though, really love it!
  3. I ordered 2 wedges on 12/28, nothing crazy 2° up and +1/2” with MCC +4 grips. Got an email yesterday that the order is delayed and supposedly gonna ship in 7-10 days. It’s Ianuary in VT so I’m not in a hurry, may give them a call and if it’s the grips holding it up I’ll change but I won’t see a course for 2 months minimum.
  4. That’s awesome, I think I may give one of these a try. I really like the look of the cottonwood too, now how do I decide!?
  5. Not to threadjack but are these the real deal? Been kinda looking for a Del Mar style head and the Forza looks perfect. How’s the feel?
  6. My wife ordered one from TGW back in October hoping to have it for me for Christmas, no luck. Emailed them and Garmin and we’re basically told keep waiting but no eta. We canceled the order, garmins website still show 5-8 week wait, which is what it’s showed for probably 5-8 weeks already
  7. Placed an order for mine about 2 weeks ago, just waiting on a shipping notification
  8. I might be going crazy but I just picked up a Toulon Austin from Cally Preowned eBay store. It’s the satin chrome finish and I really like the look of it but when I put the putter in address position it looks like the putter sits closed. I’m not even sure I can get a pic, my understanding is that it’s a JDM issue putter. Is it normal for these putters to have the toe in? I don’t want to start a return if it’s how it’s supposed to be and I just didn’t know. Im sure this pic isn’t helpful but thought I’d try
  9. This^^ My Adams hybrid just works and after trying a few different models I decided to just tick with the Adams. It’s not going anywhere until it breaks.
  10. Find another Adams Pro, I’ve tried so many different hybrids and really none compare to the old Adams. I have 2 Adams Pro Minis in my bag now and I’m constantly scouring eBay for additional backup heads. Bonus-if you can find what you like they are usually pretty cheap.
  11. Plus it gives me something to ask for next year at Christmas!
  12. We'll see, doesn't really matter since Garmin really wasn't able to provide any concrete info when they will be back in stock. Their website says 5-8 weeks before they are in stock and if thats the case I'll almost be able to hit balls outside again. Maybe by next Christmas things will be different but I'll be content with the Mevo for what I intend to use it for. Side note, already got shipping confirmation on the mevo so that's cool.
  13. My wife ordered one for me for Christmas but its on backorder for the foreseeable future. I was on the fence anyway with the reviews I've been reading so I had her cancel the order and ordered a Mevo instead. I'll keep the Garmin in mind for future reference because I really like the look of it.
  14. I kinda like the look of that, where did you find it? Cally Preowned?
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