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  1. Funny I was thinking this too. Heck I have to tune out stuff all the time at work from bad music, loud people in the office next to me etc etc. And really? This guy who, if memory serves, was the topic of a thread on here about whether or not he was changing the game can't tune out "lets go Brooksy"? Really? It's funny becuase it's something different than mashed potatoes and baba booey, give it 10 years and "go Brooksy" will get the same eye roll and groans.
  2. I have/had the sensors that screwed into the grip of each club. I used them for a few rounds last summer but ultimately took them off. I'd find they would miss shot and it annoyed me to have to edit the info during the round. That being said, the info provided was kinda cool but for someone like me who just isn't a stat guy it was too much. I have a pretty decent idea how far I hit my clubs, know I need to work on chipping and approach play so I didn't learn a ton. I didn't notice a difference in swing weight with them in, i can't imagine they affect it much the sensors weigh next to noth
  3. It’s not that bad actually. Made a sale two weekends ago and had the money in my account 2 days after I shipped. I opened a free online account with capital one to keep it separate. All in all not terrible.
  4. This^^^ There are a few courses I'd be perfectly fine dropping some serious cash to play. Pebble, Sawgrass...I don't need to go on I think you get the idea. A place like Pebble that is across the country from me, I'd likely only have one chance to play anyway. I'm not in an area of the country that has lots of high caliber courses (live in VT). I could drive to Bethpage (4+ hours), or Oak Hill (I think that's the one in Rochester, NY). One other factor I'd consider, lets say you are there and don't play. Are you gonna look back and say "man I wish i played that course when I
  5. I have a Mavrik SubZero, used a TM wrench to loosen the weights and shaft.
  6. Moving and getting rid of some stuff, haven’t had much luck selling the FE and wedges so giving it a shot again. All prices are shipped and OBO. I’ll use USPS or Fed Ex to ship at buyers discretion, no signature required unless requested. Not a ton of feedback here but eBay I’d is jjoberg1013. 1. Callaway Mavrik SZ 9° w/ Aldila Rogue White 70x. Generic Callaway headcover included. $300 OBO. 2. Taylor Made Tour Issue M4 3 wood, 15° stated loft but actual spec sticker included. Aldila Rogue Black 80 Stiff shaft. No head cover. Like new GP MCC +4 midsize grip, ferrule
  7. I do, frequently. Still they got slick
  8. I’ve noticed this too with the MCC+4. I switched to the TV+4 and thise have held up well!
  9. I had one, sold it after a really cold putting stretch. Stop me if you’ve heard this before
  10. Yeah I didn’t think so, I wish they’d bring back the San Fran model. Not only am I a huge Niners fan, that model fits my eye and stroke really well! They are fairly hard to find these days though!
  11. We’re there putters ever faked? I don’t recall hearing anything about Toulon fakes but I found one on eBay from a seller with no positive/negative feedback for the last year-good feedback prior to that though. Price isn’t low or even out if line, but a little due diligence never hurt. Thanks!
  12. Maybe i misunderstood, I went with the X grind on my MD4's. I really like that one, if i order another set ill definitely keep the X in my SW and maybe go C grind in the LW. I like that too.
  13. 56 I went full bounce, 60 I went mid. I have srixon irons and love the V sole so was hoping for similar results with the wedges. So far that hasn't been the case.
  14. Pros-I hit the call always better. For some reason I’ve never gotten along with Vokeys. Did try some RTX4 this season and so far they didn’t work well for me, I think I need more bounce. They gig a lot for me. May take a shot at some zip cores if they ever get S400’s back in stock or I might just stick with my Callys
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