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  1. I put an 818H2 in the bag this summer @19° and the thing is a beast. I actually stopped looking for a 3 wood because this fit the Bill from the tee and turf for me.
  2. Good morning, did a search but didn’t find much. I have a swing issue that I tend to get inside in the take away and also sometimes flip at impact sending the ball left. Looking for a simple swing aid that I can work on over the winter to help with this-I’ve used something similar to the orange whip in the past. I was looking at the impact ball and it seems like it may help. Does anybody have any feedback on using one? For reference this is what I’m looking at
  3. I still game an Adam’s pro mini and it won’t be leaving my bag anytime soon. It’s a 23° 4i replacement with a steel shaft and is my 200 yard club.
  4. End of the season here in VT so I’m clearing out some stuff. Not looking for trades as I won’t be playing for 5-6 months. Not a ton of feedback here but 100% on eBay, user ID jjoberg1013. All prices paypayl’d and shipped in the IS, outside of the US PM me and we can discuss shipping. Will happily text more pics if asked! Thanks for looking! Titleist TS2 15° with Diamana 80 x5ct stiff shaft. No wrench or head cover, $200 obo Project X HZRDUS Yellow 63g 6.0 flex with TM adapter from an M6 head. I have never had it on the course. $110 obo.
  5. I think this weekend will be my last.the weather is getting colder, Saturday the high will be 46°. My goal was to break 80 this year, came close a couple of times at the beginning of the year, 81-83. My last month has been pretty bad, high 80’s into low 90’s. A break will be good. Oddly enough, I don’t find myself wanting to change much in my bag. Maybe this weekend will go out with a bang and call it a season.
  6. Hey isn’t there an old saying “2 outta 3 ain’t bad”?
  7. That was a huge selling point for me in the Srixon 784’s. Any shaft, any grip at no up charge. The Ping 210’s would have been $200+ more for the same specs. nice looking sticks but I don’t see a need to move away from my 785’s, actually been looking for another set as backup, half heartedly I’ll admit.
  8. Pings as mentioned but also Srixon 785s. They don’t have a wide sole or a ton of bounce but the V sole is the real deal and works really well for this digger.
  9. I think Budget Golf has some. NVM just looked and they don’t have them anymore.
  10. Was fit into this combo at the beginning of the year, PXLZ 6.5. I really like this combo, great feel and nice high penetrating flight. I can also buy them lower if needed. I know the knock in these sticks is that they are too low spin for some. I did not experience that at all. My distances are consistent and I’ve even managed to spin a few back this year. Great feel! Worth noting I played V1/V1x for a ball this year.
  11. I have the Sun Mointain Sync(14 way divider) and use GPTV plus 4 midsize on all my clubs. No issue getting them in or out.
  12. Bought this in a driver that I really only wanted the head. Driver was new in plastic so I have not swing this shaft nor has it been on the course. I don’t have a ton of feedback here but 100% positive on eBay, user ID jjoberg1013. Project X HZRDUS Yellow handcrafted, 6.0, 44.25” long with a Taylor Made adapter, was in an M6 head. Asking $120 OBO shipped in the US, outside the US we can discuss a deal.
  13. I’m looking at getting a new pair of shoes for next season. I have limited options because if my foot size (16EE). Basically from what I’ve found Nee Balance and footjoy seem to be it. I had a pair of NB shoes this year and liked them except the toe box was really narrow and my big toe was crunched, it was pretty uncomfortable. Looking at a pair of Footjoy Pro SL shoes and I have 2 questions for those who have used them. 1. How much room is in the toe area? 2. are these shoes good for walking? I’ve played 50 rounds this year and 40 have been walking. I’m a big
  14. Wish you made a pair in 16, need something with more room in the toe. Great giveaway though!
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