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  1. Wow I’m glad to see there are so many options, guess I’m not the only one who was curious about this. As I mentioned antenna is lit for me, I assume the OTA is as well but I’ll look into it. I had no idea Amazon Prime offered golf coverage, I’d watched a few Thursday nfl games on it but that’s all. I’ll have to check that out too. I have a bundles Disney+ subscription that came with Hulu and ESPN+. VERY disappointed in ESPN+ but Hulu live might make sense. Thank you all for the discussion!
  2. I’d love to have this option, sadly I’m surrounded by mountains and the reception makes the antenna not an option.
  3. That’s the thing, I don’t watch much but when I want to it doesn’t seem like there are many options. I was hopeful about ESPN+ but it’s mostly MMA from what I’ve seen. Yup not a giants fan or a Pats fan which is most of the population here LOL
  4. Not sure if this is the right forum so if not please move! I’ve been giving thought to cancelling cable, I subscribe to all the major streaming services. The only thing holding me back is live sports, mainly golf. Looking back over the last year I didn’t watch any baseball or basketball. I watched some football and watched a lot of golf on the networks. I don’t go the golf channel and don’t pay extra for ESPN thru my cable provider. I did a google search and PGATour live comes up quite a hit. Are there any streaming services that give you access to the actual broadcast?
  5. Are the Carbons the same just referencing the color? I have worn NB Golf shoes for the last 3-4 seasons. Bought last years model, the striker, and they were WAY too narrow in the XW version. Couldn't even get my feet in. I may give these a shot, I just want a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in. Maybe I just go back to sneakers.
  6. I’ll say this, he can block out noise and keep on winning.
  7. Trying to raise funds for a custom putter purchase so not looking for trades. Not a ton of feedback here but plenty on eBay, jjoberg1013. Prices are Paypal’d and shipped in the US, outside the US PM me and we can discuss. First item is a TM M6 Tour Issue head bought from Golfdeals and steals. Specs as shown in sticker, face angle is .4° open if you can’t tell and head cover included. $375 OBO. Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7s with TM adapter. Had this paired with the M6, came that way. $175 OBO SOLD Will pair shaft and head for $500.
  8. If you can’t find the 130, the Sun Mountain sync bag is pretty big too. Made to fit on a push cart and stands fine on its own. I’ve found it has a ton of storage too, way more than I need.
  9. Good morning! Was perusing the thread where everybody was posting pics of their putters and came across a few of Nordberg putters. Did some google research and found a thread about his putters and man they look awesome and reviews are pretty positive. I reached out to him on Instagram about making me a Del Mar style head-which seem to be getting harder to find- and he was happy to help. The cost for me is a little higher for that style because he doesn't have any in stock and needs more metal. He offered though to do a small batch run if I had 5 more that would be i
  10. He did, it was like within 15 minutes! Thank you!
  11. Digging up an old thread I know but I’m kinda on the hunt for a putter. Website for him seems to be down, is Instagram the only way to contact him? Thanks!
  12. I opened a separate checking account for the reasons bladehunter alluded to. No need to muddy the waters between my fun golf money and my Bill money. Also, there are more than a few threads of bogus return requests etc that buyers try to pull, scams or just plain mix ups. PayPal had been my buffer to that again keeping golf money separate. Took me 30 seconds to open a new checking account that isn’t linked to anything, well it’s linked to PayPal but not my personal checking. It’s not about getting out of a refund, more just keeping things clean and separate.
  13. Small drill bit and put a hole in the center yourself? I've done this before.
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