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  1. Well that’s pretty damn sweet! Who did the customization?
  2. Do these have a more rounded leading edge or straighter? Hard to tell from the angles of the pics. Thanks!
  3. I just scored a Toulon San Francisco off the bay. I’ve had one before and look forward to putting it back in the bag. I’ve really been eyeing the new Scotty Del Mar too. I hesitate because I had the California Del Mar (not the Sea Mist) and it was ok but kinda clicky. My putting has been worse this year than ever, tonight played 9 and had 3 3 putts. I’m just not as confident with an answer style at all.
  4. Agreed, thought I might be missing something though that I should try!
  5. Same, which is why I was curious if the OP is a digger that got along well with the digger/driver grind from scratch, why a straight leading edge? Of course I never owned a scratch wedge and am making an assumption that the OP is a digger based off that grind. I’m genuinely curious as I’m a digger who really needs any help I can get with my wedge game…sad to admit
  6. Not to derail the topic but why is a straight leading edge better for a digger? Seems like it’d be the opposite? Or is this a personal preference type thing?
  7. I lost an auction on eBay for a Toulon SF. I’ve had one before and wish I’d kept it. It went for $405 which is about $100 more than I was willing to pay. I’ll check out the Bettinardi!
  8. These seem to have become quite scarce over the last few years as mallets have taken over the golfing world. I think PXG released a style like this but are there others that I'm missing? I took a chance this year and went back to an anser style head and while my putting has been ok, its far better with the Del Mar style head. I may just bite the bullet and by a new Scotty Del Mar, but there have to be others out there right?
  9. Interesting timing of this topic. I came to this part of the forum to see if anybody else has run into this issue. Played 9 last night and walked using my push cart (Clic Gear 3.5+) and also walked 18 last Sunday using my cart. By the end of the round my lower back was pretty stiff, I hadn't had this issue before using the push cart so I was curious if anybody else has run into this. Is it as simple as needing to adjust the handle height or something else?
  10. Yeah I’ve been on the fence, leaning towards no. Been looking for more of a 9 style head but damn these look cool.
  11. No worries, was hoping so because I like the look of that one better!
  12. Is the one on the left in the top picture the 1?
  13. What’s the difference between the 1 & 2?
  14. Annnnd another question, do the 0211 weights fit in the 0811? Thinking maybe I should have ordered the weight kit too.
  15. How long did it take from the time you ordered to ship? I ordered last Wednesday. Can’t wait to take it out!
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