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  1. I don’t think so. The prestige I played were three piece surlyn. Unless they’re different versions of that ball.
  2. I’d be surprised if they pay him. Koepka is real careful, boarderline cynical, with who he partners with. I’d be surprised if they aren’t paying him.
  3. I would actually disagree. This is far more interesting than someone starting an 800th thread on the link between compression and swing speed. Also I agree with the OP. Golf balls are overpacked and this generates needless waste and expense. On the plus side the packaging is cardboard and easily recycled and the presentation looks very nice and makes a good gift.
  4. Not to continue to push this thread farther off the rails but as far as I know Cut is operating within the rules of the site for paid sponsors. If you take umbrage with them spamming the forums probably better to take that up with wrx. Also for what it’s worth I haven’t found the Cut pitches too pushy myself. This site has a lot less ads than other golf sites. One of the reasons I enjoy wrx.
  5. Tour balls can't be clicky? Volvik balls are played by several golfers in LPGA and Asian Tour. Their balls feel nothing like Srixons, TM, Pro V or Chrome Soft. More like the old Pinnacles. Agree to disagree I suppose. S3 and S4 feel like ProV1 and V1x to me.
  6. Tour balls can’t be clicky? Volvik balls are played by several golfers in LPGA and Asian Tour.
  7. Second the Volvik S3 suggestion. It’s a really good ball. Sometimes tough to find though.
  8. Have you tried the new V1x yet? The different versions of this ball have felt and performed pretty much the same to me for a decade. I’m not a scratch golfer so maybe I’m not consistent enough to see the difference. But it doesn’t seem to me like they change this ball very much from generation to generation. Have some of the lower cap golfers on this forum seen a big difference? (Sorry to OP for the thread hijack)
  9. I really don’t know if there is a performance difference but for me there is definitely a psychological difference. This probably sounds like the dumbest bulls*** but used balls have bad energy. New balls feel like they are better. I can only play new. It’s an OCD thing for me.
  10. TM Project S might be worth a shot. QStar like others have mentioned is also a great ball in that category. One nice thing about moving from NXT is you could upgrade to a urethane ball and stay at the same price point. Project A and Q Star Tour are really solid all around balls at NXT price point.
  11. The orange double digit numbers look pretty cool.
  12. Website is full of typos. Not much info on the balls themselves. I’d be cautious about them. Have any other members tried them out?
  13. Agree with mjforn. Go with the trusoft here. The hex chrome plus was one of the higher compression balls Callaway ever made. That thing will feel like a rock in cold weather.
  14. I never say never on any brand but I’ve had some quality control issues with Callaway that make me reluctant to buy more of their products. That said you can have my odyssey putter when you pry it from my cold dead hand.
  15. In my experience forged irons don’t necessarily “wear out” faster than cast. But they are more prone to unwanted change in loft and lie due to bending with repeated impacts with the ground. This is especially pronounced for a digger like me. If you regularly have the loft and lie of your irons checked there is no reason a forged set can’t last you a very long time.
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