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  1. Maybe time for another call to Garmin? I've called twice and found their support to be excellent. Yardage accuracy with mine has been excellent. finally got through to them. They said there is a bug in the settings of the overall units of measurement in the garmin connect app. If set to metric which is what I want for runs, bikes, etc. this inadvertently switches the golf measurements to metric. Switching it to statute fixes the problem but I have to remember to switch it back before I run, They said a fix was being worked on but I am not holding my breath
  2. same. Die hard mizuno guy here. These will be in the bag for a long long time.
  3. still for the life of me can't figure out why I can't get accurate yardages on this thing. Tried in on a bunch of courses and it's off by 10-30 yards at times.
  4. Thanks for the review. I played 7 the first day in 35 km/h (22 mph) winds (and rain) and it was tough to hit from the silver tees. Can't imagine it from further back in that wind. I struggled with 5 as well, the dogleg. Wind was brutal both days (2nd day even worse) and everything was blowing into the marsh on the left. Near impossible to hit that fairway when we played. Funny, I liked the greens at Cliffs better, they seemed less fuzzy and more true.
  5. My room had a king size bed one or 2? sorry, I was referring to the 2 doubles I had which could and should have been 2 Queen's.
  6. thanks - good to see that it is working well for you. As a fitness tracker I love it - for runs, walks, biking, etc. it is great. Gotta figure out why the yardages are off on mine. I think before Tuesday's round I will switch everything to imperial and see what happens.
  7. Didn't stay in a villa but walked close to one to find my brothers wayward ball :-) and they looked quite nice. I like the design and it fits the landscape. The rooms are large and nice and well appointed (the shoe dryer came in handy). A couple of beefs though. I am not sure why every room doesn't have a balcony. We didn't and for the first 2 days it would have been awesome to have one as it was beautiful out and the view was as good as it gets, golf course, then ocean with amazing sunsets. Another is that they only put double beds in the room and not Queen's. They rooms are quite large and c
  8. There are a couple of pizza places in town but we didn't try them. In terms of things to do there is a scotch distillery 10 min down the road which we did a tour of (pretty short) and went back for dinner which was great, along with some live local music. A little further south in Mabou, there is the Red Shoe Pub which also features live local music. Get there early as it fills up fast (check the calendar to see what time they are playing). Other than that, not a ton to do as it is small town, rural Cape Breton.
  9. And then it's only a 3.5 hour drive from there!
  10. Never hit the 45's but the 65's are fantastic with toe hits, which is my miss as well.
  11. We had crazy weather. Friday +22C and sun and no wind - absolutely perfect. Sat +10C, raining and 35km/h winds. Sun +5, overcast and 50km/h winds. Yes, we made it there on Sunday for a late lunch/early dinner (arrived @ 3:30, music started at 4. Stayed until 6 and enjoyed the atmosphere and it was full by 5:30. Saturday we had dinner at the Glenora Distillery where they had live music as well. Food all all places was great, as well as at Cabot. Highly recommend the Red Shoe and the Distillery to get some local culture.
  12. With my garmin's, sometimes I'll find my home course seem a bit out of whack after updating the course maps. I find that usually re-installing those course maps usually corrects the problem. Likely some corruption when the data was loaded. Can't say if that's your problem or not - but couldn't hurt to try it. I can try but I've tried it on 3 courses now, all with the same results - the VA3 is under reporting distances.
  13. I prefer my 565's to the look of the 585's. I honestly think the 565's are perfection and won't leave my bag for a long time (my iron game is the best it's ever been right now). So no need for me to upgrade or buy a shiny new object, I am just fine with my current set.
  14. I'll post a more detailed review once I get some time but in general, it was an amazing experience and I was blown away by the course, the facilities, etc. I found the greens pretty good, Links a bit slower than Cliffs actually but I rather enjoyed the Cliffs greens as they are more predictable than Links where were tough to read. Courses were in great shape overall, zero complaints about conditioning. My caddie, Nick MacNeil was fantastic. We played in 35km/h winds, and rain (the wettest I have ever been on a golf course) and his advice on what line to take, reading greens, etc. was always ba
  15. Guess I will have to try using it for golf again. I have never made it past 12 holes on a charge. It has been 4 months or so since I last tried though. One thought....what is your brightness setting at? I keep mine at 40% (and could probably go lower and be fine), which is plenty bright for me. Made all 18 yesterday with more than 40% battery left. Must be a recent update that fixed my earlier issue. I still had some issues with it bouncing to the wrong hole occasionally, but it worked pretty well otherwise. I'm struggling with the yardage accuracy. anyone else? I played last week w
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