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  1. I have the RAD Tour 5 wood, turned down. I havent bagged a fairway wood in any fashion for over 10 years, just never got a long with them, RAD changed that
  2. Easily one of the best games I ever saw, and as an avid Chiefs fan, the OT rules should change, both teams should get possession at least.
  3. Lab Mezz.1? Plenty heavy, not quite a full mallet. They can weight it to effect closure rate since those don't have toe hang
  4. Loved the sim, then put this rare gem in, now it's unreal
  5. I'll have to measure my 5 wood and 2i (I'm playing the mini at 9.5), but that's probably semi close to my set up, for the same reason to
  6. Yeah that's the worst part, still the same offset and hang so I spent money just because I'm not right in the head hahahaha
  7. I know, the "look" so good in the flow neck, but visually I putt better with a plumber. Proper pics up tomorrow
  8. Local buddy @amolefty24 we both swapped the flow necks for plumbers
  9. Just weight the heads before hand, if they loose to much head weight just get the appropriate tip weights for the rebuild. Never seen anyone complain about feel on raw clubs
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