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  1. Its especially not special when you dont get anything close to what you requested and then he ignores you and wont make it right.....
  2. Mine should be done this week. Just got this pic yesterday of the sole
  3. Seems like a scheme he has going, take SOOO long so that a chargeback cant be filed, then ignore the customer when you screw them over. I will never buy one of his, not even second hand. On a side note, my Mack Made is being finished this week and the process has been GREAT.
  4. I hit every one of his posts with a call out and complaint, he deletes every one of my comments. Oddly enough he hasnt blocked me. Wonder if you can file a BBB claim on him?
  5. I keep seeing all this pictures and more and more people look like they are using it for forearm lock. I expected to see this rest more in the wrists....
  6. Cleveland 1948 is the best modern, affordable one I have found
  7. This was huge from me once I looked more at the break point than always at the hole.
  8. I do it, but not all the time, some times I look up and just "see it" and it works. Other times Ill look up and it just doesnt feel right. REALLY long putts it doesnt work for me, really short putts I tend to look 6 inches in front of the ball. The rest in between I "look up" about 80% of the time. I do use the line on the ball to set the putter up on my target line, but from there I mostly "look up"
  9. If I didnt just drop $750 on a MackMade.......stunning!!!!!!!!
  10. Can you take a side profile picture? Curious pistol like it is
  11. I'm sure that's somewhat true, was just curious as to the why. Seems to be culture driven mostly. Any who, I'm looking forward to this week's LPGA event, should be great
  12. Not a size issue for me, the top on the pistols are too squared for me, they're like a flasto pistol
  13. No way I would do business with Olsen, too many other good options from guys who actually respect their customers hard earned money. Really too bad as he makes good stuff, just a crap shoot if you get what you asked for after spending a ton of money.
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