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  1. 100 percent a scam. I know a legit 00o seller and saw his images on that pawn shops listing, they are phishing for log in info
  2. His game is better than pretty much everyone on WRX. He shot +2 on an 8200 yard course with a lip out on 18. Dudes a stud
  3. Anyone use "left hand low" with this grip?
  4. Negative There is just something about that OO Mini that clicks for me The TS4 came close I will say, flat bombs, but I like to work both sides and found hitting a draw more difficult than I want with it.
  5. Oh dang, I dont assume any of those 500 were lefty?
  6. Head is SUPER clean. Will come with adapter and ferrule. Sorry no head cover but will be well protected. Asking$235 shipped Might entertain a trade with a sim 9* head
  7. I would call it more tall (top side to bottom side) than wide. It feels similar to like a hockey stick but with some taper. So like a flat side turned 45 degrees. I just a use standard grip with my hands but I do choke up a tad, I like the feeling of the grip in my wrist, more like a mild wrist locking feeling since I have some forward press. There is the P2 Classic which is the Aware but even taller. front to back is only like an inch.
  8. Right now it's the P2 Aware, the flat front and back let me lock in the wrists and I know exactly where the face of the putter is
  9. This is why I like my P2 Aware grip. The flat sides let me know exactly where the face is
  10. Thats the tour issue sweet spot marking
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