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  1. This video greatly improved my swing, took me off the mentality of trying to rotate me hips (which made me want to use my mid section muscles) and had me start focusing on driving through my front leg, which makes you clear the hips. Was a game changer for me.
  2. All I can think about is Super Troopers............we cant pull over we're already pulled over!!!
  3. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? SLC 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? No 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Would love to make sure all my lie angles are correct, loft gaps checked. Putter fitting would be great.
  4. Those are too nice for indoor phone pics, please schedule an outdoor photo session with a wedding photographer soon
  5. 50-54-62 (full face) Replacing TM hi toe and so far I love them
  6. 1. City and State? Boise Idaho 2. Handicap? 1.9 3. Where do you practice? My local course, Ridgecrest 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? I have not 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? Yes, iphone 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Absolutely
  7. Same boat, love the GT Tour just wish it came in all black
  8. Im sure the "best show in decades" is subjective......but this show is deliciously wholesome, hilariously heartwarming, and I genuinely have become a better person from watching this show. "Be Curious, Not Judgmental"
  9. Still thinks she's a tiny 8 week old, demanding to sleep where ever she wants
  10. I'd want to know a few things about your putting... When it sucks, why? Speed? Line? Can't putt a good roll on it? Ect.... Going from 32 to 35 also makes to head feel a lot heavier, so it may not purely be the length that's contributing to your improved putting.
  11. Ill echo a lot of others, I look more for where the trouble is and less at the total yardage of the hole.
  12. As the title states. First gen with the copper looking finish
  13. 1 over 73 with a 3 putt on 18 from 20 feet......I don't want to talk about it
  14. The hi toe models are only full face grooves 56* and higher. The others are regular face, just have the same finish at your LW so they match
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