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PixlPutterman's Feedback

  1. mahanate left Positive feedback   

    Great guy- pleasure to deal with. Quick payment and smooth follow-up.

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  2. trickyx left Positive feedback   

    He was very responsive and quick with the shipping and the providing of tracking. I would do business with him again in a heartbeat.

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  3. B-Man left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with. Easy transaction and quick payment.

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  4. brucestats left Positive feedback   

    easy deal, very accommodating, A++

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  5. duffer987 left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy. Paid quick. Good comms. Thanks!!!

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  6. Mackdiddyp left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Great WRX'er!

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  7. gatorz7888 left Positive feedback   

    True journeyman, thanks for advice and good trades

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  8. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    This guy... this guy here can swap, oh MAN can he swap. Greatest swapper of all time! RESPECT

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  9. dan250yds left Positive feedback   

    Seamless communication, extremely generous to work out a trade. Would trade or purchase from again

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  10. Marty B left Positive feedback   

    Incredibly fast & smooth transaction!!

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  11. The Chicken Connoisseur left Positive feedback   

    Perfect seller!

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  12. STEC left Positive feedback   

    Great guy easy to deal with A++++++

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  13. bandrz left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer! Very fast payment and great communicator! Hope to do business again.

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  14. DirtyBirdie2 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome Seller! As advertised. Great Communication. Would do business with again. Thank you! A+++++

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  15. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    One of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  16. Lrhonz left Positive feedback   

    Quick and friendly. Worked out a deal in a trade, and was very trustworthy

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  17. slower left Positive feedback   

    One of the best on here! Great guy here

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  18. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    Did I mention this guy gives good trade, cause he does. Happy endings for all!

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  19. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    Great guy and a great trader. Thanks a lot!

    PixlPutterman was Trading

  20. matt_included left Positive feedback   

    Awesome WRX'er! Super smooth transaction, great communication, and a credit to the community! Thanks!

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  21. Tcann32 left Positive feedback   

    Always a great guy to deal with. Buy with confidence folks! Top notch stuff!

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  22. brianburns.legal left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic seller with great communication and prompt shipping.

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

  23. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    Awesome transaction, quick payment and very patient. Top notch WRX'er! Thanks!

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  24. TCJ left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, fast payment, and so very patient. A real pleasure, thanks!

    PixlPutterman was The Seller

  25. Fuzi0n left Positive feedback   

    Shipped fast, great seller

    PixlPutterman was The Buyer

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