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  1. Super clean driver, hit some absolute bombs with it but my SIM is a little more consistent. Plays 45". Headcover included One of the best looking drivers I've ever seen. These are RARE in lefty $460 shipped OBO Zipcore full face 60* only used a few times on the range, I'm sticking with my 58. $130 shipped OBO
  2. What sort of offset does that have? My buddy bought a knuckle off ebay but it barely had a half shaft. Id love to get a project going but I need a full shaft (and Im lefty) Also, does aluminum torch well? would look cool darkened
  3. I think they closed down didn't they?
  4. I think the entire point is once you are going "custom", you better deliver what you said you would.... And the entire problem here is that not only does Logan NOT do that, he refuses to communicate OR make things right. Obviously each maker will have limitations, but if you refuse to communicate that......it's not acceptable at $500-$800 let alone what Logan charges. Can you imagine paying for a piece unique Bentley, waiting a year, not getting what you asked for and having zero recourse? Obviously it's still "a nice car" but that's NOT THE POINT. I had no problem getting exactly what I wanted with Josie at Mack Made, and any small limitations that came up were discussed. So there's zero reason that Logan can't provide same level of service especially given how much more intricate his finishing work is, he clearly has the ability to meet customers needs but doesn't have the conviction to do what's right
  5. Yep, but first I have to go to my Toyota dealership to pick up the Camry I saw last week on Nascar
  6. Odyssey had a non tank 2w, microhinge insert. Outside that there is the Betti QB6 Custom options are endless
  7. yeah smaller shafts. I have an old dalehead and I think I have 4 wraps on it for the superstroke
  8. Oh thats awful to hear, definitely hope for a good recovery
  9. I appreciate the feedback. A few things..... My miss is an over the top slice ( prefer to call it a power fade hahahaha) I get a little cuppy at the top and come over the top and dont recover. In regards to pulling it inside, I dont do that to begin my swing by if you watch the video from behind I start to yank it inside when the club gets parallel to the ground. I think I need to work on taking the arms out of the back swing a little more?
  10. heck of a first post, 7+ year old thread bump
  11. I would get which ever loft gives you the best full shot gapping, then get it with a grind favorable for creativity around the green.
  12. Seems like this is a better question for the general equipment forum not the Long Drive section I know plenty of guys who play the G and hit it a mile though, you should get some more adjustability and forgiveness on the newer stuff but the G is still a good head.
  13. Usually what ever the "Max" version is should have the shallowest face These days it may be the TSi1
  14. Xtorsion Copper 70x for the SIM, was too good a price not to buy
  15. 1. City, State? Boise ID 2. Handicap? 2.4 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? Ive long been searching for something between the driver and 2i, never hit woods well and this sounds like it's right up my alley. 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? This should fill the gap I'm needing 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Absolutely
  16. Recent trip up you Jug Mountain in McCall ID
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