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  1. Man than just blows my mind. I need to go watch those videos. All the 20 caps I see just look like they are throwing their hands at the ball, standing at impact, chicken wing follow through.... "Looks" like over active arms and zero body rotation to me. So what's really happening is they "want" to rotate but have a lazy upper body so the lower body stops so the arms can catch up and then they drag the lower body through? Just trying to grasp it lol
  2. I saw your post on IG (I think it was) The Passive Arms one.... Thats what made me question what I though of sequence. Can you expand more? I thought you wanted some what passive arms? Or maybe I think "not over active" and passive are the same thing?
  3. I was always taught a relaxed upper body led by strong core rotation founded in vertical ground forces through the legs.... Is that a correct way to think about sequencing?
  4. Yeah its rare I need to hit the OO off the deck. My next club is a 2i at 18* but I can hit that 250ish. With the OO around 285-290 Its just rare I have a 260-270 shot
  5. I hit mine off the deck just fine, which is super odd since I play it at 9.5 degrees and cant hit a normal fairway wood to save my life......
  6. I have hit 690mb 710mb MP32 MP68 Adams MB2 Nike Vapor FG62 FG62 and MP68 were the best feeling, but I liked the smaller size of the FG. Nikes were AMAZING too but the leading edge was a tad sharp for a digger like me
  7. My answer probably doesnt apply to anyone else.... I put steel x100 in mine
  8. I will also say this club has played a HUGE part in getting my handicap down these past few months. I am at a 3.8 from a 6.1 a few months ago and confidence off the tee is 80% of that
  9. Nice. I play mine at 9.5 with a TP sleeve in steel. Cut a martini tee in half and it's perfect height. Bullets for me even low off the face. I'm a broken record but I haven't been happier off the tee with a club in....well forever
  10. Just do what I did and tip an x100 7 inches and use that lol
  11. Anyone playing their OO at 9.5 like me?
  12. Well short game was non existent when I went out for a repeat. 35 putts and couldn't hit a green to save my life. Mind you this course was 800 yards longer and rated about 3 stroke higher.....but I flat out didn't bring my game to the course. Shot 80
  13. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE - BANBURY GOLF CLUB 2626 N Marypost Pl Eagle, ID 83616 2. City and State? Boise ID 3. Handicap? 4.1 4. Current Driver Setup? TM Original One Mini 9.5° - x100 5. Where you fit for your current driver? Nope 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  14. Headed back out this week to see if I can repeat!
  15. Most all my missed fairways were just a few feet in the rough. And the rough at this course is like a fairway they didn't cut for a few extra days. Lol I played the same course 2 weeks ago and shot par with 11 fairways...
  16. I will say, the difference this time was more putts made. The rest of the round was similar to the last round where I shot 72. Just kept my cool and tried to play smart with out playing too conservative. Having a driver I can finally trust off of the tee has been huge the second half of this year.
  17. After you click on edit profile, takes you to a page where edit sig on the left. I am on desktop, no mobile FYI
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