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  1. Broke down and got some z star xv divides from Japan .... GREAT BALL.
  2. Title of this thread should be "Disappointed with Myself"
  3. 75, missed 2 putts inside 3 feet and 3 inside 5 feet...... Was trying a new grip, needless to say that got pulled when I got home lol
  4. Nope, I found an outline image of the skyline and just sent it to him.
  5. Rory just text me, he's going back to Titleist! Ok I may be drinking
  6. As stated by a few here, you cant beat the Never Comprise milled or the older Cleveland stuff
  7. As a general statement, anyone who buys a carbon steel putter and complains about the finish, has no business buying a carbon steel putter. I totally understand that "you didnt know" but this is EXACTLY why putter companies quit making putters from this wonder metal. Everyone complained out of ignorance. I also dont understand why people dont put covers on there putters, drives me crazy edit : coke bath and some fine steel wool will take off the rust, then rub down with some silicone oil.....that said, it looks way better as it is
  8. Shame on you I'd get a Mack and a CMD Well, an other Mack lol
  9. Of all of the people on YouTube that review clubs the only one who I actually put value in is Alex Etches. It isn't that I don't appreciate everyone else's videos but Alex has swing characteristics very similar to mine. I like the TXG videos, and Matt has a similar swing speed, but completely different angle of attack. For Alex, specifically to the 300 mini, He's the only one to crank it down to 9.5 degrees and go after it. Which is how I used the OO mini. I can't ever get a good feel of how a club will work for me off of everyone else's videos, but I can from his.
  10. Just when I thought I couldnt like him less, what a lampshade.
  11. I see you were too excited and already updated your signature lol
  12. Prefer to sell but can't hurt to let me know what you have
  13. That is how I played it (before getting a sim to foolishly chase distance) I had the OO Mini at 9.5 and it was a great tee club rivaling pretty much every driver I've ever had. The SIM is a lot longer for me, but I play it an inch longer and at 7*, so its surely costs me accuracy.
  14. Sounds like you havent read through the threads here. While it may not be for everyone, there are plenty of reasons plenty of people bag them. Cant remember the last course I played where I had a 3 wood into a par 5, let alone one worth it to go for it from that far out. But for most of us, we find it easier to hit than a 460 with minimal to no distance loss. Kinda the same as asking why do you need a 64* wedge, isnt 60* enough? Different strokes for different folks, not everyone needs the "standard" bag set up
  15. I'm thinking one of these, at 9.5.... With an x100.... At 43.5 Stripe city
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