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  1. Thats one of the hardest courses in the US I would be proud to just finish a round there
  2. Congrats, now keep it going. I have found once breaking 80, a lot of getting better comes from course management and sharpening your around/on the green game. Most guys who break 80 can get off the box decent enough.
  3. I'm not sure a club with two shafts is legal that said I'd love to see a drawing of what's in your head because it's still not clear to me lol
  4. 582 yards - Driver / 2 iron 4 putted No I dont wanna talk about it
  5. I guess I could say I was proud last night, beat my handicap differential (Im a 2.1) on a course with a rating of 72.2. I shot 74 with a triple bogey. certainly wasnt happy, but still proud of the rest of the round lol
  6. Hardest course I ever played was Kukio from the tips I was a 7 handicap at the time and elated to break 90 (shot 89)
  7. And yet you took the time to comment on a long running thread....
  8. My weirdest score card yet. That 4 on 9 was a bogey, put the wrong shape on it lol Damn triple, could have been a great round at one of our harder courses in the area (played from the tips)
  9. Even less from my buddies grandparents, they were on Vasel 5 houses from Phils
  10. Same here, had this made and the cavity milled out to get to 332g Any excuse to show it off
  11. You're better off buying a .335 Steel shaft and cutting it to length
  12. Would you have two shafts? Im trying to imagine how you would deal with offset? Anything thicker than a bullseye with one shaft, and the other "face" is going to have a TON of offset.
  13. This has taken my driver to the next level
  14. Day 2 of the club champ, shot 75 took 5th.
  15. Played my first ball buster, humbling lol 79 with 3 doubles and Triple 3 birds Oddly enough the meltdown holes had little to do with pin location
  16. Love that shaft, have a 70x in a HiBore XL Tour that comes out from time to time.
  17. As a former baseball player, the firmer or more dried out the turf is, the better the grip of metal spikes are vs plastic ones. Same reason you wouldnt plant a garden with a plastic shovel. The rigidity of metal allows them to be thinner and shaper and dig in better than plastic. That may be redundant for most courses, but im sure on some firm and fast courses metal spikes would have the advantage. Lets not forget the only reason they were "banned" was for tearing up club house carpets, not courses......
  18. Sorry to hear man, losing a dog is so tough
  19. Its not aggression you lack, its conviction. You dont fully trust your read
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