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  1. Are these shafts just “Tour Issue” due to weight sorting like other DG shafts or are they quality shafts? The original spinner shafts were terrible if you want to take a full swing
  2. So JT played with a TS3 and ZF yet Demo’d a TSi3 with TB after the round?
  3. Looking for some DG AMT White X100’s. Nothing under standard length. Looking for 4-P
  4. Can prob do the 15% off also. there is also a mystery box left for XL wearers
  5. Thanks. I believe that’s in line with Australia and cheaper than Japan
  6. 1” longer shaft that is lighter may not add 15 yards BUT it’s nothing a bending machine and 30 seconds can’t fix.
  7. You can play both courses without being a member. You just have to stay overnight somewhere
  8. Did that Black 6X break in the past? It appears to be tipped nearly 4” and has no prep area. Also, are you saying the Blue 6x is 43.25” with Tm adapter? If so won’t it play at 44.5”?
  9. perfect. That was what I was hoping to be the case but with it being on the confirming list was unsure. thanks
  10. Using Getty Images from yesterday it doesn't appear that many G425's are in play at Winged Foot. I actually haven't found one yet. Whereas the TSi drivers are in play by quite a few. With the G425 being added to the conforming list it makes one wonder if the slow adoption is an indictment on the club. Hopefully it is a situation where PING is doing fittings in the back round with staffers but encouraging them to wait for some strange reason. I know that everyone will change at their own pace but for Titleist staffers to switch quickly and PING not to, it is curious. I understa
  11. With fittings about a month away, and deliveries 7-8 weeks out I will be very curious to see the evolution of the narrative. Ball speeds appear to be up based on early feedback, tour free agents are switching to it, tour staff players switched to it during US Open week of all weeks ... All great signs. The feedback above that the sound is more muted as though it has hot melt (Think SIM feel/sound) will win some people over. I do wonder if the face will feel dead and unresponsive, similar to the SIM, and it will turn some folks off. @ForTourUseOnlycan you please elaborate on th
  12. so in the end you had the same loft, same spin, same launch and more ball speed?
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