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  1. Looking for a Bettinardi Queen Bee 11 Length: Nothing under 33.5"
  2. I never put my PP in my listing. I only send it out via DM after it is requested. This I can control how many people send funds. I can give it to someone and give them 5 minutes, if they don’t pay I can move to the next person that request it
  3. I have always been first to PayPal
  4. This one was on the low end of pink coating. Some had it in every dimple. Others had it on the ‘rim’ of the simple (dimple was only part without pink). Some were spots like this. Others were larger sections similar to this.
  5. Balls showed up today. It was fairly clear why they were marked practice as the color was off. They contained a great deal of “pink” tint in the outer layer, it is as though their reflective coating wasn’t fully mixed.
  6. I am not sure I would trust the pic or the description haha I bought based on the description and if they show up and are not 6th Gen with 4th Gen skin than that stinks but for that price I am not going to be a wad about it, as long as they are new.
  7. I thought it was around Father’s Day but could be mistaken.
  8. it says 6th generation with 4th Gen skin. They have the prior Gen Ammo also. If that isn’t the current generation than oh well, still a good deal.
  9. RBG has the newest generation of Z-Stars for under $13/dozen - Yellow - Practice - Ammo Box (3 doz for $38.XX)
  10. Anyone have a code that could work on golfballs.com currently?
  11. Your thread title could’ve stopped after the word eBay ha Buying grips on eBay is more often than not going to result in fake grips
  12. Competitive golf ... check out the NGA site, they have a list of many events. The first ones that come to mind are the Ashland Open, Oakland Open, Indian Creek Invitational (play-in to the Korn Ferry event), Omaha city championship ... there are plenty out there.
  13. Warrior has been scamming people for decades, sorry OP but you are probably not even in the first 50,000k victims
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