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  1. "The current situation requires cool heads and patience" Unfortunately that just isn't going to happen, because you simply cannot keep a modern society quarantined for an indefinite period of time. I read a story the other day online that the Italian government is readying for riots to start, especially in southern Italy. Those poor people have been stuck in lockdown for, what, 6 weeks now? I preface the following comment as Im not trying to be political in the least - Im trying to be a realist. Our world leaders - from all countries affected by this - need to come to a consensus as soon
  2. Augusta canceling the D,C, and P today is simply the first domino to fall. I suspect they'll call off the Masters soon after the USGA officially calls off the US Open. Once the R&A cancels The Open, the PGA Tour will soon follow in canceling the season. There's really little point in denying it anymore.
  3. Sorry it angers you so much, but its the truth. Doesnt matter who is in charge...the media determines a lot of public policy in this country. All a different elected leader does is change how the media covers it and spins things...no matter your general feelings in the political spectrum. In the end, it's still the media the drives it. Until we as a nation actually see it, stuff like this is only going to get worse.
  4. Why dont they just cancel the entire season? I mean, its pretty much pointless now. What are they gonna do, try and play 4 majors in October? Just cancel the season and leave the requirements/exemptions that were in place for this season extend to next season, which won't begin (maybe) until the TOC in Hawaii. Its just a matter of time until MLB calls off the whole season, especially after they reached agreement with the players union the other day with regards to player compensation now that they aren't playing. They'll try to put together some sort of shortened-season schedule, but the m
  5. I'm just following the numbers as they come in, my man. Using "exponential growth", we should have far more deaths from this thing than what we do. For some strange reason, we dont. How could that be? The economic and social destruction if this virus will affect far, far more people than will be killed by it. How's that for "exponential growth"? Those seem to be projections not too many people are caring about right now.
  6. You cant lockdown a modern society. It just cant happen. Unless you plan on becoming a communist dictatorship. I've seen a lot in my life, and I still can't for the life of me comprehend what this country is doing. We are literally destroying a country over an illness that has a death rate right now of 1.3% and falling. The total deaths to this point in this country is still less than 300 people. And how many of those people are truly "dying" of this? Many times, Illness is often an accelerant to death, not a cause, especially in the elderly. When my father in law died recently in the h
  7. You deal with it the best you can. Its all you CAN do. You can have a all-hands-on-deck approach without shutting down the country. That's what is being missed in all of this. Everyone is so virus-focused that they are missing the big picture. Everything that is being done from a medical standpoint by our government - from the ships to mobilizing military hospitals to the increase in funding for medical equipment - could have been done without shutting everything down.
  8. Its not an ugly discussion. Its a discussion that needs to happen. It should have happened already, but everyone is too scared to talk about it. After a few days of this nonsense, its finally starting to happen in the national media as they have realized how much fear and panic they've stirred among the masses. Nobody wants to die. I dont want get sick. Nobody wants to get sick. But the facts are, people get sick. If its not this virus, it will be something else. Millions infected and die each year with respiratory ailments, whether its TB, pneumonia, common influenza, etc. There coul
  9. There's 330 million people in this country. A worst-case scenario where 500k would die is less than one tenth of one percent of the population. At some point, you have to look at this from kind of a military point of view - how many casualties are "acceptable" in order to win the war? If we lived like normal and 500k die but the virus runs its course and the economy largely stays intact, is that okay? Or if we insist on these draconian measures over the next three to six months in order to cut that number down to 50k....but yet we suffocated the economy to the point that literally EVERY cit
  10. Without trying to sound flippant, I could care less about how China, Italy, France, Spain, or any other country is handling this. They need to handle it as they see fit for their countries and populations, because each is different. I care about what is going on in America and how WE are going to handle this. As far as "world ending posts"...you're being naive to what is going on around you and how business actually works. If you think a modern economy can just stop in place for an extended period of time and then just start back up again all hunky-dory like nothing happened is absurd. Not
  11. He's not panicking at all. California is basically shutting down as a state for an undetermined period of time, per governors orders. California's GDP alone is bigger than all but a handful of COUNTRIES in the world. People have no idea - NONE - of just how bad this economic disaster is going to be. This is why I, from the beginning, was trying to warn people to not overreact and overreach too soon. This is what happens as a result. This is the biggest reason why we have no sort of country-wide lockdown like Italy or Spain....once you make that decision to lockdown, there's no going back..
  12. Oh, I have no doubt about finding the medicine to help. Today's presser about the new medicine moving forward with the FDA approval is good news. But the media runs the show in this country, and they will want to keep the hysteria up as long as they can. They will want little to no new cases to even show up before they'll stop pressuring government to stop reducing restrictions again. Doesnt matter if the death rate is insanely low. I can see it now: "We still have active cases in this country. Why are you telling people its OK to resume their normal activities? Don't you care about th
  13. Sorry you can't handle the truth, my man. Life as we all knew it is over, at least for this calendar year. If you think the federal government is going to let anything happen until there's some sort of vaccine found, you're being foolish. I'm skeptical there will even be a national election in November. Heck, people in Congress are now testing positive....its not going to be long until our legislative branch is shut down. The economic damage from this is going to be so extreme and so disastrous that putting on a golf tournament this summer is going to be about #239458473 on the list of pro
  14. The US Open won't be played this year anyway, so this will be irrelevant.
  15. I don't expect the PGA Tour, or pretty much any professional sport in this country, to go again this calendar year. Most people truly don't understand just how destroyed this economy is going to be. Any and all money and time will need to be devoted to not let this country go into a depression. And that may not be good enough to do it. No less than half of the service/travel/leisure industry is literally going to go bankrupt. Unemployment is going to be in double digits. All of the recovery money will be going to the coasts, which means that flyover country - where the economic restrictio
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