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  1. The Olympic gold medal in golf doesn't mean as much as in other sports because it's not the pinnacle of the sport. For things like swimming and track & field, or gymnastics, where your Olympic success determines things like legacy, marketability, sponsorship, etc, it absolutely matters a ton (like Simone Biles, for example. Other than the Olympics and associated ads, where do you see her?). Winning the gold (or any medal for that matter) is THE goal for athletes like that, because there is no professional 'league'. For a guy like Xander Schauffele, winning the gold doesn't g
  2. They've been lobbying for this change for a long, long time. While many guys may fly over a week early to play the Scottish, there will be the option for many guys to stay state-side, play the John Deere, take the next week off, and then fly overseas. The track is a popular one with the guys who play it. I think you'll see that event get much stronger.
  3. Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. They're really trying ot push the positivity of this on PGAT Radio, which is not surprising of course, but even the most ardent supporters have to realize that golf simply doesn't fit in the Olympics. From field size to strength of field, etc. As others have pointed out, numerous PGA Tour events this year had a better SOF than this. Im sure the travel and other restrictions had a part in it, but it was really no change from 5 years ago. Unless something memorable happens in Paris in 2024, it should be scrapped altogether as an event.
  4. I say its 50/50 at best they even have the Ryder Cup this year.
  5. Yes to this. So yes. This is why so many people don't go to things like AA....one of the first things you do is you tell your story to a bunch of people you don't know and admit you have a problem. Not many people have the mental fortitude to tear themselves down like that. But it has to be done in order to build yourself back up. Its just easier for Grayson to do what he's doing...proclaim he's a drunk and lash out at everyone else for "not helping him".
  6. So Grayson is a drunk, has officially hit rock bottom with his tweet, and blames the PGA Tour for his situation. Priceless. As someone who has dealt with an addiction before, step one is always admitting a problem. Step two is actually FINDING help. Sure, you can ask for help, but its not on anyone but yourself to get the help you need. One of the first pillars of any recovery for an addiction is personal responsibility. Without that, any 'help' will be rendered useless. Its not on your employer to find the help you need, because they don't know your personal situation. Simp
  7. JaNelson38

    Louie O

    Underachiever is being too nice. Its fair to argue that Louis is perhaps the biggest choke artist currently in the game. When you see Louis at or near the top of the board anymore, you just assume he's not going to win, because he's proven incapable of finishing it off. I'd like to know how many times Louis has had a 54-hole lead in a tournament and gone on to not win. Maybe I'm wrong, but I bet the number is shockingly big.
  8. Priorities tend to change once you get married and have children. Its a guarantee that he doesn't practice as much, workout as much, or play as often. These guys aren't playing for fun. This is their living. Its work to them. The schedules that these guys have to keep and the amount of practice/play that is needed just to stay competitive (let alone be good enough to win) are astronomical. With young children now in the mix, its only natural that he has become more inconsistent. That being said, the guy just won on the PGA Tour 2 months ago. I think we're setting
  9. Wouldn't shock me to see someone like PXG sniffing around, especailly with their current marketing campaign of "money is no object" and "never settle". PXG doesn't have that one big star on the men's side yet. Bryson would be a perfect fit for them, to be honest.
  10. I'd be willing to bet the one-length irons are Cobra's best selling item, and have been since they were first released. Maybe I'm wrong, but especially when they first came out, they were extremely popular.
  11. Oh no question Bryson asks a lot of Cobra. But if Cobra can't deliver, let Bryson go somewhere else for his driver. Let him see if TaylorMade, Callaway, PXG, whoever can make the driver he wants, and Bryson can keep the irons through Cobra, where there isn't any issues that we know of. Problem is Cobra doesn't want to lose his full bag if he actually hits the lottery with a driver from a different OEM. Unprofessional for Bryson to do what he did today? Probably. But a lot of times calling something out publicly is how one gets results. Either that, or like I said, this is how
  12. The OEM's will fight over BDC. Not only for the driver prowess, but remember that Bryson has the one-length iron. The one club line Cobra has made any money on in recent years is the one-length iron set. Developing a one-length iron will be very key to whichever OEM lands BDC. I suspect PXG and Callaway would be the two logical choices for BDC. PXG makes too much sense to be honest, especially with their marketing campaign of late of "leaving no stone unturned" and "money is no object", etc. PXG creating a one-length iron set that is affordable to the masses would be quite in
  13. Lots of pros feel this way about some of the equipment they have, believe it or not. If they didn't, tour reps wouldnt be all over driving ranges and putting greens every Monday through Wednesday on Tour having players try out new/different stuff. Bryson might come off as childish, but it is quite possible that he has asked Cobra to spec a driver for him and it's not right, and maybe it hasn't been right for weeks on end. How often do we b**** and moan if we order custom clubs and they aren't delivered to spec with regards to loft, lie or shaft preferences, and then we say "I won
  14. For all the grief Bryson takes for being a d-bag, Brooks is just as big of one.
  15. The course may not be well liked, but I'd be willing to bet the insane covid 'rules' in Europe are a contributing factor. A number of PGA Tour players are skipping The Open this week because they basically have to live like they're in a prison while they are there. As I understand it, France is kinda doing the same thing as the UK.
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