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  1. So why did they let him - along with numerous other members - play there last year?
  2. Im not comparing the PGA China and Saudi's with regards to golf development. I am highlighting the hypocrisy that the PGA Tour has a developmental golf tour in China, plays a major tournament in China every year, and not a peep is said about it being 'controversial' regarding 'human rights issues'. You can't on one side of your mouth support, promote and fund a tournament in China for PGA Tour members and then out of the other side of your mouth tell some of those same members that they shouldnt participate in a non-sanctioned event in Saudi Arabia because you don't agree with their 'human rights' or something. All I ask is to be consistent. Everybody knows this has nothing to do with 'human rights'. Just come out and say so then.
  3. But DJ is not asking to play for another tour. He's asking to play in an event that he has won before. If denying these waivers to play in this 'controversial' event (lets be honest, the only controversial aspect of this event is where it is staged) is somehow a pre-emptive strike to keep PGA Tour members in the USA, that's not the right stance to take as far as I'm concerned. And if there is no competition to the PGA Tour, as you say, why would the PGA Tour not approve these waivers?
  4. For the first time in their existence, the PGA Tour is now facing the prospect of legitimate competition. Sure, there is the European Tour and other smaller tours around the world, but lets be honest - the goal of every professional golfer is to make the PGA Tour. Every competent European golfer at least splits his time between the Euro tour and the PGA Tour. Many of the smaller tours are used as feeders towards the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is the top dog. And now for the first time, the standing of the PGA Tour as the top dog in professional golf is now being threatened. Cut through all the crap, and that's what this comes down to. Forget the 'human rights' stuff - the PGA Tour plays every year in China, and they also have a 'PGA Tour China' that is a feeder right into the Korn Ferry Tour. So the PGA Tour has no standing on 'human rights' issues. None. And I wish a player would say that, because its the truth. No matter how you feel about the Saudis and their religion, culture, etc, the 'human rights' issue is just the standard deflection from the fact that a prominent new golf league/association/tour will cost the PGA Tour money and players. And the PGA Tour is doing everything they can to nip this in the bud by basically forbidding its members from even playing in these events.....this despite the fact that the PGA Tour will spout off endlessly about 'growing the game of golf worldwide'. The PGA Tour is naive in the fact that their players truly play for something more than money. They don't. I'm reminded of the scene in Speed when Keanu Reeves' character is asking Dennis Hopper why he's doing what he is doing, and Hopper says, "I'm doing it for the money, of course...I wish I had some other loftier purpose, but in the end its just about the money..." When it comes down to it, the shelf life of an athlete on the field of compeition is often less than 20 years. No matter the sport, the pro athlete has two decades to make as much money as they can in order to live the rest of their lives. The successful ones are able to parlay their success into business ventures or other things when their playing career is over - Jack, Arnie, Tiger, Player, etc are all good examples of that. But for the vast majority of the rank and file, its all about tournament earnings. They'll go where they can get paid. There is a reason why the PGA Tour Champions is the hardest tour to qualify for under the PGA Tour flag - its because the amount of rank-and-file guys looking to pad their earnings in the waning years of their ability to play golf at a high level is staggering. If the PGA Tour is confident in their product, they'll allow their members to play in other events - especially during the time of year that is the leanest part of the PGA Tour schedule. By barring players from playing in events that in previous years they all played in without incident, you're just turning off players even more and strengthening the position of any potential competiion.
  5. Lanny hates pretty much everyone on the Champions Tour except 'Freddie' Couples. Lanny had some good success on the PGA Tour, but he only won one event on the senior circuit, and he's still not gotten over being swept out at CBS Sports from the anchor booth. Lots of guys are doing it better and longer than he did on the golf course, and that clearly bothers him to no end.
  6. Boy, it hasnt taken long for Austrailia to decend from one of the best places on Earth back to its roots of an isolated prison colony. There may well never be an international sporting event held there ever again. Not joking. I certainly wouldn't trust to put on any event there anymore. And if these events even were to resume, you're no longer getting any talented PGA Tour types who don't hail from Austrailia to play there now. I feel bad for any talented Aussie golfers who wish to make it to the PGA Tour type of stage, but they best find a way out of that country now. What a shame.
  7. That 80 at Augusta 10 years ago wrecked him there. Don't see him ever winning a Masters with that scar tissue. He's backdoored some decent finishes there, but otherwise hasn't been a huge factor since them. His US Open win at Congressional was thanks in large part to the course being soaked, allowing bomb and gauge golf. Again, he's backdoored some top 10's at the US Open in recent years, but otherwise is non-competitive due to the fact that he's a below average putter. The PGA and The Open seem to work better for him because it allows his tee-to-green game to carry him. If he wins more major(s), it probably comes from one or both of those. Im not sure of The Open rota in coming years, but the future PGA sites seem favorable for him in the near future.
  8. Due to the depth of talent currently on the PGA Tour, I'd say the exemptions for winning are worth more now than they ever have been. All it takes to lose full-time status is one poor season. See Fowler, Rickie.
  9. Gotta keep up with the rise in inflation and the rise in the cost of living. The way this economy is going, by next year $20 million will be worth about what $15 million currently is worth. So its a wash for the player. But... ....there you go.
  10. I forget who coined the phrase "Long swing, long career" when talking about golf, but more often than not that seems to hold up pretty well. As others have stated, Tiger has used his body hard. Both in his professional and, as we now know, his personal life. Also something that doesn't get mentioned a lot but in my opinion matters a great deal - its pretty well known Tiger suffers very badly from insomnia, which basically was the catalyst for him taking many of the pain/sleep medications he's basically lived on for the better part of two decades. When you don't sleep (or don't sleep well) your body doesn't heal right and doesnt function right. Add to that the various drug cocktails he's consumed over the years, and.... It sounds silly that something like lack of sleep has been the root cause of Tiger's demise physically, but I think it's a big part of it.
  11. He's extremely jealous of just about every one of those guys. About the only guy he likes out there is Fred Couples. His 'analysis' is almost cringe-worthy on a weekly basis. No player, even while winning, seems to be playing good enough for him. It must be a difficult road for him to travel having to watch 80+ players disappoint him so much every week. A guy like Lanny should be celebrating when guys like Phil, Furyk, Stricker, et al choose to play on the Champions Tour as opposed to playing the PGA Tour, where all 3 could be competitive if they chose to play that Tour. They're help keeping him employed.
  12. Are you saying being 23rd in putting on the PGA Tour is not good? I'd say getting almost a half a stroke per round over your competitors in putting is pretty decent. But thats just me.
  13. To this day I still dont know why people think DJ doesn't care or has no clue out there.
  14. How is what Bryson is trying to do with the ball off the putter any different than a touring pro measuring how open their driver face needs to be at impact? Or how many grams a shaft has to be to get optimal ball flight? Or what kind of lie angle do you need on your short irons? I mean, if DJ goes to the TaylorMade rep and says he needs his driver open an additional a quarter of a degree, I doubt the TM rep is going to laugh at him and tell him he's some science wonk who doesn't know what he is talking about. Golf is a game where its equipment for the top level player is measured in tenths of degrees and its weights are added and subtracted in single grams. While some tour pros probably wont get as 'scientific' as Bryson is with regards to the golf ball, I guarantee every Tour pro out there is 100% invested in every piece of equipment that is in their hands, including telling their OEM's to make prototypes and something completely different than the run-of-the-mill stuff.
  15. I find it funny how so many people think professional golfers - who spend hours upon hours to get their equipment tailored to exact specificity with regards to lie, loft, launch angle, spin, etc - suddenly think stuff like this regarding the golf ball is somehow overly scientific. Is Bryson full of crap? I don't know. But I do know every pro who is teeing it up this weekend at the CJ Cup will have a trackman on them while they hit on the range. Every tour player who sees a equipment rep for a fresh wedge or a different driver shaft will have specifications to the tenth of a degree or a single gram of weight that they are expected to fulfill. Pretty much every player who is putting on the practice green will either have a teacher or some sort of putting aid on the green helping with things like speed and aim. And every player who tries out a prototype golf ball will be looking at every single detail before putting it in play. Studying the characteristics of a golf ball is hardly something that tour professionals ignore. Switching ball makes and brands has wrecked careers on Tour. Why is looking at or studying how a golf ball reacts off the putter face any different?
  16. Probably has more to do with the fact that they want to have this be about 3 hours in length. !2 holes at ~10 mins per hole is 2 hours, leaving 1 hour for commercials/other fluff. Unless this is on Friday it will be up against football of some sort, either college or pro, so I don't get having it on Thanksgiving weekend. The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is often one of the best college football weekends of the year, so the date is really head-scratching. EDIT: I see the date is indeed the 26th. Black Friday afternoon on Thanksgiving weekend. I don't get it.
  17. For us regular am's (not the professional WRX'ers lol), putting is probably more important than ball striking, for the simple fact that in many cases, amateurs have a hard enough time two-putting from 25 feet. So it kinda clouds the judgment of what's important in the pro game.
  18. Ball striking is still king on the PGA Tour level. The average proximity to the hole from the fairway last year on Tour was something like 37 feet. Which means the average Tour pro is putting for birdie from 37 feet on every hole if they reach the green in regulation. That's an unbelievably hard level to achieve and maintain over the course of one tournament, let alone a season...which is why good ball striking always compensates for below average or poor putting. GIR is still, bar-none, the best indicator of scoring ability on Tour. You're not making birdies if you're not on the green in regulation. Putting matters, and often helps determine who wins or who doesnt, but as stated previous, the best ball strikers from tee to green in general win way, way more than players who are just the best putters for the week. Why? Because they're putting for birdie from much closer range than the rest of the field.
  19. JT had a down year last year and still cleared $6.5 million in earnings. At 7% average cut for a caddie, that's over $450k. JT cleared nearly $10 million and then had the $10 million FedEx bonus on top of it in 2017 when JT won the FedEx Cup. So the possibilites are there for Bones to make plenty of money.
  20. This is part of the reason why he's 'upset' - he might have only one shot at a Ryder Cup and his team got blasted.
  21. So the player who literally screamed until his face was beet read whenever he'd win a hole is mad that the US riled up its home crowd? I dont condone the personal attacks, but everyone who participates in the Ryder Cup should know going in that its just - in Brooks Koepka's words - different. I guess if Shane is that upset at how bad the US fans are, he can always give up his PGA Tour membership and play on the European Tour full-time in front of the classy Europeans.
  22. If Jimmy wants to caddie on the PGA Tour, he could get any number of bags tomorrow. He's not going to go back to Strick to loop for him a dozen times a year on the Champions Tour and the five or so events he would play on the PGA Tour. Lots of good young players would do well to get Jimmy. A guy like Will Zalatoris should be on the phone to Jimmy right now asking him if he's interested.
  23. Jimmy is in his mid-60s, so hopefully he's ready to live some of the good life. His last two bags in his PGA Tour career: Steve Stricker and Justin Thomas. Talk about some sweet commissions. I still remember the story when Jimmy was offered JT's bag years ago when Jimmy was caddie for Stricker; Steve was moving to a part-time schedule and Jimmy didn't want to leave him. He called the conversation he had with Stricker to let him know he was leaving for JT the hardest thing he had to do in his professional career.....that's how much Stricker is respected out there and how good of a man Jimmy Johnson is. Im sure the NBC gig was nice and all, but as long Bones' health is up to it, the money to caddie for JT is certainly more appealing that what he's making at NBC.
  24. Not trying to be overly blunt, but hauling Tiger around to visit various mistresses probably wasn't the type of career opportunity a chauffeur would want to have.
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