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  1. I think 18 Greens has a pair of shorts like this
  2. I personally like the rain gear. It have really only used it when it was 40-50 and raining but I really like it. I can't comment on the breath ability because it has been pretty cold. I think overall for the price it is a good bargain
  3. Shafts recommended: Motore Speeder VC7.2, EXS 7.2, Motore F3 80, Motore F1 75 A Speeder 757 in X-stiff perfect Great giveaway!
  4. [list] [*]Handicap: 13 [*]Location: Minnetonka, MN [*][color=#282828]Reason why you should attend: I believe i should attend because Taylormade believes wholeheartedly in the low spinning SLDR and jacking up the loft but [/color][color="#282828"]don't it can compare to my current Adams driver. I hit mid-low bombs and I would like to see if it really works and get exactly what I need for my driver to get max distance.[/color] [*]Current driver set-up: Adams f11 8.25* with Fubuki k 70 X [/list]
  5. I would suggest Windsong farms. I am 16 and have plenty of friends who are members here. Most of the employees in the bag room or pros how know everybody like most private courses. It is every kid friendly and I great course depending on the wind that day.
  6. Thanks for the advice! Arnie, i will get in contact with you soon. And it is good to know that some people use the business already
  7. Hi, I am doing a project in my Entrepreneurship class on mobile golf re-gripping service. I was wondering if anyone has input that would help me. First, would you use a mobile re-gripping service if you don't already do it on own or would you go to a big box golf store? Second, what are some current trends in the market? ex. color, cord grips, all weather? Thanks for any help
  8. I have never been a le to experience a bettinardi putter and why not start with the best
  9. I think it will open my game up to new possibilities like being able to move the ball right and left with a penitrating ball flight. Also I would be introduced to foreign clubs as fourteen is japanese
  10. Those are sweet! Congrats on getting what you were looking for, they look fantastic!
  11. Adams f11 8.5, lofted at 8.25, with a fubaki k 70x. This thing rock. Flat, penetrating ball flight. It goes for a mile..
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