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  1. No he's not. And I'm really hoping he doesn't make the Ryder Cup team. He's toxic and the environment around him is bad. Something the Ryder Cup team doesn't need.
  2. I do really like the side alignment on the ball, may only need sharpies to put dots on the ball.
  3. Only allowed one vote. But I have Tour Velvet, Niion & NDMC all in Ribbed.
  4. Soooo... the shaft did all right swings and you did all the wrong swings?? That's what I got from what I read. No doubting its a good-great shaft but not at the price, there's plenty others at better pricing. I remember the craze around the Tensei Orange cuz Tiger was trying it.
  5. This is twice now Can't Putt, I can't seem to read your whole description, that's on me, my bad.
  6. Thanks TM4L, I like hearing about the hotter face on it. The club is doing 2 things for me as it'll be the 4 iron spot in the bag. It's going to be used off the tee on long Par 3's (205-215) and hitting into Par 5's on my 2nd shot. So I'm looking mostly for Forgiveness from this club when I'm trying to hit those shots. It'll only be a problem for me if it start going 220-225 because then that's leaving too big of a gap and 225 is supposed to be my 7 wood range.
  7. The hottest shaft out now and the hottest shaft out before that... the Ventus and Smoke HULK and these look exactly like those two. Doesn't matter what they do. 99% on the guys on here will order 70TX and throw it in their driver not really knowing or caring if it fits their game. Don't get me wrong, LOVE Aldila! But there's a reason I'm gaming a 10 year old shaft in my 4 wood and a 5 year old shaft in my 7 wood. It's because they work. Back to the topic I wonder, if the synergy line is a mimic, update, closeout of the Tour Blue and Tour Green line. I also would have really liked t
  8. Kinda want to dig this zombie out to see if anyone has anymore comparisons. I'm currently watching a few U500 auctions on eBay and I think I'm buying this U500 more so to test it out and give it a run. My current TMB is a good club... not the best but good. Anymore stories or comparisons out there?
  9. Wow everyone! Thanks for chiming in! I'll admit, reading that Mitsubishi Chemical bought Aldila reminded me that happened because I forgot. I'll be keeping an eye on the Ascent but I get that feeling that it's not a shaft for me. The 3 shafts I'm currently using (RIP X, RIP Phenom and Rogue Silver, all in TX) don't match up with the profile that is Ascent. But excited to see the Synergy got a face lift and some updates. That may be more of of shaft I'm in line with.
  10. I figured I'd dig this out from over a month ago... Haven't really seen anything on social media regarding any new products or updates.
  11. Loved the performance of the 410 just could not get over sound and feel. I had 5 grams of hotmelt added and was instantly happy with all aspects. So, not surprising everyone is saying get hotmelt in the 425 as well.
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