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  1. If you are playing a ball from inside a hazard, and that shot goes OB, where do you drop? - Back inside the hazard where you originally hit from? If so, does it matter if the balls rolls after you drop it? What if it is unplayable after you drop? - Or, outside the hazard? No closer, within 2 Club lengths? Thanks for your help!
  2. Brand new Apex Pro '21 in box straight from Callaway. All heads still sealed. Only unbagged one for pics. 4-PW with the stock True Temper Elevate ETS Stiff with nice Golf Pride Z Grip Soft $1000 Thanks!
  3. I like the hot water idea. I was thinking heat gun/torch would just melt them, but the HW might just work. Thanks!
  4. Definitely agree! Just trying to save the $40 on a set set of ferrules!
  5. I have a set of irons with steelfiber shafts and nice BB&F ferrules that I want to rebuild. I been able to save and reuse ferrules a number of times when pulling heads from steel shafts but not sure how it could be done with graphite iron shafts. I have a nice shaft puller, but it pulls against the top of the hosel. Any ideas how else to do it?
  6. I'm more excited about 2020 and 2021 masters only being 6 months apart!
  7. Do you have an update on this? Did the recent update help the higher ball speed problem?
  8. Man, those are pretty golf clubs!
  9. Just got a Clicgear push cart. Loving it!
  10. The screw toe weight in the 2 - 4 irons are different. One is the retail screw and one is the prototype style screw like the rest of the irons. I wonder what the difference is?
  11. Just go with the original Studio Design rubber grip. Much cheaper and very close to the same weight and shape as the cord .
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