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  1. Really?!? How it sounds. I have a G410lst and it sounds like a wooden baseball bat. I can tell older drivers from new (because that is what they are selling us). Titleist and ping are the best “sounding” (like it matters: ie; how do the blades look in my bag). Just stupid. Between bag vanity and this weird “sound” vanity, it’s just funny. 8 times out of 10, your shaft is too strong and you don’t have enough loft. That sweet sound you are searching for comes from compressing the golf ball. not the club head thpically (I can make examples $.
  2. This will be the top nominee for the “Post needing more clarification” category for 2021. lol Is this a new PXG commercial?
  3. I think the Wilson utility needs to be named here. More neutral sole than the Srixon. Good stock shaft. Food for thought
  4. Hold on to them, they are special irons and you never know when you’ll want to hit them again. Until then, pick up something with more tech and enjoy them too. tou already spent the coin on the Miuras, you can pick up something for a couple hundred bucks to play in the meantime
  5. I was trying to beat my G410LST with the 4. In 20 balls I hit 5 that were DEEEEP…. The rest were all over the map. I don’t have the swing to get the most out of it. It’s a beautiful club but I can’t game it. I suck. That hurts too.
  6. The tricky thing is blade length has a relationship with forgiveness (at least perceived). what type of strike are you try to get more room on? Irons now have tungsten in the toe to try and move weight there for better performance
  7. 7 Plug? I hunt eBay constantly for sets in reasonable shape (lots of people didn’t take care of them).
  8. Up until a year ago I had chrome 5 plug MB2s. If they weren’t completely groove-less, I’d still have them.
  9. It will be interesting to see a pro game one. We keep saying this is a niche club. A guy with a butt load of talent playing one is interesting
  10. I think Eddie Pepperel (I screwed up his name sorry) is using one as his driver this week.
  11. The Classics line were the coolest looking drivers ever. I didn’t hit them well, but others liked them
  12. This is a candidate for the worst post of the year… the bad part is you thought you were clever. You just make no sense.
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