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  1. So, I have bounced back and forth from bagging 14 and 8 sticks (I used to walk a lot and it helped out). Hence the love affair with the utility and fairway woods. I’ve just always found that my miss with those clubs were typically very penal (high school, college and mens club golf). Guess the answer is some playing time and self assessment.
  2. Thanks for the input. It’s really just a weird gapping issue. These clubs have really been assembled from multiple versions of strategy, playing frequencies, environments (desert golf to coastal FL golf) and age (to be frank). My skills have increased but I’m a touch slower now and it feels like I don’t have an actual equipment strategy. I think I need to get out and really be critical of what I actually do on the course, as opposed to what I think/want to do on the course. Does that make sense? It just feels like I have a random assortment of good sticks but may not all be for the same player. Feels like I’m out of sorts
  3. Still playing mine with an Oban Devotion shaft
  4. I like them (and will keep them, just in case)…. In the wind, I find them difficult to knock down. Im open to keeping them, but would want to hit some other options.
  5. So, I have been “piecing” together my clubs for a LONG time… sometimes based on budget, sometimes based on boredom (as WRXers, I’m sure others can relate). I got a new job, and now I want to do it right. So, I decided that I understand it will be expensive but I love the game. So, I’m cool with the cost… My credit card will cry but it will live. So, to do it right, and blow up the bag and move on. I want to revamp the bag from top to bottom (minus the Putter). Currently, I play: Driver: Ping G410LST 9, Oban Devotion Stiff Hybrid: Wilson Utility 18, KBS stock shaft Irons: Bridgestone J40 DPC 4-PW, Project X 5.5 Wedeges: 50, 56, 60 Just need to know where to start to do it right…. Any suggestions?
  6. At her level, she could get paid for playing anything. she’s got a team of people around her to ensure a good decision (or no decision) is made
  7. Ben Hogan had strong thoughts about Mizuno back in the “day”
  8. I would love to see oil can come back…. My favorite wedge was a red saw 10 degree at 56 loft. I hit it until it was CLEARLY illegal. Loved that thing…. Had it for 5 years…. Talk about ROI, it had seen some battles
  9. They did buy up SOME of their patents.
  10. The question is : “Do you consider your PW a 10 iron or something else”? A set PW (at whatever loft) is going to be different from a “Vokey” wedge at the same loft
  11. That was the first thing that came to mind. Great clubs Yani Tseng played them.
  12. I mean, at the end of the day, this is their p790 right?
  13. Ping is still in a really strong position (ie; iBlade was a decent buy for 6 years). Pings big thing is “don’t bastardize last years patron”. Much like Titleist.
  14. I kinda dig the look (to be honest, the Titleist is the one I like the least). lofts are really strong, but as long as you know you lofts you’re gonna be ok
  15. Man, that was an epic design. I agree with the posters above…. Take a look at Titleist and the TSi3. Similar shape. happy hunting
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