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  1. Ehhhh, I switched from Adams MB2 to Bridgestone J40DPC. I have consistently hit better shots, better scores.... putter is a little to blame but not really. it’s strange but I haven’t seen a change in scores. Do feel more confident though.
  2. $8 K???? holy crap. Inner Me: but that looks like a sweet 3 wood.
  3. It’s just a number on the bottom of the club. really doesn’t make a difference.
  4. 1. City and State? St. Petersburg, FL 2. Handicap? 8.7 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Absolutely 4. Current Iron setup? Titleist 714CB S300 OR Bridgestone J40 DPC PX 6.0 (both 4i-PW) 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? The sole grind. Moving from Las Vegas to Florida, the change in turf condition have really challenged me (hence, the Bridgestone J40’s). Also, the Z7 series has a cult following, I’ve nev
  5. They were never the J15s. They were 38’s stamped as 40’s. One offs for him
  6. The funny thing is, compare them (visually) to Maltby TS-1 irons. strikingly similar.
  7. Pm Grind, P7TW.... people are playing those. I think it would give them extra character. Like a foster animal. wouldn’t bother me as long as they were a good fit.
  8. Who knows. these companies spend a lot of money to figure out what works. They do sell a bunch of 500 golf clubs lol
  9. Must be “special releases” like the copper v grinds from a couple of years ago.
  10. I carry a 60 as a “break glass in an emergency” type of club. grew up with old lofts and 56 was the go to degree sand wedge back in the day. but not having to open the face but taking an aggressive swing around the greens is nice when dealt a difficult lie. I won’t remove mine, but it may get used once or twice a round.
  11. Man, I do have to admit... I check the bay monthly hunting for a prototype or something.... never saw anything.
  12. For the first time... ever, the text was better than the pictures. super happy about your success with the sticks.
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