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  1. Man, I do have to admit... I check the bay monthly hunting for a prototype or something.... never saw anything.
  2. For the first time... ever, the text was better than the pictures. super happy about your success with the sticks.
  3. Golf carts are privileges, not rights. The course can charge whatever they like for them. this is what happens when we leave our safety and we’ll bring to golf pros. They will take the sensible way out for the course. Pay the fee or hoof it.... it sucks for some, but it is what it is.
  4. As part of the purchase of Adams (Adams bought Yes! just before being bought themselves)
  5. Apples to T-bone steaks on this one. low spin vs Max MOI
  6. I played the 7 Plug set for a long time. The second best irons I ever owned (Cleveland TA3 were the first irons I bought for myself and will always be my favs). Finally wore them out. They were tremendous though. much like a lot of the Adams equipment was. Hence why I hold a non-sensible grudge against Taylormade lol
  7. I mean, it’s not their job to make us feel safe. They are doing it to sell rounds. just like anything else, protect and take care of yourself. If you don’t want to play because you feel unsafe, then don’t play. I think most of the course are doing a good job, but it is on US to ensure our health/safety.... Not a couple of golf pros that are reading the same mountain of information that we all are. I want everyone to be safe and enjoy our great game. Everyone demanding their own cart would never end if it becomes the norm, and it’s not very sustainable (as see
  8. I mean, you could always walk or take a push cart, right? (If you feel uncomfortable) If a course has 80 carts and everyone takes their own (based on 10 minute tee times gap) they will be out of carts in just over 3 hours. Yes, you should pay for your own cart. The reason may be different (Covid) but the logic is still the same. It is really interesting to hear the amount of people that think a cart is a right. There are several courses in CO, OH and MN that are going to move away from carts or move to a single rider cart (FYI, these are motorcycle type or
  9. Ok, if I look at my egg and the first thought is “Whoa, look at that” or “Wicked”... then it goes in the big pocket for short game practice (I have a cool burlap bag that is labeled “Tools of Ignorance” that I use as a shag bag). but I will play with a scuffed ball, not a cut one. I cut a bunch though... I am awful with anything more than 50 degrees. I hit (thin) some incredibly long wedges lol
  10. The little divot remind of TourStage products from the past.
  11. Essentially the set PW (in many iron set) should be named a 10 iron. keep in mind, TW and Jacks PW was at 50 degrees.
  12. I really don’t think any brand (of the bigger ones) make anything that is junk any more. in the past I would be able to give you strengths and weaknesses of each OEM, but they are all really good anymore. I don’t like the look af Cally stuff, but it’s not junk.... just really “round”, lol. Ping and Titleist suit my eye better, but my best driving season was with a TMag driver. One that I would not have bought for myself, it was a gift. Moral of the story, these companies are producing a lot of product, there will be defects. They ALL have really good warranties
  13. Yeah, there’s a thought that they are actually J38s with J40 markings. either way... best not to compare ourselves to him. It’s a good iron that’s forged. Results may vary lol
  14. I noticed Freddy uses the CP2s without a glow... there’s something to that design I guess.
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