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  1. Change must come from within….
  2. Insoles are a good idea. I can walk 18 without pain, but the day I will be pretty sore (specifically in my left Achilles)
  3. Love their shoes, BUT I need more support. now I gotta look at old guy shoes. Which sucks
  4. Bing Rhames does those commercials? Awesome!!!
  5. It is now…. Back ten years ago, I’d argue that they made some of the best iron, fairway/hybrids and drivers on the market. they never made great wedges though.
  6. This. All of my buddies hit a lot of their stuff. I don’t intentionally avoid them, I just don’t have much of their stuff (other than a 16 degree UDI).
  7. Right, he now plays S55. BUT, he held out and plays S59 until S55 came out. Probably 4-5 years.
  8. I’m in the camp of live and let live. as long as it’s not offensive (holes in the shirts, blatant disregard of maintenance and hygiene, etc) I’m cool with it. I play in Nike training shoes. I haven’t noticed a performance difference and they don’t beat up my feet. I had a player I was paired up with saying my shoes weren’t “golf appropriate “. They were clean, but no spikes. I told him that I forgot my actual “golf shoes”. He said something under his breath. later on in the round , I raked a bunker that he “forgot” to rake himself. I told him that you should rake your own bunkers in the future. Moral of the story: respect the game, course and players on the course. Otherwise, whatever.
  9. So, I’m a reasonable player (10 HCP) but have always truffled with fairway woods. Last reliable 3 wood was a Steelhead +. Crown exploded one day, that was the most popular form of death for that model. since then, multiple tries and fittings to solve that spot. None stuck. Enter the 18 degree Wilson utility. It’s great, but I still give up a lot when leaving driver in the bag. This winter I am going to find a 13-ish degree driver and throw a a 43.5 inch shaft in it. Heavy and stiff. I think I need the face area to be effective off the tee for me. I dunno. Just trying to dig where there’s taters
  10. Man, I think the iE1 were forgotten irons. I think they were fine though. Might want to look at i20s though if you like ping.
  11. My bad, his prior win was in 25’s though (I thought). This may have been a couple years back
  12. The thing is, pros play what pays them. Either through performance or contract standards. Cink won earlier this year with I25 irons. It took a long time to get a G400 Max out of Cams bag. Bubba sticks with S59’s until the bitter end. Ping staffers tend to stick with their favorites. What I will say, look at non contracted players. A lot of Ping sticks in their bags. On the decline, by no means. Not even close and really not a relevant topic.
  13. Wow, he hits it in the middle… and likes purple. FYI, those Nikes are legit
  14. The best irons Adams made (top 20 all time). I had a 7 plug set I played until they were dead.
  15. Man, I have big, flat and achy ankles. when looking at their website, I think these might be great…. Any reviews? (Yes, I did a search but people ranted on and on about models that are not US releases).
  16. Me too. The 16 degree Tour Preferred UDI is now back in the saddle.
  17. 16 Degree UDI. Probably heel strike, graceful landing in the right rough leaving 210. THEN, because the lie is always good enough, a choked down 16 Degree UDI. after 2 pitches and a lip out. Where’s the bev cart?
  18. Awesome ! I agree. A bit intimidating to look at (the 16 degree UDI). I think he got sick of me playing well just to flare/snap the multiple versions of the same shot. Over and over again. it’ll be an experiment for sure. thanks for the advice!
  19. Howdy y’all! I am a slower speed golfer (driver SS at 102-98).. I hate fairway woods. A local pro that saw that I can play a bit but struggle with my 14 degree (fairway) gifted me a 16 degree UDI. He told me the shaft is not a good match, but the head would fit well with the proper shaft. He told me to find something like my Oban Purple, but for a hybrid. The UDI has a C Taper in it. It has the .355 bore in it, I need the “2 piece” shaft feel. any thoughts?
  20. I draw my driver, cut with my irons. I dunno, that’s just how it works (I’m pretty flat)
  21. Good call. im in a weird place overall. Kinda want to throw everything out and start over. Really frustrated with everything other than my putter lol
  22. I struggle in this arena because I hat the look of both hybrids and FWs. I have a Wilson 2 utility that I love. Not playable off the deck for me. im in a weird middle-land at the top of my bag. It literally makes me want to got back to my 8 club rig.
  23. It may be a tick before you hear comparisons as the MGs just came out. I will say, I saw the new TM wedges in person and they LOOK great. Better than the SM8 for ME. didn’t get to hit them. for what it’s worth.
  24. That muscle on the z9 iron is about to have me paying alimony payments. Needless to say I may be opening new funds for that tomorrow
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