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  1. Absolutely. Played 16 holes today (walked off when I looked down and saw we were at a 5 1/2 hour round at that point lol. So much for pace of play). Played great, a really easy round without a lot of brain damage. Manufactured some cool shots. And the ones that I couldn't create I just took my lumps and moved on. Great feedback guys. Enjoy the week.
  2. It also helps w practice time. I would like to say that I practice once a week ... That would be a lie. But let's say I have 2 hours after work. I can work short game for one hour and range work for the other. I now only have 7 clubs to work with on the range as opposed to 13. More time/balls on each club. I've been able to add a cut (I naturally work the ball right to left) to everything other than pw and 56. And it's helped out.
  3. Btw, when I look at every club (exception: driver) it has to be multi functional. Or at least have the potential to serve multiple purposes. Big key when going to this many clubs.
  4. Sean 2: I currently play an old titelist DCI 2i. I use it more for a driving iron. I've been looking at a strong 16-18 degree hybrid (hopefully Adams pro a12 black) as a low trajectory tee and deck option to replace it. I also like the driving irons but I kinda want to do a custom one. Like a 2iron head with a nice heavy graphite shaft or something.
  5. Cool, thanks everyone. My s59's are starting to show some wear. Is anyone else moving towards a smaller set up? If so, what r u doing?
  6. So I am a "light bag, keep it simple" sort of dude. I carry driver (strongest club in the bag) , 2 iron, 4 iron, 6 iron, 8 iron, pw, sw, putter. Since switching to this set up my scores have dropped dramatically (from mid 80's to mid 70's). I want some new irons but I don't want to buy a full set since I don't use a full set. How do u do this? Every where I go people look at me as though I have a second head. I keep on getting told that I can't purchase single irons.
  7. Pings a great manufacturer (nobody makes junk anymore) and they make a great range of products. Taylormade is great and so is callaway. It's a feel that we all love. Try and tell a mizzy guy that his blades cost him some stokes and hell give u thirty reasons y he would never switch. I play s59's because they feel good. Plain and simple. Will g25's get me some more greens.... Sure. But that stung 4 iron from the garbage that misses the branches and makes me feel like I wish I had another 9 in the round. That's what sets a piece of equipment/tool apart
  8. I am insanely jealous. Those Aussie blades are amazing. I will be keeping an eye on the bay to see if u post them. I played those in high school (everyone else had cobras or tmag burner bubble shaft junk, me and those beauties won two match play tourneys and medaled in to other events, loved those darn things).
  9. I'm not a huge taylormade fan but those b stamps look intesting. Thanks for the tips. Although I did see those tmag mb's. god those things look sweet. Lol
  10. Yeah, they feel nice. But they have a fairly wide sole. I just don't have a great opportunity to hit these things anywhere but on a mat. It seems like I could play on the tour if they would let me hit off of one of those things, I always pound everything. I would be just a bit worried about the wider soles (looks wider than the s59's, probably why they are more popular than the s59 model) and a steep plane.
  11. I like a "clickier" feel w my irons. I currently play s59's, but would like something with a touch less "body" to them (plus the loft spacing is really weird). Any recommendations for a cast muscle back or a cavity back that doesn't have a ton of offset (along the lines of the s56)?
  12. Oh yeah , and Payne Stewart at the us open when he beat FIGJAM.
  13. Zack Johnson with that see more stick at the masters. Pretty freakin solid.
  14. I only play driver, 4 iron, 6 iron, 8 iron, pw 52 56 and putter. Change that I made earlier this season to save my back while walking and it has worked. And saved me three strokes a round. Weird how that works. My most valuable club is my four iron. There's something about the loft or something. Because I am usually manufacturing a shot to hit a yardage, I am usually in the relm of playing low trajectory golf. I can beat that thing off the tee , hit shots from trouble areas, play bump shots around the green. I have hit 4 iron into par 3's at 165 yards to par 5's at 220. It's learning how to control ur spine angle and making a solid swing.
  15. If your worried about high spin, the Adams a12 pro black and the anser series seem to be popular. The Adams comes with some great shafts (and u can still find new for under 150). Not to thread jack, but just my 2 cents, I am really interested in the 2 iron set up on the s56 or the custom scratch 2 iron. It does seem to be a bit more tee based, but sometimes u have to review the trajectory that u desire. For instance, the strength of my game is driving (love that i15 driver) but on windier days or tighter holes I want a low trajectory option off the tee. That's why I think a hybrid driving iron is more of a decision based on trajectory. How many greens are u hitting from 230+? What would be the most useful option off of the tee when u can't rely on the driver? Best of luck, take a look at those Adams pros though.... It's a bang biscuit for sure.
  16. Great call. Right now I have a ping moonlight, but it's seen better days (I'm hard on golf bags). I was looking the new moonlight , it has two straps and a waterproof bottom. Anyone else using that bag?
  17. No kidding. Just reading a couple articles on the walking golfer society website. I've been hitting the ball so bad maybe I should go down to a few less clubs. Less to get better with
  18. Howdy, lets hear from the "avid" walkers and minimalist golfers! What set are u using (clubs, club count) and what type of bag are u taking to the course with you? I am asking because my Ping Moonlight II broke last night, I am a minimalist (carry 7-10 clubs) and an avid walker, and I am looking for some bag suggestions and I am always interested to see what other people are playing. Thanks in advance.
  19. Howdy. I'm about to go buy a g25 3 iron to so the experiment with (I can get it for forty bucks new, I have some store credit). Does anyone here feel that is a mistake? I'm a little uncertain with this club (the offset and bounce combination). Anybody else building their own driving iron?
  20. Sun mountain makes a line of ZG bags. They have a hip belt. May be nerdy but I heard they work. I currently have a ping j bag (possibly the worst bag they EVER made) but walking still makes the game more enjoyable and easier to "grind" on the course. Also limits my intake of adult beverages. Lol
  21. In my "golf" group, I am known as a serious putter ho. Same driver for 3 years, same irons for 5 and reluctant on purchasing wedges (even if they are worn). But, I just believe that the "right" putter can actually make putting easier. I have been on a rough streak on the greens (I'm a pretty good putter typically) and I was looking for a switch. I currently use a Yes! Nikki with a super stroke grip. In the past I've always used anser or my day style putters. Recently I've been looking at spiders mantas and god knows what other member of the animal kingdom that we want to use to describe a putter. When I realized that, just find something that u like the looks of and that feels comfortable and WORK on the rest. I think as golfers we get too tied up on the technical that some of these amazing clubs can give us. There's nothing wrong with being a ho, I am one, just remember that simple things don't typically break as often as complicated ideas. Guys think I'm crazy?
  22. I'm not nearly the player as you guys (11 cap, just work too much.... Yup, I'm gonna blame it on that) and I currently play s59's. I like to control my trajectory a lot , and I've always played blades. I went and hit the g25's and I'm sold. I just don't play enough to get my max potential and my most enjoyment out of a $50 round of golf. My handicap is not the measuring stick, having more fun is. The PGA has a lot of numbers around how many golfers leave the game every year. Do whatever u enjoy to do with the game. I for one want to improve my scores and make a couple of birdies. I'll take the weird looks at a set of shovels, as long as I'm doing what is needed for me (and not impeding on others lives/fun)
  23. Golfsmith sucks too... Kinda the wal-marts of golf. Minus the return policy and cut off jean shorts
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