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  1. What about Spieth’s second shot in the Open that took about 40 minutes… then he goes on to win the Claret Jug… no penalty there
  2. This ^^^ US team needs to stop being a good ol’ boys club if they want to change the record.
  3. my first full set were Snead Blue Ridges… from my dad the first time I beat him… about 9th grade (15 years old)… 51 years ago.
  4. In the Jones Original bag (non-stand collapsible): Hogan Apex Redline 5 - E with Apex Shafts Hogan Special Sand Iron Yes! Tracy II putter TaylorMade V-Steel 3 & 4 fairway TaylorMade Rescue Dual 3 hybrid TaylorMade Rescue 4 hybrid modern: Callaway Epic Sub Zero driver
  5. At 13-21-3, Tiger got plenty of knife sets. At 18-22-7, Phil didn’t fare much better. PGA Tour records mean nothing when it comes to the Ryder Cup. Don’t know why, just a fact in the last 25 or so Cups.
  6. My experience has been that 1: The claw keeps the grip against my left forearm better. I tend to break down when I use a traditional grip and can still get yippy which leads directly to 2: Using the claw grip allows my left hand and arm to be in control. The right hand is just ‘along for the ride’ and 3: Getting the right hand on top of the grip gives me a more stable guide on the backstroke and forward stroke. Spent about 3 years trying to get the armlock to work with a traditional grip, but didn’t really have success with it until I went to the claw. Now aim is easier and allows me to focus more on the speed/distance. Contrary to most of what I read on these forums, my speed control is much better, and directional control is light years better than traditional, but it took a lot of practice to get comfortable. And finally, I am very happy with the 2 ball Ten Armlock after less than a week.
  7. I have found the most consistency with a claw grip, like Webb Simpson. Like you, I use a traditional grip with a standard length putter, but find it is much easier to keep the grip against my forearm with a claw. In my past experience, the grip tends to come away from my forearm, my wrist breaks down and the right hand gets more involved when I use a traditional grip.
  8. That is why I went to the claw grip with the arm lock. It seemed to be better at holding the grip against my forearm. full disclosure - am trying to go back to a traditional length putter using a regular grip. it isn’t going too well. might go back to arm locking.
  9. If you have ever tried arm lock putting, you know that it is still possible to yip or flip your wrists, and the shaft can leave contact with your forearm. It is not locked in the way a belly putter is locked to your navel or a broomstick is held against your chest. It might look ‘wrong’ to you, but there are other variables that do not happen if the end of the club is actually anchored to something that doesn’t move.
  10. Read all the way through this thread thinking something similar to this... If the PGA Tour and European Tour can actually follow through on suspending players who go to this new league/tour, what happens next year to those who left for the money? Is the $30 MM an annual salary? Or is it a one-time ‘signing’ bonus? What about the players who leave for the new SGL and get ‘cut’ the second or third year for a new up and coming superstar in the making? If they have been suspended by the PGA or European Tour, what becomes of them then? Not only would the SGL be moving on to new fresh faces, but the cut players will be off the PGA Tour for at least a year while they appeal their suspension or re-qualify, if eligible, via the Korn Ferry or Challenge Tours? What happens to endorsement money when they don’t have a tour to show off the sponsor‘s logo every week on national tv? As for startup rival leagues in the other major sports, not all have been failures. The American Football league is the basis for the American Conference of the NFL; there was an American Basketball Association that had several teams eventually invited to the National Basketball Association; as did some of the old World Hockey Association to the NHL. Even the National League in baseball started before the American League. One other observation, is that the European Tour is already a global tour. If these investors want to start a rival tour or league, why not help finance the European Tour instead? If the prize money was better on the European Tour to the point it rivaled, or better yet exceeded, the US PGA Tour, there are already established events all around the world, including 3 of 4 majors and 3 of 4 WGC events in the US plus the Players which are sanctioned European Points events (not sure the Players gets ET ranking points). And, has been said before in this thread, the European Tour allows players to be paid appearance money.
  11. zonadub

    Steve Jones

    First thoughts were Todd Hamilton and Shaun Michele... but to add an LPGA major, Hilary Lunke
  12. remember hearing Judy Rankin say that when her husband got cancer, that Strange was the person who was the first and biggest supporter for her during that time.
  13. it was getting the hair cut... like Samson & Delilah
  14. Not saying that it has to be that way, but history says that if McIlroy’s next major is not the Masters, he will likely not complete the grand slam. Spieth might be different. There are 7 more majors before he is 5 years removed from his last major. History would say if he can win one of those, he re-sets the 5 year clock. That would give him many opportunities to win a PGA, especially if he picks up any other major as that particular clock ticks. On the other hand, as you have hinted, they are both still young, and there are many majors left in their careers. Barring injury, such as Woods, they have a fantastic chance to rewrite history. That said, it is hard to win any tournament on the PGA Tour, and there are only 4 chances a year to win a major.
  15. Wasn’t sure how to say it... Jack won in 1980. 6 years to The Masters win In 1986. None since Tiger won in 2008, 11 years to The Masters in 2019. None since
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