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  1. The wind on Saturday at Bayside wasn't bad at all. It picked up a little during my second round. Sunday was a different story. I teed off around 8:15 that morning and the wind was already blowing 20+. First hole is a Par 5 dead into it as well. Good thing they have some wide fairways!
  2. Played Bayside out in Brule, NE this past Saturday. Then on Sunday caught a round at Awarii Dunes south of Kearney, NE on the way back home.
  3. Sounds like they are going to spend the $ to sod the place this spring in hopes of being able to open sooner.
  4. I saw on their Instagram account that they believe 9 holes will be ready for preview next summer but they won't be ready for a full opening until 2022.
  5. https://www.twincitiesgolf.com/courses-reopening These are all public though.
  6. Played Stone Canyon on the east edge of Kansas City this past weekend.
  7. Stetson, did they happen to say anything about membership? I know its going to be a public course but had seen somewhere that they would have a limited number of memberships. Just curious as to how that was going to work there.
  8. As someone who lives a little ways east of Sioux City, this really excites me to read. Having been on site, how would you compare the site to Tatanka? Having driven past the Landman site on the highway, the land its being built on put me more in mind of Tatanka rather than out at the Prairie Club. Is that the case?
  9. Since I live in a small town in Iowa and the majority of the courses around my area are 9 hole courses, my "rounds" are 9 hole rounds. Currently this season (May thru Sept) I have played 150 rounds on 26 different courses. Four different states; IA, MN, NE & IL. I was supposed to get to play up in Sioux Falls, SD last weekend on the course that is hosting the Champions Tour event this week but due to storms/flooding we weren't able to play. Next week I leave on a road trip for a wedding and will (hopefully) be playing in Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  10. Again, I appreciate the info and insights fellas. Thanks!
  11. https://www.linksmagazine.com/landmand-golf-club-a-new-king-collins-design/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=8.30Insider Links Magazine article on the project
  12. Course will be near Homer, Nebraska which is 15 minutes south of Sioux City, IA. https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/king-collins-golf-new-golf-course-landmand-golf-club-nebraska
  13. I'm heading out for a wedding at the end of September and wondered if I could get any opinions on either of these two courses? I'm hoping to play Whiskey Creek in the morning and then going to try and get an afternoon round on one of those two courses. Thanks for any insight or advice anyone can share!
  14. Thanks for posting Juan73!
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