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  1. When I first started to get interested in golf back in the 90’s, a friend gave me a Cleveland 53* Diadic wedge with a black finish. I fell in love with that wedge, and swear it had some magical powers that I’ve never experienced in another wedge since. It’s long gone unfortunately, but after using a set of 54 and 60 Wedgeworks raw Vokeys for the last few years, I decided (for no really good reason other than I was itching to try something different and liked the looks of them) to try the RTX 4’s. I got a 54 & 60, both mid bounce in the tour satin finish. For some reason I just haven’t been able to make a successful transition from the Vokeys to these. I’m admittedly not the best wedge player (11 index), but I just couldn’t gain any confidence with these and the turf interaction felt really different to me, for some reason. I really wanted to like them, but couldn’t get them to work for me and eventually decided to move on. I’m an i210 iron player, so I’m going to give the Glide 2.0 Stealths a try, and if those don’t work I’ll put the Vokeys back in the bag.
  2. Sorry...zero credibility, my man. When you make a statement like, “Best irons I have ever played”....and then have a new set in the bag a few weeks later. Okey dokey
  3. Your have JPX 919 HM in your signature. Have you not yet updated your sig with the i210s, or have you already found a new “best irons I have ever owned” a month later? Just curious.
  4. Two Cleveland RTX 4 wedges for sale in great condition. Both are Mid bounce, 54/10 and 60/9. All stock....GP Tour Velvet grips, TT Tour Issue S400 shafts. Standard L/L/L. Tour Satin finish. The 60* is SOLD. Asking $OLD for the 54*. Add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi.
  5. From his post: Headcovers: Rose and Fire ballistic nylon
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