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  1. Putter looks a lot like spieths set up great set up though
  2. Odyssey Versa #1 Wide wbw with a superstroke 1.0 midnight black and white
  3. I have the same putter and I was thinking of putting a longer grip on it to counterbalance it, how do you like yours?
  4. [quote name='SweetRelease' timestamp='1399660921' post='9264533'] Not certain, but it could be the 1.0 [/quote] It tapers at the end, so i cant be the 1.0
  5. [quote name='Jrolsen0425' timestamp='1391563551' post='8599903'] [quote name='Fish-N-Chips' timestamp='1391562961' post='8599833'] [quote name='1ironstinger' timestamp='1391562815' post='8599807'] What is below the grip of the putter. Does it add weight? [/quote] +1 [/quote] UST Frequency Filtered putter shaft [/quote] Thanks
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