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  1. Yes, the PGATOUR still play courses under 7000 yards. If you listen to some, golf courses of this length are totally obsolete, which is complete nonsense.....IMO
  2. Sad part is... You'll have people on this site that argue with first hand confirmation.....LOL!
  3. Well, I remember people saying that the 460cc driver will never catch on....It was to darn BIG! You never know.
  4. Best ball strikers......Ryder Cup team. It was fun to watch.
  5. .....Great ball strikers and was finally able to make a few crucial putts in a RC.
  6. I don't recall anyone saying that the RC wasn't very entertaining.
  7. This Ryder Cup stuff is in no way significant golf. No ones career should be associated with it......IMO
  8. Yep.....he risked his career just to prove a point, really!?! LOL!
  9. Brooks divot did hit the drain pipe. He was right (check the replay). Where is all the apologies>?
  10. This is a view held by many players. To me, it is more in line with a WWE event....IMO Not many kids growing up on the practice tee says "This put is to win the Ryder Cup"
  11. There is no way any player should be judged on their record in the Ryder cup. Luck of the bounce and a lot of shots don't count and a lot is dependent on your partner. Most matches don't even get to the eighteenth.
  12. After watching the opening ceremony .... Man, that's a lot of nonsense to go through when they could be in the Bahamas with a cocktail.....
  13. The U.S. didn't quit when they won I think, don't quote m......22 of the first 25 and they won't quit now. The Ryder Cup is the goose that lays a golden egg so why discontinue that. The format might change but not the event. IMO
  14. If Europe wins this years Ryder Cup.....Poulter will be anointed to Sainthood and become a first ballot hall of Famer....LOL!
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