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  1. Dollar to a doughnut said thread wreckers are amongst us now......
  2. It's boring because you have a certain group of poster who decide who post and what to post. If they don't like the subject they wreck the thread. simple as that.
  3. Trolling again.....they can't help themselves....
  4. The problem with this golf board is that the biggest troll, doesn't know he's a troll. He chases away new posters with his snarky comment. The moderators are enablers and let him get away with. That will be the demise of this golf forum.
  5. I know that they depend and worship those numbers but how would you know the degree in which they can dial them up....
  6. LOL! .................6842 yard track +/- and the PGATOUR is moving tees UP. WOW! I shouldn't be surprised, the tour is always moving tees up, it just isn't publicized very often. That wind was blowin'
  7. Wow.....first I ever heard of that. Please give me the link so I can read more about this.......very interesting.
  8. Why am I being told that the Ryder Cup started in 1927 and not in 1983?
  9. I'm new to the Ryder Cup....When did it start? What's the win loss for each side?
  10. Yet you couldn't wait to troll this thread today and it's just holloween......
  11. These electronics has helped the modern player tremendously! Launch monitors came out at the same time as the big head drivers. People are so use to hearing about them everyday in commercials and advertising that they just accept them as modern day equipment. If anything is dialed back, the pros will get every yard out of the new stuff....I'm not saying that it's good or bad but lets not pretend that it's not a big factor in distance....
  12. My point exactly, they live and breath with these numbers. I don't care one way or the other but I do think it should be talked about when comparing players of old to modern day players. I also think that before we change golf balls and clubs everything should be looked at.....besides I never hear anyone bring up swing aids (electronics) in the distance debates.
  13. At any tournament you can go down the rang and just about every touring pro has his launch monitor or trackman. Apparently everyone accept this as normal and no one want to talk about the affect this have on distance. The Tour trucks and the Optimization of equipment is one of the reasons for longer distance on tour......IMO
  14. Never once did I say that electronic equipment SHOULD be banned or outlawed. I'm saying that if distance is one of the biggest and hottest issues in golf why not look at every aspect of the situation, which is equipment optimization and its affect on modern day touring pros that's all....but it looks like we can't talk about it because everyone is a comedian....
  15. I know that it can not be regulated or outlawed like clubs and balls but we can have a conversation about the use of it. The genie was out of the bottle in 1996.
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