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  1. Cameron McCormick should have been the one who sent Spieth to Butch......Three years in the wilderness is enough. I understand Jordan's loyalty though.
  2. Rickey Fowler is laid back and don't let the game beat him up. He should be commended for that .....not criticized. Beautiful wife, large bank accounts, houses and jets....sound like winning to me.
  3. Hmmmmm? Who'd I'd rather be? Major Championship winner Y. E. Yang or Ricky Fowler,,,, Now let me see......decisions, decisions.
  4. This is what they do on WRX....they have nothing to add but it makes them feel better about themselves. They can't help themselves....
  5. The Caddy is protecting his 7-10 percent.....LOL!. Seriously tho ....The caddy is most likely informing the player where to start the ball.....
  6. I try to refrain from heaping my values on other people. I do not know Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas or the Young Woods.....Nor do I know of the relationship that all parties enjoy.....Who knows?
  7. Never fall in love with a golf ball ....she's destined to leave you soon or later. ~Mark twain
  8. What did the kid say that was obnoxious??
  9. You've nailed it! Some how they think that if they've commented on a subject years or months ago .......it should not be revisited. Why? Because they say so......LOL! One or two of them feel that they should comment on every thread, they can't help themselves. You get attacked by the main leader, then his disciples pile on to wreck the threads that they think is undeserving for WRX forums. I'd like to think that the moderators are not enablers......
  10. I'm in Ohio right now. Ten inches of snow.....I'd gladly take a five hour round right now. Can't wait to get to sunny Cal.
  11. News alert!....I've noticed that insult and ridicule is the normal for some posters on this fine board.
  12. Never been there but know who the posters are without looking.....LOL! WRXers fake marshals.....
  13. Obviously some of the posters can't read......but anyway, as TW always say "You want to finish the tournament the right way" you don't want to boggy your way home so you stick to your routine even if the lead is 10 shots.
  14. Dollar to a doughnut said thread wreckers are amongst us now......
  15. It's boring because you have a certain group of poster who decide who post and what to post. If they don't like the subject they wreck the thread. simple as that.
  16. Trolling again.....they can't help themselves....
  17. The problem with this golf board is that the biggest troll, doesn't know he's a troll. He chases away new posters with his snarky comment. The moderators are enablers and let him get away with. That will be the demise of this golf forum.
  18. I know that they depend and worship those numbers but how would you know the degree in which they can dial them up....
  19. LOL! .................6842 yard track +/- and the PGATOUR is moving tees UP. WOW! I shouldn't be surprised, the tour is always moving tees up, it just isn't publicized very often. That wind was blowin'
  20. Wow.....first I ever heard of that. Please give me the link so I can read more about this.......very interesting.
  21. Why am I being told that the Ryder Cup started in 1927 and not in 1983?
  22. I'm new to the Ryder Cup....When did it start? What's the win loss for each side?
  23. Yet you couldn't wait to troll this thread today and it's just holloween......
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