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  1. Some chocolate rain to celebrate my sister in laws nuptials. Also just received a little haul of Great Notion and deGarde beers.
  2. Love every Speedway I've had, but this Rye BA Vietnamese coffee is awesome. Glad I have three more bottles in the cellar. Also this BAMP with cherries and vanilla was insane.
  3. I was able to get four. Love me some BASS.
  4. I haven't tried DW fresh, but this is tasty and crushable for a DIPA. Not malty, still plenty of hop presence.
  5. A couple MT acquisitions. Unfortunately I read the hop profile is starting to fade for Dinosaur World. Really looking forward to Devils Teeth as I prefer the base to Monsters Park.
  6. This is solid! And that's before considering it's <$15 a six pack.
  7. That looks good. I need to locate some of that. I've been seeing many more Bruery offerings at the local stores, including Total Wine. They're doing good and new sours, if you're into that as well! I'm strongly looking at the reserve society membership once I get a car again. I could make 2-4 trips out to the OC a year to pick up my stash. Might even be worth renting a car a couple weekends a year for a quick Sat-Sunday Road trip. Would be worth it just for the one off Anniversary beers for members, BT and Chocolate Rain lol BT, and now CR are available to none society members. Most lik
  8. On a side note...since getting into craft and now home brewing, I don't really spend as much time on WRX. Mostly just browse through T&PR then come straight to this thread and then beer websites ??
  9. I use safari on iPhone. Just make sure you're using the full version of the website and go to "more options." edit: should've read the rest of the thread before replying...already posted
  10. Did Alesmith have any vintage bottles to go? Mainly their barrel aged stuff
  11. Went to a bottle share last week. There were some really good beers. It got a little crazy with 10-12 people, popping multiple bottles at the same time. The Drie Fonteinen kriek and SARA Lady in Grey were the two that really stood out for me. It could be because most of the other stuff was bourbon barrel aged beers...palate fatigue.
  12. I'd venture 5 series is more G comparable, 7 series is i, and 9 series would be S. I'd lean towards Ping being slightly more forgiving on each of those comparisons. I have found the Ping irons to be much more forgiving than their Srixon counterparts. By an order of magnitude. If you're going by hayzooos comparisons, sure. I'd say Ping's SXX/iblades are more comparable to Srixon's 7 series and the I series is more comparable to the 5 series. At least from my experiences.
  13. Obviously depends on how you hit a ball, but I SPIN everything pretty well, not overly, just good spin, but can't damage a CSX or CS with a club of any kind. Playing MD3's right now. I have to hit a tree or path to leave a mark on them. Whereas, Titleist, BStone get gouged on a good wedge hit. I would give them a few rounds in normal weather. I'm hoping it was the weather. I have played the Tour Preferred X for the last 2 years and besides the fantastic performance I have always been impressed with their durability. Bridgestones are the worst, you can sneeze on those things and the
  14. Orderville is good. I'm interested to try the new "juicy" remake.
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