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  1. Bandon Dunes SunIce Pullover camo XXL - NWT - $129 shipped CONUS Bandon - Old Mac T-Shirt XL New - No Tags. $39 shipped CONUS Bandon ball markers & pencil $15 make me an offer. HZRDUS Smoke RDX Driver Shaft w/TM Tip (6.0 /60g /3.5 torque) - calling it 44 3/4 (please see the photos) - practically new. $SOLD Vokeys - 50, 54 (56 bent to 54), 58. Experienced but life left. They are not pretty but do the job and are priced correctly. 3 Wedges $79 shipped CONUS. 12 Golf Pride MCC Midsize Black/Black - used for 7 months. Gently installed and subsequentlhy removed with an air compressor - no tape used. Good amount of life left - swithching back to same grip but the "align" version. $OLD shipped CONUS. pin 8/22
  2. PLEASE CLOSE Set of 13 Golf Pride Z-Cord Align Midsize. Used a some of them 3-4 rounds and some not at all. They could pass for new but I don't want to claim that they are. $OLD Shipped. Thank you.
  3. M6 $185 shipped to Houston, TX 77008 or M6 head $110 shipped to Houston, TX 77008
  4. I don't normally give two sh__tz about ascetics. That said it is as if they were trying to come up with the worst colors possible for the stock Maverick. Your club looks awesome.
  5. Picture of the sole of the Scotty has been posted. Apologies for not being available. I have been traveling and doing some world class parenting. Several takers for G400, the Scotty, and the Anser 2. That said zero $s have appeared in my paypal account: [email protected] I will honor the original buyers interest until 12 EST tomorrow 3/9. After that "first-in" wins. I have been away from the internet and want to be fair to the first guys. Thank you for your patience. Chris .
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