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  1. @srs06d - they typically have sales, last time I bought some there were around $18, but these have a nice extra cushion that keep the feet warm: https://www.gobros.com/products/darn-tough-mens-hiking-boot-socks-full-cushion My 'regular' golfing socks are these: https://www.gobros.com/products/darn-tough-hiker-micro-crew-cushion-mens-socks?variant=30148286218324 I only have Darn Tough socks now, whether for golf, hiking, or casual, so makes me a bit of a DT homer, but they are excellent IMHO.
  2. Not the PNW, but Wildhorse in Gothenburg is excellent and then you have all the Nebraska privates and Prairie Club, if you go North a while at North Platte. Once you get to Oregon, that Buffalo's Peak looks interest, cool setting. Anyone on here played it?
  3. Nice @R4haehl Was the ace using a backstop and having it come back down to the pin? We've had some close calls there over the years, with balls funneling back down.
  4. Just as long as no one starts a fire or contributes to a county health violation before we've had our golf and gotten the heck out of there
  5. It was $95 back in 2013 Wonder what it was like waaaaaaaay back in the day.
  6. ^It's a big blowout bunker that takes the place of that small greenside bunker. TBH after playing it post change, IMHO it's more for show, as the whole front of the green is still open.
  7. I've forgotten, was there a 2nd 18 plan, to make it a better draw? I did a 36 hole/day there and enjoyed it, but a lot of the shots were a little too samey for me, even playing different tees each round, to really want to make a 2/3 day weekend out of it.
  8. I've been in the scruffy stuff yes. I'm essentially trying to do this (all things being equal of course). And ya if I don't get all of it, I can end up in the bit I circled. Then it's just a take your chances with the lie punch wedge. Obviously Google maps is pre-new bunker, but it's not come into play for me in the couple rounds I've played since it was added.
  9. ^The rates these places charge mid winter in sub-optimal conditions is taking the p155. Haven't played since the ice bowl rounds at SES and those were $60-something IIRC. @Phireside - Redwoods out of season? C'mon now
  10. It's a decent enough cut 60-80 quid off peak rates and totally done to mitigate the lack of international guests. I think every course every place relying on travelers is doing it. Heck Pebble has been doing it a lot this year too. Of interest to me, is are club dues/annual membership costs going up for the members? For those clubs heavily reliant on the pricey visitor fees, there must be a fair few clubs needing to figure out the math a bit differently last, this, and next year.
  11. 10 - driver straight at it and if I turn it into a draw over left with a look all the better, but want to protect against going through the fairway on the left 14 - unless it is into the wind, try and drive the green, there is loads of room to miss and flare to the right and if I hit a good ball but end up in one of the two bunkers fronting the green so be it
  12. Wow - nice thread resurrection! It's been almost 5 years (5 FRICKIN YEARS!) since I posted here and that 913H 27* has become a go to club in my bag. Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, off the tee, from the fairway, from the rough, from the bunker. TBH the 913H 21* has been in my bag even longer, top top hybrids.
  13. Horse's mouth is the only way to go: http://bandonsafepractices.golf https://cooshealthandwellness.org/
  14. You don't go off on the back on any of the courses. You start on 1 and wind your way from there Bandon - assuming you're not cutting anyone off - is straight up 1-9 | 1-6, 9 | 1-6, 4-6 (times X), 7-9 or 9 In addition to Spud's suggestions, on Pac you can go 1-5, then cut to 10-12, 4-7. OM will always involve a bit of a hike to link up to 18, but you can use #3 tee to play to #17 green and create a 150ydish par 3 with left and right mounds to play off of. Trails is the trickiest because the only 18 brings you back and cutting over is most likely to bump into others. Trails 1-6
  15. Not at all, I wasn't referring to 1 specifically but that there are more than 2 easier teeballs: 3, 8, 12, 15 off the top of my head, as I think Pac is let down by pretty mundane, repetitive par 5s, bar 18 of course
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