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  1. ^I thought I was a pedant Seriously man, your initial sched, from what two months ago now, was spot on and an awesome trip. Everything since then is unnecessary. It's the Oregon coast, you are going to get the weather you are given and you are going to have a great time. Breathe in... breathe out. Make your flight, drive safely, play golf, eat and drink, sleep, repeat. Have fun.
  2. I like that point about 'hitting it off' right away, but then not a lot of substance @2bGood - the fewer prescribed shots and results, the better for sure, and there I think OM shines. OM #3 plays the same pretty much all the time - drive down right of the bunker, pitch over top of it to the green and staying left on #17 is the same objective every time. Otherwise there is a ton of variety available off the tee and the subsequent approaches. That is also my bug bear with Pac, playing most like a typical North American course, where being in the same spot off the tee and needing the same aerial
  3. Typically seeing it in multiple wind directions really changes it up more than the others IMHO, but after 8 rounds you would have seen that. I've liked it from the off and agree with ebo's sentiment, it's my favorite start at the resort. Question for those that actually don't like it (not having it 4th/5th fave) - have you played in the UK and what do you think of their traditional courses? OM is the best approximation of what the old Scottish, English, and Welsh links courses are like, but admittedly turned up a wee bit too much in a few places. And I don't mean the specific templ
  4. I get if you really don't like a course and don't like one at Bandon specifically. But you can very much enjoy all 5 courses (because they are all fantastic) without being disingenuous. And if you are going to personally rank them, well yes something quite literally is coming in last. Courses can also be 'growers' and genuinely need multiple plays. Especially to get an appreciation for the greens and the variety that comes with different conditions. But what is the opposite of a grower? I was initially wowed by the prettiness of Pac for example, but more plays had me liking it
  5. This isn't going to Kohler or Pinehurst. These courses are all equally up there, in the as good as it gets stakes for North American public courses. Everyone will have their preferences - OM is 2nd or 3rd for me, between it and Trails, depending on the year for instance - but there is not much in it between them. I know we like to say there are 'no bad choices' at Bandon... ... but that said, playing OM once while playing those others 3 times is not a great choice.
  6. This. [buzz] There are no 'hidden gems' between SF and the border, in the sense of - oh hey if you are in the neighbourhood on your way to play X you gotta check out Y & Z; there just aren't [/killington] OK sure maybe some years ago Northwood and Gearhart, but Fried Egg, NLU, and the rest beat you to it. If you are looking to monetize and get clicks around golf videos, golfing in the PNW isn't it. Everything is too spread out for a start and as much as I enjoy a number of the courses mentioned here, they either aren't 'hidden' as such or really aren't anything besides the
  7. Top tip. Make sure your yardage guide matches the course you're playing. That is key
  8. Not quite Bandon, but here's some inspiration @BG5
  9. 'Guaranteed' might not even be so, if there is a frost delay. Just get as early a first time as you can and try and get back out as early as you can. We typically snag one of the first 4 (7:30-8:00) and then feel good about getting in 36 - barring frost delays. Even with a <8:30 time we like our chances to get in a lot of that second round. These are end of Nov times. Use sunrisesunset.com or some other site that shows you the times and it'll give you a better idea. That said, all you need is a largely clear course in front of you. On volatile weather days where a storm has
  10. If your average drive is 230 and up to 250 in Michigan, play the greens. The seniors are too short for someone with your length, seriously. I mean if you want to hit a ton of wedges fair enough, but really I think you'd be doing your golfing experience and appreciation of the courses a disservice by playing the golds. The wind giveth and taketh. You'll hit some (all?) of the longest drives of your life and some of the shortest. Even in benign conditions the roll you will get is unlike your rounds back home. And just because a hole says par 4, 5, whatever doesn't matter when the condition
  11. Only you know how your body works and how you like to dress TBF, so go take a look at the historical temps via accuweather or the national weather service or some other site and plan accordingly - factoring in the additional 'chill' wind and rain can add. Like any coastal region that's not on the equator, layering is the key. In the winter I can go as much as: undershirt - underarmour - golf shirt - jumper - vest - rain jacket. June I'd lose the underarmour and only bring the rain jacket if it could rain, but keep the others. Having light, compactable items that are easy to chop and chang
  12. Yikes. What do you play of off? Unless your index is 20+ you'd have to try to lose that many balls or start hitting drivers onto the beach for kicks. Bring 36 for your peace of mind and watch you go home with at least 20 of them. Unless you're playing a coastal hole you can pretty much blow your teeshot all over the shop and still find it. It's one of the great things about Bandon being able to cater to all abilities. You need to play well to score obviously, but you are not going to be battered if you have a bad day. Last trip I played 162 holes (9 rounds worth). I som
  13. Good stuff @birdhays I actually prefer Pac in the wind (not silly wind mind you) as it's the only way to mix it up and really make it linksy. Without wind you just play stock shot approaches, as it's the most prescribed of the courses there, due to the requirements for aerial balls into most greens. It's gorgeous and has a handful of the 'best' holes at the resort, but it is my least favorite. Next trip in a new-normal world you'll have to venture into town for a meal or two. Convince the missus SF to Bandon via 101 is worth a couple extra days off
  14. Eesh. There's still no way to unsubscribe from a thread after you post in it, is there? It's just going to keep showing up in your list? Asking for no reason at all... none at all.
  15. Yup the cliche of no bad choices is spot on. That is one of the best things about the resort, the consistency across the courses. There is no other resort that can touch it across a 5 course (plus a short course) sample size. And Arcadia Bluffs is not even in the same league as any of Bandon's courses: it's a minor league journeyman compared to MLB All stars.
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