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  1. It's an easy moniker to put on the website and get a higher profile and playing golf along the ocean, why not, it's pretty easy to see it's a modest muni in a great location before you show up. If someone doesn't enjoy playing the back 9 at PG they should stick to CVR and the like. And obviously Spyglass is the best example of most over-rated course in the neighbourhood and in the US really, but that's an easy one.
  2. Heads up to any Oregonians looking to get out and play over this coming Thanksgiving. We've just released 3 early teetimes each day Thurs-Sun due to parts of our group being in Canada and the East Coast and not making the trip this year. In hindsight I should have waited until the 21 day mark, so you could book them immediately instead of having to wait another week or two... oops
  3. Ya I play Red dot +3/4in (S55s/BPs) or +1/2in (I210s) and that matches (there or thereabouts) a standard Mizzy lie +1/2in. IIRC, the lie ends up being 1/4 degree different here or there, but when I swapped between the 919Ts and S55s - which I did every month or two - I didn't notice any difference when taking my stance or more importantly making a swing. Never shoulda sold the tours darn it
  4. You're correct @scott_Donald: +3/4 I've got S55s and BPs and previously had the 919Ts and they were all the same length when done that way.
  5. This really only works for folks in Scotland (and maybe the UK at large) depending on current Covid restrictions obviously. But saw Goswick tweet this out and wanted to share it incase anyone nearby can take advantage of it: https://www.onlinedeals.golf/goswick_and_muirfield
  6. I feel your pain having a toe dipped in accounts in different locales, but now as a USDer Brexit has been fantastic for my hols budget ;-) That said I think it directly impacted the tourist trail courses in the UK and Ireland to the detriment of anyone in Europe/UK who wants to play them, as they upped their rates more than usual the past 5 years.
  7. Ha! It's an odd angle for 15 tee though - like you're standing beside the bunkers on 14 - as opposed to walking down from 14 green, which is how you'd actually view it when playing. Ya we've already had 2020 Easter trip cancelled - but put that deposit on Nov 2021 so that worked well - and it looks like Nov 2020 might be punted, as at least 1/2 our foursome is in Canadia.
  8. Maybe it's the paint fill, 'BH' stamp, TBC putter cover, and reflection from the sunlight... and of course it's a single pic, but the 921Ts look pretty awful IMHO. Nowhere close to the 919Ts and not even as nice as the 900Ts.
  9. There's some random :-) They've soft-focused the wrong parts of the pic though. It's just a screenshot BTW, lol, clicking doesn't do anything.
  10. I like werdz ;-) And also to serve as a heads up if someone went there thinking they were getting a like for like replication, which didn't some tacky course in Vegas or Florida do? Edit: Royal Links I was thinking of
  11. That is awesome! :-D It hasn't happened for many years now, but I ended up playing with the same semi-retired couple (Katy & Ken IIRC) from Eugene in back to back winters by total chance and ran into them at McKees a 3rd time. Also played with the same fella from out of state a couple times over the years. I'd forgotten his name, but did remark - hey you shaved your moustache :-) Maybe it happens in the summer too? But definitely in the winter I think you get a lot of the same hardy folks going at the same time and with less tee times available people will have similar scheds.
  12. Indeed. I much preferred it when having to put up with those stereotype-provers meant listening to someone complain 'you call that a large, that ain't no large' and other minor annoyances. Who knows where we'll be in the short to medium term @jkumpire Plan/make bookings for 2022 and hope for the best. You're already behind all the 2020 rebookers and kean 2021ers. And surely an additional 12 months won't see that much further of a decline in your game :-)
  13. It's Right->Left and slopes Front->Back; otherwise yes it doesn't bear much resemblance to the North Berwick version. OM is best played knowing it's a pastiche but not looking too closely for the like-to-like copies :-)
  14. Thanks for the feedback fellas :-) And ya I'm going to order a new cable/hdmi adapter and try DAZN for Sunday's matches. Or I may try and see if I can get on one of work's US VPNs to login to my YoutubeTV account.
  15. @Cmoney710 - Off the top of my head, IMHO the 'best' way to manage this side trip is to fly to Scotland via London (assuming you do not have a direct to EDI), stop over in London for a few days, leave your clubs and main travel bag at left luggage at the airport and have a small, easily luggable weekend bag and head down to Normandy. Back up to London and then fly up to Scotland and start golfing. Eurostar and TER from St. Pancras to Paris to Caen would be 5+hrs, plus getting yourself into the city from LHR/LGW. When I lived in England, we drove down which enabled us to pop around to the vari
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