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  1. IDK - looks like the afternoon replay rounds will be fine
  2. The new one they set up at the snack shack on OM would be brilliant for that... and watching folks huff and puff up the hill on 7
  3. Again only 18 holes into it, but colour me impressed, especially remembering what used to be here (just like the South). A couple final things to add: Flickr with fullsize pics and a few more: https://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157720052134218/with/51617776330/ While the course will play firm, unlike the South, the ground game for approaches won’t be there to the same degree. 1, 3, 4, 14, 15 are better served through the air and depending on where your teeshot ends up, 16 will demand it. I’m not saying this is like Oregon, but similar to the difference between Bandon and Pacific. Yes the fairways heave, crest, and fall, but the ball is going to want to settle somewhere flat or at least flattish. The scale is large, the hollows will fit an SUV, the plateaus a small Bay Area flat. It is not like the crumpled and rumpled fairways of an old course in the UK, somewhere like Moray GC for instance. Small courses are still proper courses. Yes if the Cal players hitting balls down the street at Metro come play here, they can leave the top of their bag in the car and have at it, but for the vast majority of golfers, this is what a fun golf course should be. While not like for like, it still reminds me of a couple of my fave compact courses at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club in SC and Landa Park GC at Comal Springs in Texas. It does need time to bed in, but once it does the putter/wood/hybrid recovery shots around the greens will be a treat. Walking, walking, walking. We played the first 9 with two chaps who always cart, they rented trolleys and survived and would then still be home in time for the 1st quarter of Sunday’s games. Please keep it walking only. And aren't riveted faces expensive and a pain maintenance wise? Well maybe this is the trick
  4. Hole 5: Currently playing as a long par 4 until the back teebox is complete. The crowned Biarritz green - orientated more perpendicular like North Berwick, as opposed to lengthwise like at Yale or Old Mac - may make shots of 200yds as easy to get to the hole as those from 20. With loads of room to the right off the tee, the cluster of bunkers should be regularly avoidable. Pins on the left will make for one of the toughest up and downs/approaches on the course. Hole 6: Another short par 3 requires covering the Valley of Dim (really there is no reason to be there unless you get cute to a front pin or mishit) to reach the raised surface. Unless the flag is in the back right pocket, middling this green will serve you well and again avoiding the left, which will run away to the 7th tee. Hole 7: The toughest of the current holes, but depending on the wind and whether you can get up on the rightside plateau and then ride a speedslot down the hill, you can still end up with a short iron. The leftside of the fairway is calmer, will leave you more inline with a safe front left leave, but also further back. At the green, right is simply bad, everything is going to bang around and toilet bowl down into the collection area where (unless you are playing for the Warriors) the hole will be above your head. Left gives you a place to miss and also can let those with longer approaches run something on. Hole 8: It was driveable in its old form and now is even more so. The pond is still there, but instead of leaving it in the trees on the right, there is loads of short grass instead. Now the green provides the challenge after you attempt to sling a driver or 3W in from the right or hold one up coming in from the left. All the room to miss is short right and that should work OK with approaches to pins that are not right/front right. Hole 9: Maybe the closest to its old self. The trees are still there and the college kids during the Commuters tourney will simply cover them and go for the green; for the rest of us more caution may be required. Get left, not just to avoid the trees, but because there is a ton of room and the best angle to run up this back to front green is from the left side. Then it is a simple enough wedge that will stop and stick into the upslope of the green and maybe a birdie is on offer. Temporary scorecard (yes maybe my Bayo & Blackhorse scorecard holder needs replacing):
  5. For Bay Area folks, Westcoasters, and those further afield, thought I’d throw together a thread with a quick rambling - the rambling overtook the quick - review of the new 9 holes that opened last week, at the excellent Corica Park complex in Alameda, CA. While construction continues on the other 9, they've given us 9 holes to knock it around on Weds to Sun. Those of us who saw the long process that was the building and opening of the South Course, had the same furrowed brows and ‘ya rights’ at the optimistic milestones for the North Course that used to hang on the wall at the clubhouse: and that was before Covid threw a spanner in the works. But progress was being made, shapes were taking form, tees and greens were sighted, grass was growing in, and now we have something. With the opening of 9 holes on the North course this past week, schedules and grumpy golf curmudgeons be damned, we’ve got new golf holes to play. Like the South Course, the North is built over top of the bones of what came before it. And with the 9 holes on offer now we get the old 1-4 and 14-18, playing to the same par and same dial on the compass as before. That gives us a short course of ~3000 yards from the back tees, with wide undulating fairways leading us to equally undulating and large greens. It is imminently scorable. The bite and the length will definitely have to come from the other 9, likely 6, 7, 8, and 13. The North gives us the same (leaving aside everything is still bedding in) turf as the South and with that, the same firm springy playing conditions. Of course right now the greens react to approach shots the same way the South Course and Poppy Hills did when they reopened and the turf still needs to patch together and smooth over, which impacts the ability to putt and use hybrids around the greens. But all things being equal the course is in good nick and except for a few incomplete bunkers and what looks like one incomplete teebox, it is otherwise as we should expect to find it going forward. With only two laps of the course, first impressions are bound to change, but count me as a fan. This is a brilliantly fun, compact, walkable 9 holes. Speaking of which, it is currently walking only and while I know it’s unfortunately not practical - such is the state of too many American golfers - I would love it if it remained walking only. It was like playing outside the US and was super cool to see everyone slinging their bag or pushing their Clicgear. When they blend these starting and finishing holes with the middle of the course, we’re going to be left with amongst the best 36 holes of muni golf in the US and none I can think of I’d rather play day in day out. Hole 1: Short to shortish opening par 4 lets you hit a 3W, hybrid, or driving iron off the tee if you want to be sure and stop short of the hazard on the left. Cover the riveted face bunkers guarding the front for middle and back flags and try and get on the correct side of the ridge that divides the front third from the remaining two thirds. Hole 2: Reachable par 5. Keep your teeball in the fairway, shading it left if you can and you can get to the front left of this false front green - or better - with the second shot. Played as a three-shotter and you’ll definitely want the left side to have a clear view of the green as a large hollow 150yds back on the right and another riveted face bunker hamper approaches from the right. The green slopes front to back ending with a flat plateau section back right. Hole 3: Shortish dogleg right, where the order of the day is keeping it away from the tree line, further right can get you to a flat enough plateau, before running out of fairway on the far side. Fortunately you should have a short iron or wedge into this hole, as you really need to land it on the surface, such are the contours around the green. Hole 4: Hopefully no one throws any empties or flicks any cigarette butts out their windows as they drive past. To make more room for #14, they have pushed this par 3 as far left as they dare from its old position, with the teebox hard against the boundary. Being tucked in the corner, remember the wind conditions you had on #3 as it’s still there even if you cannot feel it. Front/mid flags left will have a backstop and flags right mean you take on the bunker. All through the air and a miss left means a tricky putt/pitch that has to navigate a raised shoulder, from well below the green… I may have been down there twice.
  6. ^Eaglequest does volume deals and you can also get toptracer access if you want to get stats and the like, although outdoors really the eye test is sufficient IMHO for my hacker level. I don't think any ranges do practice memberships per say, simply buy a bigger range card at the start and get your price per/hour per/ball down. It really is just a matter of comparing the prices and facilities at the different ranges - some are going to have the crap kicked out of their mats, others won't. I don't think there is much more to it than that.
  7. ^Going to call and raise https://seaforthraingear.com/shop/ols/products/seaforth-rain-gear-rain-hood That said, the one that comes with the Players4 actually works pretty good IMHO.
  8. Ya with how relatively cheap things are there, it makes sense for them to buy it and refurb it - as you say with that location. They'll get the Hwy 1 crowd for sure and could easily make it an offsite resort location for booking teetimes as if you're at the resort, or at least a longer window than non-guests.
  9. You are correct it was his crash - that was the rub about the post crash investigation was how the heck it ended up off the circuit and down in that gully as you describe it. I googled/wiki'd a description (I have no desire to rewatch that TSN 'highlight' again) and that is how it is described. @Phireside - funny (not funny haha obviously) you mention that. I was working at a bank around the corner at the time and was able to walk over and lollygag from across the street. IIRC (and I could be way in left field) the coverage made a big deal, well a deal at least, of Ashley Judd being there? It's a weird useless brain thing to remember, so maybe I've been hit in the head too many times
  10. Must be same connector my mate will take later on - that afternoon arrival time makes such a difference. Normally they are getting in evening or later and then it's do we drive over in the dark and maybe the wet or have an early start the next day. You can take Spud's detour and visit a Tiger park on the way
  11. ^Ya a just brutal wreck on a Sunday afternoon on the California superspeed way. Remember coming in from playing football (or basketball?) to turn on the race and just wow, truly gutted. But ya, as a golf course, never played WP. Back in the day it was too expensive for us yoof and nowadays, ya no thanks.
  12. That's awesome, them were the days I cannot remember if I got taken there as a kid or not, but remember some weekend 1 camera highlights on BCTV, local legend Ross Bentley would have run out of there, maybe Greg Moore too if he wasn't too young.
  13. https://www.registerguard.com/news/20191124/oregon-mountain-passes-to-get-slammed-with-snow-before-thanksgiving This is what I was remembering, from the last pre-covid year. Fortunately I wasn't on airport pickup duty and stuck to Hwy 1 As the story says it was more down towards the border down the Mt. Shasta that got beatup. That is a serious outlier though.
  14. Do we know this already? I stumbled upon it while looking for something else and I don't remember it as such. Keiser's want to redo the Bandon Beach Hotel, out by Coquille Point. https://www.cityofbandon.org/sites/default/files/fileattachments/general/meeting/10334/record_1_decision_and_appeal.pdf
  15. I feel your one-way pain. Few years back I missed a flight to Charleston and the only way I could make our next morning teetime at The Ocean Course was to fly into Atlanta and drive there. Made it to the hotel in Kiawah around 2am... good times, good times. I'm actually doing a Medford OR pickup for one of the guys this year. It's the next shortest drive after Eugene and the only thing to worry about in the winter (if not going in winter then no worries) is dodgy weather on the run from Grants Pass to Canyonville. Otherwise the airport is well served (for it's small size).
  16. Apparently $48 is a few $ off the company's going rate https://kittykeller.com/collections/just-christmas I'm an all in one box and plug it in, job done Xmas tree person (well at the family home, my flat it's um... less ya) but for those that get into it... well we'll see if there is a market for it.
  17. Anyone play Hyde Mountain? It's got a big sign just outside Sicamous advertising its existence at least.
  18. Indeed. Back in the day... well OK only 8 or 9 years ago we joked with a mate who was in sports merch at the time he was missing a trick - imagine all the Bandon-branded tat you could sell?! They are definitely making up for lost time. I like me some headwear, but really that's about the only thing I've been consistently buying the past 10yrs.
  19. When did you last play it and what makes the conditions horrible?
  20. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in Rays in town. It's brewed by these guys out of Eugene https://www.hopvalleybrewing.com/beers/more-beers/ who will be in all the stores as they are a pretty big regional player, of course Bandon pale is not one of their regular ones as such. They have a brewpub just off I5 in Eugene/Springfield to stop at if passing through.
  21. Ah now this got me thinking, where aren't they hazards? Leaving aside Trails, which has loads of 'framing' fairway bunkers that are easy to play out of, what about the other courses. I guess on some par 5s you could say, well not getting there in 2 anyways so it's maybe a 1/2 stroke. Maybe OM#3 and BD#14 (the one short left of the green) as they both leave you the same half-wedge you'd have from the fairway. PD#3 - in there prevents you from putting your 2nd in the greenside bunker But ya for how fair/relatively easy the courses are collectively off the tee, you are going to add strokes going in the vaaaaast majority of them.
  22. Trails#13 is absolutely fine IMHO, it's flat you just need to get the ball up quickly. I've whinged before that it has to be something on Pac, due to all those stupidly huge and sanded bunker faces and the balls getting stuck in them. The ruts and ditches on the right side of OM#9 have given me some of the worst sand-related lies, not on Pac.
  23. No prob! Our winter foursome is 2 guys up in Vancouver and 2 of us in the US, so we've been mindful of our options too. It's a PITA to do the double-jump from YVR to Eug/PDX, as the guys prefer to drive, but again who knows where we'll be at the time. 'Brave' of Westjet to open a new route in 2021 but that makes getting to Bandon from Alberta as easy as BC if flying. Hopefully you guys have a mild Autumn so you can play as close to leaving as possible.
  24. A LOT can change in 2 months. Nice to have an idea of what you can do, but who knows what the state of play will be come Nov. It really is a hiding to nowhere to try and guess where we'll be. That said, as of right now, you can pick up DIY PCR test kits from Hudson News at Seatac. Take the test at the resort 3 days out and Fedex it off to the testing centre. As you can imagine Bandon gets lots of courier visits, so you'd have no problem getting it picked up. Otherwise obviously reach out directly to test providers in Oregon and/or Westjet and see what's best. I live in the States, so have the added benefit of free testing when I want it from my HMO before I head up to BC, so obviously not the same as you guys having to shell out a couple hundred bucks. Regardless I'd definitely take the test on the 72-80hrs side of thing than leave the window too tight for results. Coos County is the sticks, with a vax rate to match, so always good to be mindful of contigency plans if one of your gang gets a positive/inconclusive result.
  25. Interesting. Didn't know they updated it. Sure it was just a confluence of the Bandon changes, SR opening, and US AM exposure, they decided to update them. They are pretty neat.
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