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  1. My all time favorite Ping set, just some great performing irons . GLWS
  2. In what way? I was thinking of trying some steelfibers...
  3. This driver is 9.5* loft, I simply don't have the swing speed for it and it isn't optimized for me (need a 10.5*). Driver has been cut down to 43.75" length, has midsize NDMC grip. Does not come with adjustment tool or head cover. Great driver, no skymarks, on back of driver there is some minor paint chipping that you can't see at address (picture #3). Priced to sell, price reflects the shaft being cut down and no HC/Tool. Very forgiving and lower spin than the Z585, great reviews online too. Not looking for any trades. $100 shipped ConUS IMG_1174.HEIC IMG_1175.HEIC I
  4. The feel on the new Studio Stocks are amazing, my favorite feeling putter ever. If this was an SS-28 it would be mine, especially at that price! Great deal, GLWS
  5. Ya I meant to add it in there, I just thought it was funny (with NFL draft today, and I love the Dr Rick commercials ) of
  6. Can someone let me know if the pics are showing up...I usually do this from my phone but this time I am using my laptop, hoping everything is showing up (5 pictures) thanks!
  7. Hello there fellow WRXers, hope all are staying safe and golfing as much as possible. Two items up today. These were both purchased to go with a SC Special Select Squareback 2, but I ended up not getting the SB2 so they are up for sale. My preference is to sell together. The matador grip is easy 9/10, hardly used and clean pull, harder and harder to find these things. Just a fantastic grip. The KBS CT putter is .355 pure'd and tip prepped, cut to 35", work done by GolfWorks. Was excited to put these on the SB2 but it just didn't work out. For both looking for $120 shipped
  8. Also does it come with a KBS CT Putter shaft or just standard shaft? Thanks
  9. Can you take a good top line picture, also can you show a pic of the toe hang (being it is a long neck I imagine it has less than a normal Anser, but want to make sure). Thanks, great looking putter!
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