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  1. Have had both of these putters (total putter ho ), and both of them are sooo stable. The feeling off the face of the PLD is amazing. Whoever gets these putters will get great flatsticks. GLWS
  2. Price drops Excellent condition black Taylormade Spider Tour #3 putter w/ short slant neck, RH 36.5” w/ red grip and headcover. There is small chip on bottom side (see pics) otherwise looks new. Great putter, super stable, my hunt for my flat stick continues. $160 shipped ConUS next up is 36.5” odyssey white ice #7 w/ headcover (non matching) with new SS grip 1.0. $55 shipped
  3. Taken out of package buuuut this thing hasn’t been used, as it didn’t fit any of my mid mallet putters, pretty much brand new. Harder and harder to find these days, looking for SOLD
  4. Can you see the paint chip on the Betti at address?
  5. I have alot of fond memories w/ these irons, such a great set! GLWS
  6. that looks like the stability 'tour' is it not? DOesn't it say 'tour' on it? Maybe I am just hoping it is....
  7. Standard lie/loft, is 1" over std length w/ midsize grip. This is brand new, took tags off on Christmas w/ a few indoor practice swings (hasn't touched a ball). Thanks for looking! $old
  8. Classy move on your part, hope your friend gets back on feet. ive had that experience before and I can only imagine what he’s going through
  9. Ugh, if that spider had the sight line that would be a done deal. glws!
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