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  1. Keep me updated when you get yours, I’ll do the same. We will compare notes, I ordered mine in first of November.
  2. I could not agree more! $500+ for drivers now that you may only use 10-13 times and know one blinks. You talk about spending $300-$500 dollars on a putter that you use on every hole, know matter what, and has a better chance of lowering your scores.....and people can’t wrap there head around it.
  3. Has anyone tested these two shafts against each other. Or fitted for one over the other? Would love to hear the feedback of what you liked over the other. Thanks in advance WRX’s
  4. Watching the Masters today I could not help but notice just how many players use this shaft in there putter. Blade or Mallet I would love to know just how many PGA guys have switched to Odyssey putters this shaft has come out. Or maybe they have always used Odyssey putters but it’s just more notable now because of the SL shaft. Yet I feel like on here most are only speaking of Scotty, Spider X, Bettinardi etc. How many of you WRX’s use the Odyssey Stroke Lab? Which Model? What was the biggest difference?
  5. How do you like the putter? Is it with the Stroke Lab shaft? What were you putting with before, I love the look of the shape head.
  6. Which wide blade did you go to?
  7. I would love see Bettinardi do a blackout Queen B series stock, like something they did in the limited release a while back.
  8. I’m guessing 11 weeks is the going time frame now with Ping orders. I was fit about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks ago for set of I210’s and my Head Pro was told 11 weeks until they come!! Now we wait!!!
  9. Same! I can only hope 4 to 8 weeks. My pro told me more like 10 to 12!
  10. I was fitted for a set of I500’s 4-PW with recoil shafts but wanted to hit the I210 back in March. In the fitters defense I had some back issues, was not swinging it well. Last month I saw a I210 7 iron demo in the our local pro shop and took it out with me on my round. All I can say is WOW!!! Immediate regret! The I210 was SO much softer, ball flight was better and so much more accurate. So I did what anyone would do...I’ve sold my I500’s and I got fitted for a set of I210’s 4-PW DG 120 S300. I don’t care if there coming out with something new, this is the closest feel iron to my old Mizuno’
  11. How do you like them so far? I’m currently gaming the I500’s in the Recoil F3. How is ball flight?
  12. Got this Butte about 2 months ago and love it!
  13. I owned the z585 and I could not get rid of them quick enough. Feel was great but if you naturally draw the ball it becomes a BIG draw! A lot of others have said this. I ended up getting fitted and tested the P790, I500’s and the T200’s. For me the most forgiving were the I500’s. This is the first set of Ping irons I have ever owned as well. On thin shots I didn’t loose distance and I wasn’t getting those crazy random bombs that I was getting when I tested the P790’s.
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