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  1. It’s the 2021 Jordan ADG You can buy them. They are the 2021 Jordan ADG 3. I just ordered the white and grey
  2. Looked like DJ was trying Pat Perez putter?!?! Anyone know what putter that is?
  3. For $150 I think it’s definitely worth the try! Love the all black too.
  4. Driver: Callaway Epic Max Fairway: Callaway Mavrik Hybrid: Titleist 818 Irons: Srixon ZX5 Wedges: Cleveland Putter: Cleveland HB Premier 11s
  5. I went through the same situation. I have a Bettinardi QB6...but wanted some toe hang. I like the Odyssey double wide but prefer a milled face. So....I picked the Cleveland HB Premier 11s. I know it doesn’t sound sexy but this putter is WAY underrated IMO. Love the all black look and the wings are smaller than most putters this style.
  6. I just picked up a Cleveland HB Premier 11s. This putter is way underrated IMO! I’m coming from a Bettinardi QB6. I realize a lot of people won’t think this is as sexy as some putters but for the price, it’s worth a serious look.
  7. I just bought the Cleveland HB premier 11s. This putter is quite underrated IMO. Love the all black and the milling is great. This coming from someone that owns a Bettinardi QB6
  8. You won’t be disappointed....I just picked up the 11s premier. These putters are very underrated IMO! I played three rounds with it and it’s not going anywhere
  9. Well since I started this topic I feel like I should give a update. I pulled the trigger , mainly because of y’all giving such great reviews and my HB premier 11s came in Friday. I put it straight in the bag and played with it in my Saturday morning game. I love the look of this putter and the feel is great. I’m still blown away that this putter is only $150!!! I have a Bettinardi QB6....and I must say if a popular name like that or Scotty it would be going for $400+!! Here are some pics. Thanks for the GolfWRX’s giving such great feedback.
  10. Obviously I too have been interested in this head shape. I also found the Ping insert was to soft. So what did I do? I went with this very very underrated putter.
  11. Just got this putter, very underrated IMO. Great feel and love the dark color!
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