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  1. So the title says it all! Is 2021 the year of the driver? Did every major manufacturer get it right or improve that much this year? Would love to hear the GolfWRX’s thoughts on this.
  2. To your point. I will always admit, listen and want to learn, when I may be wrong. Full disclosure I have not been able to test any of the new 2021 drivers. I do believe it is the year of the driver! I watched this video from Not allowed because of spam and found it very intriguing! I also learned a tone. To your argument they believe that Callaway Epic 2021 is the Best Driver of 2021! I think it’s worth the watch on how they come up with this. They did not just hit 5 or 10 balls with each driver but in fact 18,000 total! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDPPVWLQjjc
  3. What shaft are you using? I’ve had mine for about three months. Love the way the head looks/feels just think I may need a different shaft. I was not fitted.
  4. Epic Max better tech? Ping slow on tech? MOI is not the be all, end all? So 85%+ fairways hit doesn’t mean anything? As long as you get that 2 out 14 drives over 285-290 yards I’m guessing? I will take MOI all day long!!!! Look at free agent golfers on PGA tour that can hit any woods they want, it will be Ping, Taylormade or Titleist. Brooks may be the only one I can think of that hit the Mavrik last year.
  5. I know this is personal preference but I had a Taylormade SIM and hated how muted it was, even when I hit it long (for me). All my buddies love the muted sound. I guess if I find the Ping G425 Max as forgiving as everyone is saying and a “fairway finder” I don’t care. Nothing can ever sound as bad as the Nike SQ lol
  6. I hear what you are saying but I don’t think Ping ever goes that route. They leave that to Taylormade, Callaway and who ever else comes out with a new driver year after year saying that THIS ONE is longer than the last one. After watching review after review and hearing the words “fairway finder” that’s all I need. IMO stepping up to a tee box knowing I have a chance of finding the fairway 9 out of 10 times is big! Over hitting a drive 280-290 maybe 3 out of 10 times.
  7. I originally was fit for the I500’s about a year ago. I didn’t like them at all, harsh, mis hits were way short! I sold them after about 7 months and got fit from my local pro for the I210’s. What a difference, feel was amazing! Could not believe they were not forged. Great ball flight, spin control and distance control. So happy I went for the switch. There is a reason Ping keeps rolling these out and has not updated. It took about 10 weeks for mine to come. Well worth the wait in my opinion!
  8. easyyy Seriously can not thank you enough for posting all these great pics!!! Such a great job! So thankful for you and GolfWRX for doing this time and time again. I know it’s something I personally look forward to every tournament! Especially during this time when we can’t get to these tournaments personally, it is the next best thing. Keep up the good work !
  9. And the Taylormade Sim2 cheap blue is a good look?!?!
  10. I got fit for the I500’s back in March. I hated the feel and sound. The mis hits were punishing . I sold them and got fit by my club pro for the I210’s. I could not be happier. Feel is like forged and I love the ball flight.
  11. This is the best most honest review I’ve seen on the Ping G425. Crossfield “who is sponsored by Srixon” said that if you are buying a driver this year, you MUST try the Ping G425! I would say that is a big and bold statement.
  12. Just got the best call from my pro today....my I210’s showed up today. We ordered them first week of November.
  13. The T22 is such a good looking putter.
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