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  1. 1. Join the Stix e-mail list here (E-mail will be confirmed) 2. Did you join the e-mail list and receive your 10% off any set promo code? Yes 3. Are you left handed or right handed? Right 4. Choose your shaft length. Standard
  2. The title says it all…what grip did you go with? I’m thinking about switching the grip on mine and would love to hear what everyone went with.
  3. 1. Handicap? 6 2. Right or left hand golfer? Right 3. Current wedges and setup? Cleveland RTX 54/10 , 58/10 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? I’m do for new wedges! The MG3’s caught my eye as soon as I saw the pictures posted on GolfWRX. Love the look and the design. I was going to wait till Christmas but this is a unbelievable opportunity 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Yes! 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yes 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Yes, would love to.
  4. Love the SC 5.5!! Is that from custom shop or did you send it off somewhere?
  5. I love putters! I currently have three (I realize that’s not a big collection) Not because I am a bad putter but because each is own and it’s really the most important club in the bag. So I thought it would be great to see and hear about everyone’s top two putters in there rotation. Don’t be afraid to post pictures…let’s show these things off!
  6. Don’t sleep on the Cleveland HB Premier 11s. It is a great putter.
  7. So I got a Scotty Cameron from a buddy that won it. It’s a 35 with 10 weights in it. I want to cut it down to 34 but curious who has one and done this? Obviously 34’s come with 15 weights, definitely want it heavier. Just wondering if anyone else went with 20’s or stayed at 15 weights? Thanks in advance.
  8. So if you want a mid mallet I would go with the Scotty Select Fastback 1.5. This putter is the real deal. I have danced around a lot with putters this year and I love this one. Not to big or to small, love the way it frames the ball.
  9. It’s the 2021 Jordan ADG You can buy them. They are the 2021 Jordan ADG 3. I just ordered the white and grey
  10. Looked like DJ was trying Pat Perez putter?!?! Anyone know what putter that is?
  11. For $150 I think it’s definitely worth the try! Love the all black too.
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