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  1. Just got the best call from my pro today....my I210’s showed up today. We ordered them first week of November.
  2. The T22 is such a good looking putter.
  3. I’m like you this is always a tough one! My vote is the Bettinardi. I got a Bettinardi QB6 as a gift towards the end of June and I have asked myself why have I not tried them sooner. The feel is awesome on any Betti is what I am beginning to find out. But I will say as far as head shape, it really is a personal preference. I believe this is the case to as far as face balanced and slant/flow neck etc. I know, I know a lot of research is out there that will argue this. Even though I love my QB6.....I love a mid mallet and always find myself drooling over everyone I see. Scotty Camer
  4. Curious if anyone has tried the new Bettinardi grips they offer from Lamkin Sink Fit? I have the standard Deep etched on my QB6. Just got a QB 9 off EBay and they have a SuperStroke on there, not my favorite grip. So before I switched it out was wanting some feedback. Thanks. Happy New Year.
  5. What do you think of new Bettinardi grip with the Sink Fit? Do you like it as much as the deep etched? I just ordered my second QB Bettinardi off eBay and they switched the grip to a super stroke, not a fan. So before I replace I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  6. I love the idea of more LPGA WITB...like mentioned above with there swing speed more relatable it’s always cool to see there bag set up.
  7. I have a call into my Pro, he is checking on my order tomorrow. Placed a order of I210’s 4-PW first week of November. They originally said mid January. I told him to tell them to leave the grips off....my girls got my some GP MC Masters Edition that I’m going to put on there. Who knows, maybe that will help them get out quicker lol.
  8. Did you replace the shaft yourself? How much did it cost to replace? Is the feel any different? I have a QB6 but just order a QB9 with dark head finish. I’ve always been drawn to a mid mallet head. Your Putter looks great btw!
  9. I’ve seen this head shape before it’s the Queen B #9. But my question is I’ve never seen it in this dark color scheme before. Was this a limited launch back in 2017/2018 when they launched the satin color one? Let’s hear it putter gurus.
  10. This is awesome, what shaft do you have in there?
  11. Sorry about that, your correct the Spider just did not feel well over all for me. My miss with the current Bettinardi QB 6 is left, it is faced balanced. Which is why I wanted to try the QB 9 with flow neck and mid mallet that I am always drawn to.
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