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  1. I agree this is the internet where no one can share a no intention opinion based on a limited experience and the home of the big headed ego policing the internet Don't worry, this is my last post to this particular thread. My eggs just got done boiling and they are more important to me.
  2. Hehe, it's just the immediate reaction I had at the time.
  3. Oh, we are going that route based on just a simple little experience I shared? Okay, let's do this, I have some time today. Yea, wow it's amazing that I didn't like the way it sounded or feel at all after just 1 shot. Yea, I should have actually spent time hitting the piece of glass over and over again until I go insane or maybe even liking the ball THEN share a long written and detailed essay about it, like this post I'm making or even longer. Now about your guess, if you're referring to me being involved in Kirkland balls specifically, the answer is no. BRAVO! You made a very educational wild guess. BUT if you are asking me of my involvement in golf ball QA testing and development then my most recent one was for Chromax. I know the lady owner personally actually. And I don't think you need to know my previous projects in the golf industry. I feel very accomplished writing this little essay to respond to you, but I hope my so called detailed reply is more than satisfactory this time. (Do you sense my sarcasm and feel of regret stooping down to your level?)
  4. Is there an equivalent to the original penta TP balls? Is the TP5 the same as that one?
  5. Found a kirkland ball, hit it once and I thought it felt like glass... tossed it away
  6. A long time ago I had a personal relationship with Knetgolf and they supply me with the original TM Penta TP. Just wondering, nowadays what's a good vendor with good pricing for V1x and Penta TP? Thanks
  7. So I'm gaming the K60 and A70 on driver and 3wood. I really like my K60 especially but my alpha is a little low. How are the Fubuki J and V ? I saw the newest V has a torque of 4.9! Which is almost 2 points higher than the K and A. Can someone update me on the J and V vs the K and A?
  8. I'm back to golfing after a few years, seems like the market now is very different as in tee time prices have gone up, majority of courses are not listed on GN anymore and GN charges an obscene $4 per booking. Am I missing something?
  9. I demoed one with the Mitsubishi shaft 65 - s flex. The mini was averaging 254 carry for me. Comparing to my gamer; Miura 3W - OBAN Kiyoshi purple 75g. My Miura was carrying about 249 average. Both have similar shaft length. I was really hoping the Mini would be closer to my driver distance, and I’m rather unsure about the shaft. It’s a 4.5 torque mid kick shaft from what I recall and I’m hooking the ball. I do love the size of the head and the neutral on address, I’m going to go back to the store and demo it again since I didn’t have enough time yesterday. I really hope I can replace my driver with this. I never liked 420 cc heads. I feel that a 3W is perfect off the tee.
  10. I all of a sudden have been swinging very fast from the top. I spun out, my left foot twists and my weight end up on the back leg causing me to fall back or toward the ball. I was told that I slightly shifted to the back on the backswing / I ended up on the right heel. Need some input please.
  11. The hardest part for me to focus is when people in front of me play slow and the people I play with tee off from the back tees when they can't even take off most of the time past the woman's tee box or their driver only goes about 200 yards THEN they keep looking for balls in the bushes. And I notice that I just can't block people off, either at the course or at the range... IE: yesterday there's a group of people at the range, one guy can't shut his mouth for less than 1 minutes, drivers long but all goes left or high right and there's a kid who is really obnoxious and daddy is one of those parents who reminds me of the Butch family. I was hitting terrible balls... and I decided to put my iPod on and I immediately nail all my target flags 9/10 times. So yea, I'm emotional when it comes to other people, but I'm ok with missing shots of my own.
  12. I have an iPad mini and Canon HF S20 video cam. And using a free V1 software on iOS 1. Which of the 2 would be better for taking a swing video? 2. if it's the ipad, where can I get a cheap stand ?
  13. Nice, they do have most with collars, now it's just a matter of size and height. Trying to call them but no reply -_-
  14. They never responded to emails. How much did you pay?
  15. Most of the shops I see only carry flat colored ferrules, anyone know where I can get ones with different collars without having to order custom in thousands?
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