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  1. Rented a house on 18 green at PN a few years back. Location was awesome and it is a short walk to the breakfast buffet that was amazing.
  2. Check out White Horse Transportation. I use them locally in Raleigh and are always happy with service.
  3. I just got back from HHI as we go for a week every year. We stay at the Sea Pines resort as they have 3 courses( 2 Pete Dye and 1 Davis Love), great beaches, and good options for eating. Book thru them and you can get multi round discounts when you book at the same time.
  4. Another vote for Cape Fear National. Really fun course with great scenery.
  5. I played Stono Ferry and Dunes West while down there watching the PGA. Enjoyed Dunes West over SF.
  6. Another vote for Bryan Park. Great scenery as the lake borders a bunch of the holes. I drive from Raleigh to play it every year.
  7. I agree. Maybe throw in TR or Dormie(before 5/31) in the mix and skip the Pinehurst ones.
  8. Just to add, I had this done about an hour ago and it only cost me $10 plus the cost of a new grip(which was in need of changing already).
  9. I had a similar situation. I bought a SIM2 and moved my AD-BB7x shaft over to it. It plays at 44.5" and with the stock head, It was at D0. I had a local club builder add tungsten powder into the shaft and plug it and now it is at D2. Like you, I didn't want to put tape on it.
  10. As I have only 2 full rounds this year so far, I will add my best 9 and worst 9. They happened in the same round. Went 48-37(36-35 is par). Didn't have a par until the 8th hole. Made the turn and went Par, Birdie, Par, Eagle. Strange round.
  11. You would be hard pressed to find better public courses than those 3. You can't go wrong with any of them. Another fun option just north of Durham is https://umsteadpines.com/
  12. Watch for ants and snakes. They get pretty bad there.
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