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  1. Time to clear out some clubs that currently aren't being put to good use. I'm not looking for trades so cash is king here. If you don't like my prices, shoot me an offer and we can hash it out. I'd like this stuff gone ASAP! #4 - Alpha C3 Tour forged irons, 4-pw shafted with Aldila NV 85 Extra Stiff Flex. 2* Upright, standard Titleist length. I can adjust loft/lie before delivering if you know what you need. --$300.00 shipped and paypal'ed #5 - Scotty Cameron "FaxDay". 34" length, needs a grip, custom plum brown finish, no headcover (I'll find one to ship or wrap the head accordingly). Sole is clean, I just like to layer on lead tape to get the weight up. --$300.00 shipped and paypal'ed #6 - Scotty Cameron Red X2. 34" length, 350g head, Scotty grip, headcover included. I buffed and torched the head myself and it came out pretty good (I think). --$115.00 shipped and paypal'ed #1 - Ping LS Tec 9* w/ Fujikura Pro 63 TourSpec Stiff Flex - 45" w/ headcover. --$175.00 shipped and paypal'ed SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! #2 - Callaway XR16 3+ (strong 3) w/ Matrix White Tie Extra Stiff Flex - 43" w/ headcover. The shaft is a 1-time pull from a TM Mini-Driver. --$135.00 shipped and paypal'ed SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! #3 - Titleist 716 T-MB 2i Head Only! Originally had a DG S300 AMT steel in it. 230g head with 8g tip weight from the factory - I just want to be sure you'll get the SW you expect when you assemble it. --$75.00 shipped and paypal'ed SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!
  2. Time to clean up a few heads that have been on the bench and also a 5 wood that didn't work out for a buddy of mine. All prices are Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) and will go out via USPS or UPS - whichever is cheaper or whichever I drive by that afternoon. I'm open to offers but understand, if yours sucks I'll let you know On to the good stuff: SOLD!! Taylormade AeroBurner TP Mini Driver - 12* - Head Only w/ Headcover SOLD!! --$105.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #2. Callaway XHot Pro Deep - 14.5* - Head Only w/ Headcover --$55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #3. Taylormade R7 SuperQuad TP - 9.5* - Head Only - NO HEADCOVER (but head will be well packaged or I'll see what I have for off-brand ones laying about) --$55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #4 Taylormade RBZ "Tour" 5-wood w/ Matrix Ozik XCon-7 - Regular Flex - Standard specs - NO HEADCOVER (but same situation as above) --$95.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) Now make with the offers and help me clear some space! :wave:
  3. Time to clear out some hybrids and long irons that didn't fit the bill... And an old school Cameron Circle T headcover for good measure. Cash is king and I welcome all offers - if it's rediculous it doesn't take me long to type a "no thanks" reply :stop: And onto the good stuff... #2. Taylormade RocketBalls Stage 2 Tour - 100% Tour Issue (smaller and slightly different head shape than retail). Shafted with Aldila RIP Alpha 105 X-Flex, tipped 1/2". 40" length, D4 swingweight, 231g head weight w/o adapter (lead tape in channel and on toe and ~8g cotton in the head). I scraped the crown on another shaft in my backup bag in the garage and that's when I decided to do the home black paint job. I think it looks great from address, but it looks a little bit DIY if you really inspect it. **$85.00 Shipped and PayPal'ed** **$70.00 Shipped and PayPal'ed** #3. Callaway X-Forged 3 Iron shafted with Dynamic Gold X-100. Standard length and loft, 2* upright lie. Brand new, never hit. **$75.00 Shipped and PayPal'ed** **$55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed** #4. Scotty Cameron Studio Design Circle T headcover. Perfect condition, never used... Just hung out in the dresser drawer in a Ziploc bag - yellow & blue make green seal freezer bag, so you know it's fresh (cool) **$150.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed** **$130.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed** That's all for now. Fire me some offers and let's get this stuff into new homes ASAP!! SOLD SOLD SOLD #1. Callaway Apex UT 21* with Fujikura FTB 90 Tourspec Stiff. 39.5" & D2 SW, standard loft and lie. **$115.00 shipped and PayPal'ed**
  4. Time to send some sticks back out into the world. I've enjoyed their stay with me, but it's time to set them free and let them find happiness elsewhere :golfer: I'm not looking for any trades so cash is king, and I want these things gone so bring all offers! If you cut me deep I'll just counter back with something reasonable to me - I'd rather start a conversation than scare people off with a stern "no low-ball offers" statement. And now, onto the good stuff... #4. Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 @ 34" length w/ whipped Studio Stainless headcover - I rescued this from a buddy and it had been ridden hard and put away wet. I buffed a majority of the nicks out of the top of the putter but left the face and sole mainly untouched to preserve weight and mill marks. The head was 322g when it was all said and done (down from 330g) and with the lead on the sole it's at 342g. I did a torched oil can finish and freshened the paint fill. It's a great roller and I think a neat and unique finish. Maybe I'm biased since I did it ?!? --$155.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- #6. TaylorMade Y-Cutter Black wedges - 56* and 60* - Head only with custom Hot Sticks Golf grind - awesome wedges with a great grind for tight lies and/or guys who nip their wedges clean. I've had these things in a bag in the corner for a long time and they didn't get played much... They deserve better. --$60.00 for the pair -- or -- $40.00 each Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD SOLD SOLD!! #1. SOLD SOLD SOLD! TaylorMade SLDR 460 10.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 65 X-Stiff @ standard length, comes with headcover and wrench. This thing is in great shape as it's only been played for a couple of rounds. I've got a couple strips of lead tape on the toe to bump the SW a point or two (I think I'm at D-5 currently). Great driver but just couldn't consistently flight it like I wanted. --SOLD! $155.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) SOLD!-- 2. SOLD SOLD SOLD! Callaway Big Bertha 5w 18* adjustable w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki z 65 R-Flex @ standard length - no matching headcover (I'll find one, just won't be the original) or wrench. My dad played this for a little while but he's been playing less and less of recent and just can't justify letting this thing sit. SOLD SOLD SOLD! --$105.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- #3. SOLD SOLD SOLD! Bettinardi Studio Stock #12 @ 34" length w/ Camo Tour Stock headcover (one small hole in neoprene - shown in pictures) -- You can see I've done a torch finish with a "Fighting Illini" color scheme... I stuck it out at the U of I two years there before they kindly asked me to find another place to continue my education. That was long ago and far away, but this sweet putter is in the here and now for the taking! --SOLD SOLD SOLD! $215.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- #5. SOLD SOLD!! Odyssey 2-Ball Blade putter @ 33" length w/ stock headcover - This bad boy is in good shape but it's got some lead on the sole and is in need of a grip. It currently has a worn Winn of some variety topped with some rubbery medical tape. I think it feels nice but I'm constantly reminded by my wife that I have no taste, so it could just be me. SOLD SOLD!! --$55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)--
  5. [quote name='mwunder' timestamp='1422825931' post='10864153'] More hopeful question than anything else, but with everything else being firm or stiff, is it possible that the Big Berths shafts are typos? [/quote] Nope, no typo... You can check the pics too... I'm moving these onward for a good friend of mine who just couldn't get a feel for them.
  6. I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf this year - I've always known I can only play 14 clubs at a time, but the bags in the corner don't show that. I'm going to monetize the things in the outskirts of the man cave and for once, not replace them! Cash is king and I'm not looking for trades. I'm always open to negotiating price and if you cut me too deep I'm not afraid to tell you so - I'd rather start a conversation with a low-ball offer than not start a conversation. All prices include PayPal fees and Shipping (Cont. US Only) and things will go out UPS or USPS - depends on who gives me the better price and which I drive by first on any given afternoon. An now on to the good stuff! #8. Callaway X-Forged 3 Iron - Dynamic Gold X-100, Standard length and loft, 1* upright lie. Brand new, never hit. I play a hybrid so this has just been collecting dust. $55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #9. Bobby Grace M6.4K - GT - 34", headcover included. Good shape, just some lead tape across the back that can be removed if you like. $65.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #11 Odyssey White Hot XG #6 - 34" long, headcover included. Good shape, but rescued it from a friend who cut it down to about 30". Therefore, it has a 4" plug in it... I'm not sure you'd ever know, but in the interest of full disclosure... $45.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) SOLD SOLD SOLD #1. SOLD!! Taylormade SLDR TP 10.5* - Fujikura Speeder 757 X-Flex. Standard length, headcover and wrench included. The head is brand new, never hit, still in the wrapper! I tried the shaft in another head for about 30 range balls and it just wasn't the flight I was looking for. There isn't a mark on anything and the shaft still has the TM factory sticker on it. SOLD!! $195.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #2. Taylormade SLDR TP 14* Mini-Driver - Mitsubishi Diamana White Board X-Flex, Tipped 1". Will also include stock Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.3 X-Flex that was pulled from the head. Headcover included. This head has seen ~100 range balls and a couple rounds and is in great shape. Crown is perfect, no paint chips, just minor wear on the face. The White Board is old and I've had it in 3 or 4 other heads prior. When I tipped it 1" I had to extend it 1" to play stock length in this head. It's a cannon, but I just can't get the flight to flatten out and track like I want it to. I don't expect the shaft to implode, but it's been around the block a couple times, which is why I'm including the original shaft as well. SOLD!! $115.00 Shipped and Paypel'ed (Cont. US) #3. SOLD!! Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9* Driver - Aldila Tour Blue 55 R-Flex. Standard length, headcover, additional weights, and wrench included. This club has been hit a few times at the range but is 9/10 condition. SOLD $145.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #4. SOLD!! Callaway Big Bertha 15* Fairway Wood - Mitsubishi Fubuki Z 65 R-Flex. Standard length, headcover included. This club has been hit a few times at the range but is 9/10 condition. SOLD!! $100.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) #5. SOLD!! Taylormade R9 SuperTri - Head only, no adapter. 16, 1, 1 gram weights. Headcover included. Crown is perfect, face and sole show typical wear from a couple seasons of use. Paint chip near heel is the worst blemish on the head, as seen in the picture below. SOLD!! $FREE$ thanks to member "Not Far From Par". As part of his negotiation for the Alpha driver I agreed to give the head away and he's covering the shipping costs... for a young player that can't afford a solid driver. I don't care if the kid is you, your kid, or a kid you know... I'd let it go FREE and "Not Far From Par" will cover shipping if it gets put to good use. And you're on your honor - I'll take your word for it if you ask for it at that price. #6. GONE GONE GONE!! Taylormade R7 Quad TP - Fujikura ZCom MW-54 S-Flex, 45" length, 2x10 & 2X1 gram weights. Crown is perfect, paint on sole didn't hold up well... Overall though, very nice shape for a driver this old. Includes sweet Bombsquad Golf headcover from back in the day :-P #7. SOLD!! Cleveland Tour Action TA 1 irons - 3-PW - Dynamic Gold X-100, Standard length & Loft, 1* upright lie (I think). For their age these irons are in great shape with normal wear and bag chatter. The 8-iron shows minor rusting as the chrome has thinned, but not the typical full on through the finish spot you typically see on the 7 or 8 iron. The 7 iron shaft has a slight bend in it from an adventure getting out of the forest I had in about 2000... I never swapped the shaft though because I didn't really notice it. They are due for grips as I don't remember how old the set on there now is. SOLD!! $25.00 to a young up-and-comer... #10. SOLD!! Guerrin Rife Antigua - 34", headcover included. Good shape, couple small dings captured in the pictures. SOLD!! $45.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)
  7. Up for grabs is some golf tournament prize schwag I collected earlier this season. Both clubs have been hit a little bit to see how the heads felt and after some trials, I concluded it wouldn't be worth the effort to track down X-Flex shafts and adapters for them. And I'm sure someone will love them for who they are :air_kiss: Cash is King, not looking for any trades, let's get 'em gone! Oh, and I found a couple other things that need new homes too... 1. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha adjustable driver - Aldila Tour Blue R-Flex @ standard length. Includes headcover, wrench, and additional 3&5 gram weights. **$265.00 285.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)** 2. Calaway Big Bertha 15* adjustable fairway wood - Mitsubishi Fubuki Z 65 R-Flex @ standard length. Includes headcover. **$170.00 185.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)** 3. Callaway 50th Anniversary Masters Color Driver Cover - Bone stock, includes headcover :rofl: **40.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)** <-- That's less than $1 per year they're commemorating... 4. Taylor Made R11S 15.5* adjustable fairway wood - Head only. Includes headcover. **$50.00 55.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)** Get 'em while they're hot, make me some offers, and let's get them gone!
  8. 8/26/2014 - Let's finish off the remaining two items post haste! If you're interested in either, or both, make an offer... make any offer... Tell me a good story... Anything... Time once again to thin the heard a litle... All of my prices include Shipping and Paypal (Cont. US) and I'm always open to reasonable offers... In fact on what's left, I might even entertain an off the wall offer just to get this stuff out of the corner! My aim is to get my wife off my ace and these clubs on to better homes! #4 to round things out... Callaway 50th Anniversary Masters Color Scheme driver headcover. I received it as a gift and the giver said "use it or sell it, I don't care which"... You can guess which I've chosen... **$50.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) - That's a great bargain at just $1 for every year they are commemorating! :-P That's all for now so make with the offers and let's find these babies new homes! **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** #3 out the door... Taylormade Tour Issue R7 ALE (altered leading edge) 17.5* fairway wood. 42" length, D4 swingweight, X-Flex Fujikura Rombax 95. It has been bent open, but I have no idea how much... It sits beautifully to my eye and is nicely neutral/fade biased. You can see the two notched paint scratches on the hosel from the bending bar. This is the best 5 wood I've ever had and I've been trying to knock the sweet spot out of it since ~2007... And I found it in the used bin at Golfsmith... It's due for a grip as well so I'll throw in a new White Sharpro Dual Compound for you to slap on. No matching headcover, but I'll find something presentable to put on it for shipping (and maybe for you to use if it trips your trigger). **SOLD $75.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) SOLD** #1 on the block... Callaway X2 Hot Pro 23* hybrid w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI-85 X-Flex. Standard length, loft, lie, swingweight, and headcover included. It's been played ~5 rounds, just long enough to realize I needed less loft to fill the gap I was trying to cover. **SOLD $185.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) ** SOLD!! #2 up for grabs... Callaway X-Forged Combo Set - X-Forged 4-6 irons, Prototype Blade 7-PW all with Dynamic Gold X-100 steel shafts. 1* Up lie, standard length, loft, and swingweight. These were played several seasons and one of the best sets of irons I've ever had. They haven't been abused but have definitely been used as a set of tools, not babied like a classic car. The 4 iron shaft has a slight bend near the hosel from playing a ball off of a root. I straightened it as best I could in the bench vice and played it like that for ~1.5 years... If your eyes aren't as indifferent as mine turned out to be, you'll want to replace it. The grips are also shot but I'll throw in 7 new White Sharpro Dual Compounds that you can put on at your convenience. **SOLD $155.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)** SOLD!! - On their way to Colorado Springs!
  9. Time to clean the closet again! I've got more than I know what to do with so I need to move these clubs along ASAP to someone who can get some good use out of them. Cash is king in my book and trades are ultra low on my priority list - however I'll entertain any offers... The worst I can tell you is "no" :taunt: On to the good stuff... Fujikura Motore F1 75-X w/ Callaway Razr Fit Extreme Adapter - Played standard length (43") in a RFE 3-wood (sold the head, pictures below). White Callaway GP Decade cord grip, New. --$70.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD ITEMS! #1. Callaway Razr Fit XTreme 3 wood w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki K 70 X-Flex. Standard length. 10/10 - Brand New! Never touched a golf ball! I did my shaft testing with the other Razr I have for sale below so this one was left untouched. Headcover and wrench included. SOLD!! -- $265.00 $245.00 $244.99 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD!! #5. Bettinardi Mizuno BC1 - 33" length / 355g weight. No headcover unless it turns up between now and shipping. SOLD!! --$135.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD!! #6. Scotty Cameron Catalina Two - 34" length - Headcover Included. SOLD!! --$135.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD!! #3. Taylor Made RBZ Tour 10.5* w/ Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.0 X-Flex. Standard length. 8.5/10 - Perfect crown and normal face and sole wear from about half a season of play. Headcover and wrench included. GONE!! -- $255.00 $215.00 $185.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- GONE!! #4. Odyssey Versa 1w - 34" length - Black/White/Black color scheme. 9.5/10 - Rolled inside and on the course about 4 times. Has the Odyssey logo'ed White Iomic grip. Includes headcover. SOLD!! -- $135.00 $115.00 $105.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)-- SOLD!! #2. Callaway Razr Fit XTreme 3 wood w/ Fujikura Motore F1 75 X-Flex. Standard length. 9/10 - Perfect crown and normal wear on the face and sole from a couple months of play. I also have a small strip of lead tape on the toe that I can pull off if you really want me to. Headcover & Wrench Included. SOLD!! -- $225.00 $200.00 $185.00 $155.00 $145.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US)--SOLD!! Thanks again for looking and don't be afraid to shoot me an offer and negotiate. I'm willing to work a deal to get these clubs gone and if we're too far apart the worst I can say is "no".
  10. White drivers SOLD and prices randomly dropped on what remains... Clubs are cool but the wife says garage space is at a premium. Fire me some offers and help me clear out what's left!
  11. All, It's time to clear out the garage and sell off some experiments and back-ups and things that just didn't make the cut. US shipping only, PayPal for payment, and cash is KING (I'll listen to trades, but would be supprised if you have anything I want). I'm going to throw up some prices and I'm not sure how close I'm going to be... Probably a little high so don't be affraid to make an offer. I'm hard to offend, not affraid to tell you to "try again" and would like to see all of these items find a new home (my wife would support this as well). And on to our show... #3. TaylorMade R9 Super Tri 9.5* HEAD ONLY. This was my gamer before the RBZ above and saw probably a season and a half of action. Crown is perfect and face and sole show typical wear. Weights are 1-16-1. Headcover included, NO WRENCH. $98.50 Shipped and Paypal'ed (cont. US) #4. TaylorMade R9 15* Fairway HEAD ONLY. This has been in my bag a long time and it shows it. Paint on crown is real good but there is a small dent. Hard to see and doesn't effect performance, got the dent when the club "slipped outa' my hands" and struck a tee marker. Head will be protected, probably with a headcover, but I don't think I have the original anymore.. $41.98 Shipped and Paypal'ed (cont. US) #5 Callaway RazrX Forged Cavity Irons 3-PW w/ Stiff KBS Tour Steel shafts. Standard length, loft, and lie. These were played for a couple of rounds by myself and then spent the remainder of their stay with me in the backup / guest bag... I'd bet less than 8 rounds and no range balls... These have been fun to look at, but a stack of greenbacks would be more fun to look at... $495.95 Shipped and Paypal'ed (cont. US) #6. Fujikura Blur X-Flex w/ TaylorMade R9 TP tip. This is the tour issue "circle F" version of the shaft but you're going to have to google for the specs. This experiment was a failure for me so the shaft only saw about 1 round and 2 range sessions so it's in great shape. 44 1/2" from the butt of the shaft to the tip of the tip (I forget how long this played in the RBZ when I tried it). $117.69 Shipped and Paypal'ed (cont. US) That's all for now so make with the offers so I can get these sold and on their way to a new and better home! #1. TaylorMade R11S 9* HEAD ONLY. It's seen a bucket of balls and maybe once around the course and is in very good shape. Headcover and wrench included. SOLD!! $165.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed SOLD!! #2. TaylorMade RBZ "Tour" 9* HEAD ONLY. This was my gamer for most of last season but is still in great shape. Crown is perfect and face and sole are typical of a season's use. There is some lead tape on the sole as well, as the pictures show. Headcover & Wrench Included. SOLD!! $165.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (cont. US) SOLD!!
  12. [quote name='desaille' post='2144035' date='Dec 25 2009, 10:19 PM']is that 63 or 83 on the Whiteboard?[/quote] Ooooo... Whiteboard [b]73[/b]... Original post updated with that omission and thanks for pointing it out.
  13. Great group of woods that NEED a new home ASAP! Price Adjust 12/29PRICES ADJUSTED 1/8/10! So I woke up from my Christmas-day food induced coma and realized I've got too many damned headcovers cluttering up the back-up bag. I've got some great drivers and a 3-wood that I would love to see moving on to a better home. The pictures and descriptions should tell the whole story, but if you have any questions or want to shoot me an offer, drop me a PM and we'll see what we can work out. Also, cash is king and all prices include Paypal fees and Shipping (Cont. US ONLY). Onto the good stuff... 1. Taylor Made SuperQuad TP 9.5* - HEAD ONLY, 2x10 gram and 2x1 gram weights, magnetic TP headcover. 7/10 condition. No sky marks and it just shows the typical wear associated with this all black head... brush marks on the sole, couple scratches and ball marks on the face... The only sour note is a very very small indent just back from where the crown and face meet. I bought this used in June of '08 and it was sold to me like this. The dent was small enough the previous buyer either didn't notice it, or planned on me not noticing it. I found it cleaning the club head by gently running my finger over it. I tried to capture it in pic 3 as best I could. I gamed the driver full-time for 5 months and the dent didn't change at all, so it's not a sign of structural fatigue. $75.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed - HEAD ONLY! <--Only thing left! Make an offer, I want it GONE! SOLD!! Taylor Made R9 TP 9.5* w/ Fuji Motore F1 75 X-Stiff flex @ 45". Standard 2x1 gram and 1X 16 gram weights, TP headcover, and Wrench. Easy 9/10 condition. Driver has been through a couple of range sessions and a couple of rounds, but just couldn't make the bag full time. There is barely a mark on it. SOLD!! SOLD!! SOLD!! Adams A4 Prototype 9015D 10.5* loft w/ Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 73 X-Flex @ just over 44 1/2". No headcover. 7/10 condition. No sky marks, just a couple of ball marks on the face and some light brush scratches and chips around the back edge of the crown. This was another used purchase and I think the brushes and chips are a result of minimal headcover use. From address though, it looks great. SOLD!! SOLD!! 4. Taylor Made Burner TP 14.5* 3-wood w/ Fujikura Rombax 7W06 X-Flex @ 43". 8/10 condition. No sky marks, just a sandy range ball mark or two. Not much to tell other than that this is a great 3 wood. SOLD!! SOLD!!
  14. Newport Beach is SOLD but the rest remains... I've dropped prices and answered lots of questions. Make me some offers because I need to move out this quality stuff!
  15. New Cameron pics - PRICE DROPS (6/23/09)I've got a few odds and ends that need to go. This is some great stuff that just isn't getting used and I want my garage space back! :clapping: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot me a PM and we can hash things out. Don't be afraid to make me an offer on something you want either... the worst I can say is no... :russian_roulette: I ONLY accept Paypal payment and all prices include shipping (Cont. US Only). Since I'm trying to clear the golf corner out, cash is king - NO TRADES. Without further a'deux... 1. Taylormade Tour Issue (no serial #) R7 ST TP 13* fairway wood. Shafted with X-flex Fuji ReAx TP-75 @ 43". 8/10 condition, no headcover. $120.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) 2. Royal Collection BBD Type-H 14* fairway wood. Shafted with X-Flex Fuji Rombax Prototype 80B @ 43". 5/10 condition, no headcover. This is a killer fairway wood, but it lived a hard desert life before I got a hold of it. I didn't add any further wear, but it is what it is... Get a rocket of a set-up for a fraction of a fraction of what this was worth new. $30.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) 4. Srixon W6-504 Type 2 58* wedge - raw finish. Shafted with Dynamic Gold S-300, standard length and lie. 9/10 condition w/ light surficial rust due to the raw finish. $50.00 Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) 5. Tour Issue Taylormade Stainless Black Y-Cutter 56* wedge. Custom ground by Hotstix and shafted with Dynamic Gold S-300, 2* up, standard length. 7/10 condition. Tour Issue Taylormade Stainless Black Y-Cutter 60* wedge. Custom ground by Hotstix and shafted with G. Loomis Graphite, 2* up, standard length. 7/10 condition. $50.00 EACH Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) --or-- $90.00 for BOTH Shipped and Paypal'ed (Cont. US) 3. Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach. Shafted with Fuji Tour Spec SPD-PT110 @ 34"... However, the portion of the shaft under most of the grip is another piece of graphite shaft glued in. Why is it like this? I have no idea... I putted with the putter for a couple months and didn't know this little oops'ie until I decided to re-grip it... The putter is a great roller as is and I'd bet, like me, you'll never know the shaft is buggered until you swap grips. If it helps, think of the price as a head only / Cammy custom shop restoration project... No headcover. SOLD!! -- SOLD!!
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