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  1. T100 irons 3-p with Elevate Tour 115 stiff shafts pured. 4/p built by Club Champion at 1.5 up D4 swing weight and stock lengths with black/white multi-compound midsize grips. The 3 was added later and has a 6.0 project x shaft and tour velvet grip. Looking for $825
  2. Selling my SIM 3wood 15 degree with a blue Atmos 7x. Sorry no cover $225 trade for a tsi2 or 3 fairway wood.
  3. Selling my set of recoils that were pulled from a set or Titleist 718 CB’s and played to 38in 5 iron. 4 iron shaft is 37in and no grips. Set is 4/P and in great shape. $140 OBO thanks
  4. Just got these from Edwin Watts and not for me! Going to try and sell for what I paid to save a trip back to Knoxville for credit. Irons have been gamed but still have plenty of life. 3/4 are P760 and 5/P P730 all shafted with Tour Issue s400’s. Irons play off a 38 inch 5 iron and have TV BCT grips. Lie and loft are also stock numbers . $725 still losing some but hey it’s GOLF! Price drop $675
  5. Selling a set of 718 Ap2 with the white AMT s300 shafts and plus 4 midsize MCC grips. Irons are all stock L/L/L. Set is gamed and shows bag chatter but still in good shape. Set is 4/P and the 50 gap. Looking for $625 OBO Thanks
  6. Bought this set to get me by for a week and now to move on else where! They are gamed with bag chatter but that doesn’t affect play. Willing to sell heads only $300 or with tour issue x100’s playing off a 39 inch 5 iron for $425
  7. Selling head only 15 degree with cover. Head is in great shape with a small sandy ball mark on face. or trade for a SIM2 head New price 150
  8. Selling my 620 MB heads 3/p. Heads are clean and in great shape but not for me. They are standard loft and 2 up from standard. $725 OBO
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