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  1. I have done it. It is pretty simple to take them apart. First off, make sure you have the correct allen wrench for the 4 small screws. Add a little heat to the screws before trying to turn them as there is loctite on the threads from the factory that you will want to soften up. Easy to strip the heads of the screws if you don't heat them up a bit. The sole plate is held in by some double-sided tape in addition to the screws. If you heat up the sole where the weights are (I would remove them first if you have a wrench as they have rubber o-rings that can melt when heated) and where the screw holes are, the sole plate should loosen up. See attached pictures for reference.
  2. The weights on the Detour putters are bigger than the Select lines so the normal wrench will be too small as you noticed with the knock off wrench. To my knowledge, there isn't a wrench readily available for the Detours. They weren't designed to have the weights changed outside of the factory as they just had one weight that varied depending on the original length of the putter.
  3. The Red X and Kombi are sold. Price drop on the T22 Fastback 1.5.
  4. I have three Scotty Cameron putters I am looking to sell. Prices below include shipping to the CONUS. 1) Scotty Cameron T22 Fastback 1.5. 35 inches in length. Putter is new with the wrapping on the grip and plastic on the face and sole. I basically just took it out of the bag to inspect it. Price is SOLD. 2) Scotty Cameron Red X. 35 inches in length. Putter is in really nice shape for it's age as the pictures show. Original Red Baby T grip installed and original headcover and pivot tool included, both in good shape. Price is SOLD. 3) Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi. Putter is 35 inches in length. This is the Heavy version and has the Circle H shaft band to match. Putter is in great shape with only light wear from use. A black matador grip was installed new not long ago and has about 5 rounds on it. Original headcover included. Price is SOLD.
  5. I have a couple items I am looking to sell. First up is a Scotty Cameron T22 Teryllium Newport 2 35 inch putter that is new with the grip in the plastic. Headcover included as shown. I ended up getting the Fastback version that I wanted so I am basically just looking to get back what I have in this after shipping and PayPal fees. Bought it directly out of a local shop. Price is SOLD in the CONUS. Second is a set of Maltby DBM iron heads 4-P. Irons are in very good shape as the pictures show. Just a project that didn't work out. Heads have only a couple rounds and range sessions on them. The 7 and 8 irons have the most wear which is not much. The PW was shafted up but never used. See pictures. SOLD.
  6. I have had a number of questions on the BGT shaft. This was installed on a California Del Mar which is a .382" over the hosel putter with a flare tip.
  7. I have a few things to sell. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. **1) Scotty Cameron Studio Design 3.** Putter is in very nice shape for its age with the original finish. Has some nicks here and there to be expected. It is the original 35 inches in length with a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Countercore grip. No shaft label. One thing to note. There are some circular scratches near the top of the hosel/bottom of the shaft which can be seen in the pictures. No idea how these occurred as there were there when I purchased the putter. Not real noticeable, but I wanted to point it out for full disclosure. SOLD. **2) Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Coronado Mid Slant.** Putter is also in great shape for its age. Some nicks here and there. Original shaft with shaft band included in great shape. Red Cameron Pistolini grip in nice shape is installed. Factory original 35 inches. SOLD. ***NOTE*** I have two non-matching Scotty Cameron headcovers to include with both of the putters above. See pictures. The black California cover will come with the Studio Design. **3) Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Putter shaft.** This is the flare tip hosel version. Played 34 inches in a Scotty Cameron California Del Mar. Raw length is 30.5 inches from tip to end of the grip. Has a red Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip installed in average condition. Not really sure what these are going for used but will start at SOLD.
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