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  1. No but I know I have to when it's a snap hook left. I'll re tee and try smooth and it's playable
  2. My biggest swing flaw has to be my super fast tempo. I try to slow it down but sometimes my body just takes over and snap hook here I come. Becoming super frustrating, when I swing smooth my shots are great and almost do exactly what I want them to do. Any help appreciated on how you fixed your tempo, I'm assuming just muscle memory and repetition would be best.
  3. +1 for a fellow swag man myself. Starting to see more on here which I like. My favorite cover brand and i roll a suave too. Those sevens are sexy!
  4. Head only is Ok. Stiff stock 2h or custom. Head only Ok too
  5. Played the new xv yellow this weekend, I must say I love the ball. For me it was perfect for everything. Now I just wish I had more lol. I see no reason to use my pro v1x or tour b rx any longer. Had my best driving round of the year and maybe ever yesterday.
  6. F9 still a beast for me.
  7. F9 10.5 tuned to 9* ventus red 6s tipped .5in 44.5in Epic flash tour head 16.8 loft 1* open 54.85 loft. Tz6 m4. (Hopefully this stays in the bag)
  8. Hopefully I found mine. Epic flash SZ tour head 16.8 loft 1* open, 54.8 lie with tz6 m4. Might finally take the hook out
  9. Lmk if u can get this combo. Radspeed xd 10.5 head. FOUND Rdx blue usa 60g x stiff 47.75 playing Length oversize grip
  10. Dispersion hands down. Closer to the pin would be amazing and a game changer for me. Callaway xr irons with true temper elevate 95 stiff
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