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  1. https://twitter.com/europeantour/status/1435696944836341760?s=21
  2. I’ve fought a steep OTT overly long swing my entire golfing life with very limited success. Recently I’ve made a real effort to try to get it under control but nothing I’ve tried seems to have made much if any difference until recently… I’ve always had a neutral to slightly weak grip and I’ve been experimenting with an super strong, 3 to 4 knuckle strong grip and the difference it’s made to my swing is remarkable. It’s shortened my swing a bit and has helped my path and attach angle, it’s like my subconscious realises with that strong a grip I better get shallow and from the inside or the ball is heading violently left in a hurry! Don’t want to get ahead of myself but just wondering if I’ve maybe stumbled onto a legitimate fix, for those who understand the golf swing better than I do can simply strengthening my grip significantly make a difference to my path and attack angles??
  3. Fantastic win by Jonathan Caldwell from Northern Ireland. 1st win at the age of 37! His approach from the rough on the 18th for birdie was outstanding.
  4. I bought a Scotty Phantom x7 on eBay which is in really great shape apart from a dodgy red and white paint fill the previous owner inflicted on the poor putter (it was £100 cheaper than it should have been!) I’ve been trying to find the correct neon yellow colour to restore the putter but I’m really struggling to find the right colour match. can someone here help me with the correct colour and even better point me in the direction of where I might get it? Thanks
  5. Love seeing a golfer who is (slightly) older then me win on tour!! Richly deserved win for Bland!
  6. Great win for Cink, would have been nice to see a shot or two of his family looking on, I’m sure they were on the property. I also understood his caddy is actually his son, not sure if that’s true?
  7. Came in to ask this exact question! That’s what it looks like to me, strange one...
  8. The kid co-commentary segments are super awkward and weird.
  9. I played them for a few rounds, not overly impressed. Back to the forged tec blacks with the black Recoil shafts and they are without a doubt the best combination of feel, looks and performance that I’ve ever had in a set of irons. I can see myself playing them for a long time!
  10. Moleman

    3M Open

    Listening to DL3 is the auditory equivalent of watching paint dry.. ?
  11. Moleman

    3M Open

    Wow Matthew Wolff is hard to listen to! ?
  12. Really enjoyed that, good lads.
  13. great effort from the European Tour guys and fair play to Gary Player for letting them take the mickey out of him! ?
  14. Speaking as someone from the UK who has never heard from them before Barclay and Manning are genuinely funny guys! ?
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