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  1. The kid co-commentary segments are super awkward and weird.
  2. I played them for a few rounds, not overly impressed. Back to the forged tec blacks with the black Recoil shafts and they are without a doubt the best combination of feel, looks and performance that I’ve ever had in a set of irons. I can see myself playing them for a long time!
  3. Moleman

    3M Open

    Listening to DL3 is the auditory equivalent of watching paint dry.. ?
  4. Moleman

    3M Open

    Wow Matthew Wolff is hard to listen to! ?
  5. Really enjoyed that, good lads.
  6. great effort from the European Tour guys and fair play to Gary Player for letting them take the mickey out of him! ?
  7. Speaking as someone from the UK who has never heard from them before Barclay and Manning are genuinely funny guys! ?
  8. He is consistently hilarious! Love it when he posts a new video, especially his instructional stuff, solid gold! ?
  9. It’s amazing that he and his garbage caddy won 4 times last year and have finished top 5 in every event they have played this year! ?
  10. Guy in long trousers also had 6 bogies and one double and just about scraped across the line!
  11. You heard it wrong, he was saying how lucky they are as golf pros to already have their family’s set for life so this win wasn’t about the money it was about finally getting another victory after an almost two year barren spell.
  12. I watched the entire recorded round including playoff on Sky Q with no issues at all. He’s a nutcase but well done Tyrell! ?
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