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  1. Have a few shafts to get rid of that didn’t work out. All prices shipped, add $5 west of Mississippi: $80 Project X Evenflow 6.5 75g Ping g410 tip 42.5” $80 Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 6.0 60g PXG tip 43.5” SOLD Mitsubishi Diamana BF60 Stiff Titleist tip 43 7/8” $40 Mitsubishi Diamana X5CT 70 stiff Ping g400 tip 41.5” SOLD Project X Handcrafted evenflow 6.5 65g PXG tip 44” $40 Ping Tour 75 Stiff no tip or grip, 41 1/4”
  2. No, I don’t believe any of the shafts have been tipped. All the shafts were either purchased new without tipping requested or purchased used (here) without tipping mentioned.
  3. Cleaning out some leftovers, all prices are shipped USPS, please add $5 west of Mississippi. If you’d like a head/shaft combination, take $30 off combined price Ping G410 Plus 9 degree head with headcover $sold PXG 0811X 9 degree head with headcover $sold various shafts with PXG/Ping tips, see chart below for make/flex/pricing
  4. Seemore still available, all PM’s responded to.
  5. 4 putters available, $75 shipped each, please add $5 west of Mississippi Ping Signa Tyne H with headcover 35Ping anser 2 Karsten TR with headcover and new super stroke grip 34 SOLDOdyssey Works 7 with headcover 34, need a a new grip SOLDSeeMore Si2 Milled ss303, 35.75 no headcover new super stroke. Bought this off eBay and the guy said it was bent flat, I never confirmed but it’s probably 2 degrees
  6. Mine came in yesterday, solid feel and early results on the monitor appear better than my 785’s in terms of distance and dispersion. Good value
  7. I don’t see anywhere on the site where the Gen 3 are 159
  8. Odyssey and Srixon hybrid still available, feel free to pass offers as if like to move them
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