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  1. yes lets go back to normal, boring, snoozefest golf.
  2. i dont get why you guys are complaining about the fans. this was such an awesome, powerful scene. if it didnt give you goosebumps, i dont know what would
  3. this is fcking nuts. goosebumps
  4. what kind of golf fan could ever turn this off?! you are nuts
  5. At this point i would be begging phil to just hit like punch 7 irons all the way home. his brother should snap his driver in half right now
  6. He wasnt the oldest major champion before today....
  7. what a f****** shot phil LFG
  8. I probably should have ponied up and gotten ESPN+. CBS is trash and getting worse every tournament
  9. jesus this coverage is so bad. there are far, far more commercials than normal, right? SHOW THE GOLF
  10. Unbelievable. Also, CBS needs to learn to just shut the hell up and let the golf speak for itself
  11. Man that was tough to watch Rory. Half surprised he didnt just WD at some point haha
  12. 7018

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Raw JB 58LB ordered! Can't wait!
  13. Just found this thread! Here's my current office putter. Have never taken it on the course but I love this thing so much. About the only thing I know about it is the long neck. Love it!
  14. By far the best irons I've ever felt. If these had my shafts, I would be all over them for a backup set. GLWS
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