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  1. Bought this direct from PXG’s eBay store and never even used it haha. Have something else I’m going to stick with. Comes with headcover and tool. Not sure it’s seen a ball. Minor paint imperfection towards heel and near alignment mark. Not noticeable at all. $189 OBO
  2. 1) Tensei Pro Orange 70 stiff - was gonna swap the Srixon tip out but decided on something else. Just a hair over 44”. Almost 27” to silver ring so I believe no tipping. SOLD 2) Kuro Kage XT 60 - no tip. 43.25. No tipping. $99 3) Kuro Kage XT 70 - Callaway flat adapter 44”. No tipping. Could tip and then pair with 60 for driver/fairway combo. $99 Both XT's for $165.
  3. Bought from PXG. Has seen some use but pretty clean really. Normal marks on the face and sole. Crown isn’t totally perfect but nothing major - just normal matte finish. Comes with headcover. SOLD
  4. Bought the shaft off here a month or so ago but have a bum shoulder and won’t be playing golf for a bit. Untipped Ventus Black 6S - shaft is good - few little marks here and there and a little residue near the adapter. Graphics align in the -1 setting. Shaft is a hair over 43.75”. SOLD G410 head was sold.
  5. Bought this directly from PXG brand new as I wanted to try the head out but have my eye on a different set up so I thought I’d offer it up. Has never seen the course or a ball - never even made it out of the basement. Comes with headcover and ball mark. 44.5”. Shaft adapter is set up in the flat position logo down. Sold
  6. 1) G425 Max 10.5 head only - no issues. Top line is clean. Crown has no scratches but some little watermark type marks that seem to be common on matte finishes. Not really noticeable. SOLD 2) Mavrik Max 10.5 head only. Picked this up cheap to try it out as it had a good sky mark. Not really all that bothersome in my opinion but it’s there. SOLD
  7. 1) G425 Max 9 degree driver head - hasn’t seen many balls. Top line is clean. Crown is clean - minor finish mark as common with matte finishes but not noticeable. SOLD 2) Mizuno MP-H5 5-PW. Some chatter and face marking as normal. Tons of good life left. C-Taper Lite Stiff. Standard LLL. Midsize CP2 wraps with life left. Super easy irons to hit. SOLD
  8. Picked these up to try the shafts but they were advertised as stiff. They seemed pretty stiff so I pulled the PW grip and it is marked 36.0. Based on the chart in the forums they are X- or X and way too much shaft for me. The PW measures 35.5” and goes up a half inch from there. Clubs themselves are in fine shape and grips have life left. I can probably argue a return but figured I’d see if anyone wanted them first. SOLD
  9. Too much shaft for me - both with Titleist tips. 1K measures about 44” and ZF is maybe about 1/4” shorter. Both with GP cord grips. I was told no tipping. SOLD for 1K - Sold for ZF.
  10. Cleaning out the extras: 1) G25 23 degree hybrid with Diamana Thump 90 stiff shaft. Plays at 39.75”. Head is fairly clean - definitely been used but no major scuffs or scratches. $109 2) Diamana Thump 75 stiff flex fairway pull. Measures just a little under 42”. SOLD 3) Tensei AV Raw White 65 stiff driver shaft. Has a Mizuno tip - I have a G400 or Taylormade tip I could toss in. Measures just under 43.5”. $85 4) KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid 65 stiff shaft. Has an older Callaway tip. Measures a little under 39”. Has a cosmetic scratch on the shaft but nothing major and could be touched up. $40
  11. Picked this up as a pull off here and had my local Golf Galaxy install a G410/425 adapter. Used a few times and the epoxy failed - would need to be reglued of course. Shaft isn’t a fit for me any way so I thought I would see if anyone wants it. 4” from tip to velocore - I believe that means tipped 1/2”. 43” overall length. SOLD
  12. 1) in fine shape - just some normal sole and face marking. Top line and crown are clean. Comes with headcover and tool. SOLD
  13. 1) Picked up the Scotty off the board a few weeks ago - just can’t putt with it haha. 34” - sticker was peeling so I removed it. Brand new Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip. Super clean - one minor scuff on top but really not noticeable. No cover. SOLD 2) CBX Ironwood 22 degree. Stock set up with Hzrdus Black 80 6.0 stiff shaft. Never really used all that much. SOLD
  14. Can’t decide what to do with my hybrid/driving iron spot. Super clean PXG 0317x Gen2 22 degree hybrid. Smoke RDX 90 6.0 stiff shaft. Comes with stock headcover. Used a handful of times - no issues. $175
  15. SOLD as a package deal. 1) Tensei AV Raw Orange driver shaft regular flex - Ping G425/410 tip. 44”. 2) Tensei Pro Orange 80 hybrid shaft. PXG tip. 38.75”. 3) Tensei Pro Orange 90 hybrid shaft. Taylormade tip. 38.5”.
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