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  1. Have a bunch of leftover hybrid shafts. It’s a long shot but trying to sell as a lot for SOLD Aldila NV 85 Stiff PXG - came out of 17 degree hybrid. Mint Speeder Tour Spec 9.8 Stiff - came out of 19 degree SLDR. Some shaft wear as typical. Taylormade tip. KBS Hybrid 80 Stiff - came out of 4 Gapr. Taylormade tip. 2 Steelfiber HLS 880 F4 stiff. One is uncut and unused - taylormade tips Varying lengths. Any questions just ask.
  2. Bought this to try a shorter driver shaft. Played about 43.5” in a PXG driver. Shaft came with the shown label and numbers - I assume it’s a build sticker but I have no clue what they mean. I removed the label but kept a picture of it just in case it pertains to the shaft. Paint finish is excellent - no chipping. Handcrafted logo is just under the grip. PXG adapter - I have a Ping G400 adapter I could toss in if needed. Could be used in a fairway wood too. $89
  3. 1) G410 plus 10.5 driver head. In great shape. Comes with stock headcover. SOLD 2) PXG 0811XF Gen2 10.5 driver head. Used a handful of times. Comes with wrench and stock headcover. SOLD
  4. M4 Tour issue 9.5 degree driver head. Has seen some use but still good life left. Not sure of specs. Alignment rod got the clear coat towards the heel a bit but it really isn’t noticeable. Small indent on bottom but shouldn’t affect anything. SOLD Tensei AV Raw White 75 stiff driver shaft with TM tip. Plays at 44.75”. $110
  5. Picked this up but too much shaft for a mere mortal like myself. No tipping. Measures 43”. Has a PXG adapter with shaft logo down in the PXG flat setting. May have another adapter I could toss it. Shaft had a little tip prep showing that was touched up with paint. Impossible to notice at address but wanted to point it out. Winn LT grip. SOLD
  6. Srixon Z585 6-AW Steelfiber i95 Stiff. Standard length and loft - 2 degrees upright. MCC Plus 4 Midsize. Really clean set - just normal chatter and face marking. AW is worst face but not even bad at all. $399 OBRO.
  7. Ended up with these and was going to swap out tips but just not going to. 1) Driver Shaft: Ventus Blue 6S with Taylormade tip. Tipped 1” best I can tell. No issues with shaft. Measures 44” tip to grip. Sold 2) Hybrid Shaft: Ventus HB 7S with pxg tip. Not sure if tipping follows driver shafts but may be tipped half an inch - not sure though. Measures 38.75” tip to grip. Sold
  8. Never used Hzrdus Smoke RDX Hextow hybrid shafts. Have aftermarket PXG adapters - one is untipped, one is tipped one inch. Butt has not been cut on either. 42” stock length on both though shorter one is tipped an inch. Plenty of room to set up your desired length. $165 for the pair.
  9. Two classic shafts with the ion finish that I wanted to build out but just moved on instead SOLD 1) Kai’li 70 gram stiff driver shaft - Callaway tip. Measures just a touch under 43.75”. Remember it being right about 45”. 2) Kai’li 80 gram stiff fairway shaft. Came out of Srixon fairway. Right about 41” so may play a little shorter.
  10. Picked up here awhile back. No issues/blemishes - in great shape. Measures just over 43” tip to grip - played a little under 45” if I remember right. Cobra adapter. Have a TM or G400 adapter I could toss in if needed. No tipping. SOLD
  11. Pretty clean - couple of minor marks on the crown but hard to tell given the fiber. Will ship with a Callaway headcover. $235
  12. Super clean 9 degree Sim Max head. Tiny nick out on the toe but not noticeable. Comes with stock headcover. SOLD
  13. 1) Tensei 60 Pro White stiff - pxg tip. About 43.5” - don’t think it’s tipped as it’s between 26.75-27” to the silver ring. Sold 2) Tensei 60 Pro Blue stiff - srixon tip. About 43.5” - don’t think it’s tipped as it’s between 26.75-27” to the silver ring. Sold 3) Smoke Blue RDX limited edition. 5.5 flex 60 grams. Measures 44”. Sold
  14. Put this together awhile ago and never really used it as I’m a 17 degree hybrid guy I finally decided. Kuro Kage XT 70 Stiff - tipped 1/2” with a Ping G 5 wood head. 5 wood head has some dings on the turbulator which I touched up with matte paint. Not a perfect head but in good shape. Plays right at 43”. Shaft would work fine for a 3 wood too. Sold
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