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  1. I literally said nothing about changing shaft flex in any of my posts. I don't want you to say anything or to agree with me. I didn't "find" anything. A certified professional did. Advice from my club builder (also a PGA pro) and data from his GC Quad after hours of testing with me led me down this path. He's not a social media guy, or I'd ask him to clarify on here. I stated that I'm not an expert in post #1. In the first one minute of that video Ian says that "tipping can significantly alter the characteristics of a shaft." Which is what I said it did
  2. That is the closest thing I can compare it to. And, I was hitting a left dash Pro v1x! One of the firmer balls out there. You know that feeling you get when you middle a MP 32 9 iron from a soft fairway on a warm summer day? That's what it reminded me of. I didn't think modern forgings felt like that any more, but apparently they do! I haven't hit 32's in a few years, but you never really forget do you? I'd get a demo for $20 and try it. I think you may like it.
  3. Well, maybe you've misunderstood the context of this conversation. I have data that suggests otherwise. How about you watch a short TXG video, so you don't have to take my word for it. It absolutely changes the characteristics of the shaft.
  4. Got to hit my new PF-2's today for the first time. These MMT 125TX's are going to take some getting used to. They are incredibly responsive and you can really feel the club head throughout the entire swing. Might be a little too soft. Not sure yet. I won't make any final judgements until I get a few hundred shots on grass. On to the PF-2-- It is, without a doubt, the softest forged CB I've ever hit. Probably some additional softness encouraged by the shafts. But, wow. Really nice to look down at. Feels more forgiving than they look. Think Ping S55, except forged.
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful input! Always learning! Hopefully, this is helpful for the OP and not just us! HA
  6. Thanks @Stuart_G I know I'm not conveying what he's told me accurately and I appreciate what you're saying. BUT for me, testing the same shaft with 0" of tipping, 1", and 2" of tipping changed my dynamic lie by 3.5*. Same swing and same swing speed. I did not perceive a big difference in feel. If I could, it was barely noticeable. Dispersion tightened up significantly. More importantly for me, my misses were less punitive. The impact tape and launch monitor showed that standard deviation of strike was more consistent after tipping. Launch and spin tightened u
  7. Wow. I just received my PF-2's and their photographer needs to be fired. They are so much nicer in person. Really, as nice as any forged CB out there or nicer. I'll hit them in the simulator tomorrow for the first time and report back. And, I got them with the MMT 125 TX's. I'm just really impressed.
  8. I'm a similar SS and the guy who has built my last 3 has strongly recommended tipping. Depending on how you load the shaft (I'm a quick heavy loader) he would recommend the tipping every time. Don't take it from me, because I'm not any kind of an expert. His belief, and I agree for my swing, is that it increases the tip's ability to withstand the "drooping" of the club head that happens before impact. This helps to create a more consistent dynamic lie at impact and reduce face twisting during impact. I don't even know if this makes sense, or if I'm explaining it correctly. All
  9. Exactly. I think every generation has gotten a little better and changing the core material in the club has helped IMO. They're still longer than what the lofts should suggest, but you don't get that 2 groove high low spin bomber any more. The feel and forgiveness is what is truly remarkable about those clubs.
  10. I don't believe bending them flat would be a problem, but bending them 3 strong could be a big one. They are a hollow body design. I'd call Mizuno and check to be sure, or send them to them to modify safely. Do they still do that? Strengthening the lofts by 3 would increase offset significantly and change the way the club interacts with the ground. You'd be reducing the bounce and rotating the leading edge forward. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of bending clubs strong. I hate looking at and playing clubs with anything more than just a little offset.
  11. Tour BX has been my ball for the last year. I switched to the LD Prov1X a few moths ago and it works better for me. It's similar in spin off the tee compared to the AVX, but launches a bit higher. Definitely more spin off of short irons than the AVX, but not quite as much as the Tour BX. I still get great check on partial shots and great spin with full wedges and short irons. I really like the ball, but it can be hard to come by and expensive. I tried a sleeve of the TP5x last year, but found that I had trouble spinning the ball around the green unless it was a tight and softish lie. I'
  12. Thanks @phizzy30! That is helpful!
  13. I had a similar issue when the first GBB Epic came out and was fitted into the Rogue Max 85 (89g) X tipped 1". I lost a little club head speed, but it tightened up my dispersion big time. Since then I have changed my swing and dramatically smoothed my transition. Still swing 120+, but way smoother and less effort. Before, I actually cracked the bottom of the driver face multiple times. Once on that Epic and another on an older Cobra. Swing speed + the speed of the face closure caused crazy dispersion sometimes. Even when I middled it. I feel you. If money was no object, I'd tip a Ven
  14. How do the MMT's feel vs. other iron shafts you have used? Just purchased the PF-2's with them. Thank you, Branden
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