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    Putter cover is still 23 days out, last known location Hawaii via Guam to get from Iowa to Va. Bought a putter from a seller in upstate NY, received it in 2 days.
  2. VTH0kie


    Mine is 19 days out, last know place Hawaii on the 15th. A member here who works for USPS told me machines scan the packages, and sometimes the zip code is hard to read. He was able to pull the shipping label, and the label was perfect. He said it was pure negligence on someones part.
  3. VTH0kie


    Thanks for checking. Have fun in Florida. Was in Maine a couple of summers ago, beautiful. Also have been there in winter for work, below 20 degrees the whole time I was there.
  4. VTH0kie


    9400108205496245922675 Thanks, enjoy your trip. Where are you now?
  5. VTH0kie


    Anyone having trouble with USPS lately? I bought a putter cover from a guy in IOWA, I am in Virginia. It was shipped Feb 1st, and so far has been to Guam and Hawaii.
  6. [quote name='irwinfletcher77' timestamp='1338692262' post='5020040'] Forgot to add these are 15 gram weights [/quote] PM sent
  7. [PM on Triumph quote name='aue21' timestamp='1336745721' post='4894850'] i have the following items for sale as I went to myrtle beach and tried a lefty driver that was not offered here in NY as of yet , My loss is your gain, all prices are shipped via paypal, I pride my self in the clubs condition and never had a problem I could not make right, First I have a Adams super fast 12LS in stiff at 10.5 degrees, it has the h/c and weight and adjustment tool in pouch, it has hit MAYBE 40 balls, but don't want to get used to it during the tourney season...........................299.00 Second I have a bobby grace black oxide f22 putter at 34.75 inches MINT 115.00 Bobby grace triumph 34.75 putter 99.00 These have both the newer rollface inserts and are mint with headcovers Thanks in advance, cash is king NO trades [/quote]
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