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  1. Isn't the T100S suppose to come stock with project x LZ 6.0 and the T100 with AMT White? If the LZ is the stock shaft, I can see why it would be back ordered. Also, why not just cancel your order and wait when it hits retail on August 26th? I ordered my T100S with Project x LZ 5.5
  2. I hit them yesterday. Quite a bit of spin. Not quite for me, but they are pretty
  3. So, these only have tungsten in the 3 and 4 iron but cost more than the 718? Canada has then for like 1900 cdn. For that price, I’m looking somewhere else. To bad, since they are good looking irons
  4. So i came across the mizuno japan website and it looks like new irons are launching Monday under their mizuno pro line. From the image, it looks like there is a new model on the left, which isn’t the same as the North America mp 20 line and I’m dying to see what it looks like.
  5. Another thing to blame our shitty round on, the ball is imbalanced. It keeps flying to one side haha. I do agree with the one poster who said, cut the ball even at a slight off angle and the core is going to look off. Especially with the second layer
  6. I just picked up a set and my box has all the specs listed in Japan and says made in Japan.
  7. I have both the modus 105 and c taper lite in 2 different irons and they “feel†very different. I was a modus 105 stiff fan but ordered a set of irons with c taper lite regular and now I love the c taper lite.
  8. I don’t have issues but I only use that pocket for stuff like sunscreen and small stuff
  9. I just picked up the 2018 4up and some things are a great improvement and some are questionable Here are my observations -New legs are thicker and seem sturdier -4 way divider is nice but if you carry more than 2 woods and a putter, that slot is a little tight. -water bottle holder is great -they have new carry straps. -they removed the side handles on the top cuff -it no longer comes with the single carry strap -new zipper pulls that clip on(you have to see it to know what I mean) -new mechanism that connects to the carry strap to the bag. It’s a connect clip system which makes it really easy to remove the strap from the bag, but looks like it could snap, if your bag is to heavy and you violently yank the carry strap to lift the bag up. That said, I found the pros outweighed the cons vs the previous model, so I picked it up
  10. 2017 is awesome. If you aren’t the golfer that shoves everything into a bag, it’s probably the best light weight waterproof bag out there I would wait for the 2018 since it will have 4 dividers and a water bottle slot.
  11. I have the 3 way 4up but will switch to the new one with the 4 way and water bottle holder
  12. I for one actually don’t like the new blade. Looks like a transformer
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