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  1. Vessel is a better bag imo. I have had many vessels, titleist linkmasters and a few stitch sl2’s. The stitch was the worst for me. Didn’t hold up as well and showed more wear and the pocket space was very small.
  2. All items shipped and insured. Send any questions my way. Will ship tomorrow if sold tonight. Otherwise will be on Monday. Thanks! Scotty Cameron Serape Stand bag. Brand new still in plastic. I have a one too many bags and this one needs to go. Price $-750 Street Fighter Dhalsim Blade Putter Cover Swag Special Pink Edition. Brand new and still sealed. Price - $475 Swag Golf Patriotic Concentric Skulls Mallet. Also brand new and sealed. Price $135
  3. My head pro told me that his rep said the numbers were lower than the t22. Maybe he was wrong. Had no trouble getting the previous ones but he couldn’t snag me one of these.
  4. Srixon ZX7 set 4-PW. KBS TGI 100 shafts hard stepped one time. +.25 with GP TV Midsize plus 4 grips. Used for about 5-6 rounds with an equal amount of range sessions. Lower clubs show a little more wear then other. Overall great shape with very little bag chatter or wear. These were over $1300 on Srixon but I notice they don’t even let you order graphite anymore. Price - sold Srixon ZX 3 Hybrid 19*. KBS 85x proto. +.25 as well. GP TV midsize plus 4. Hit less than 10 balls and practically new. Same on tax and shipping. Price - $165 Swag burger towel. Brand new out of packaging. Price - $75 pin 7/23
  5. Just got an email from puetz that my order for the Newport was cancelled. They allocated too many before mine. Upsetting to see but not much I can do now.
  6. I will be very upset if not lol. I really wanted to try a flow back for once so I order that and a Newport 2. Hoping for the best. As long as we don’t see an cancelation email in the next few days we should be good, right?
  7. I ordered 2 as well but different models. I assume it meant on per model as always. Hopefully that’s the case.
  8. Never heard of Puetz. Is that a good website?
  9. Just a few belts today. Let me know if you have any questions. These belts just don’t fit me anymore. Will ship starting Tuesday. Thanks! Patrick Gibbons leather white and pink exotic belt. Size 33. Worn probably about 8 times. This is a older one but in good shape. If you know Patrick then you know the quality is great. Price $75 Jacob Hill exotic lizard white/orange/navy belt. Size 32. This was probably worn about 4 times. Great shape as well and an amazing belt. Price $75 Piedmont Italian calf belt. Size 33. It’s almost a turquoise color. Great belt and only worn a few times. Price $75
  10. I still never got a response from over a month ago. Little upsetting as I’ve moved on from him but was really hoping to get something in the works. My custom putter venture hasn’t been too great but still hopeful lol.
  11. To me they are narrow and fit the foot snug. I also have a narrow foot so that says a lot but the toe box is definitely larger. I have a cement 4 in a 12.5 and the adg 3 in a 12 and they both fit the same in the toe for me.
  12. I sent him a message on Instagram and never got a reply. I was hoping to get one from him but wanted to ask a few questions first. I sent the message first of June for reference.
  13. I’m sure it’ll turn out great. I’ll post mine here when it arrives! Hoping for the best. I got a long neck wide body blade so we’ll see.
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