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  1. Looking to sell only. I putt just as well with my odyssey armlock so this needs to find a new home. Great feeling putter and almost half price for this build. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Artisan 0720 Used 5-6 rounds 42 inches with LAGP shaft 4 loft on face 3 loft on neck Carbon body head and stainless neck (goldish color) BC initials on face Comes with headcover Jumbo max grip on sideways like Bryson Price $850 obo
  2. You have to call. I ordered one but was failed to tell it was on back order. Also, it’s $30 more than the listed price just a heads up.
  3. One item. looking to sell and ship asap. Let me know if you have any questions. Bettinardi social black/pink multi icon towel. Never used but does have a small imperfection pictured on the backside of the towel. Great looking towel but went with another color way. Price $85 shipped obo
  4. Completely understandable and would love to get fit in the near future. I saw a deal I couldn’t pass up to try though. I sent a few messages and saw they were read with no response. That’s the only reason I was asking. Would love to support their business by even buying a few headcovers as a start.
  5. I picked up an Artisan putter second hand. I wanted to try it out before I go all in for a fitting and upgraded options. I wanted to get a headcover from them for the putter in the time being. Is it frowned upon by them to want to purchase accessories if you weren’t the original owner. Any Artisan owners have any ideas? Thanks I’m advance.
  6. I’ve had issues 3 times in the past few years with buyers from those addresses so I just stay away at this point. There’s plenty of other buyers out there. Now, I do agree this is legit overseas buyers from those warehouses but it’s not worth the hassle if you can save yourself from it in my opinion.
  7. It sucks but that’s why I always look up the address on Google before I ship. If I see it’s a warehouse then it’s most likely a scam. They are usually always from DE too which now you can be on the lookout for. You’ll be able to get your feedback back. eBay understands these scams are happening.
  8. eBay is getting really bad lately. Especially on high end items. I’ve had multiple people trying to buy from me that are scams. They are always from Delaware or Oregon. They want you to ship to a warehouse and they will claim they never got it. If you look up the addresses on Google you’ll see many people have been scammed from those warehouses lately.
  9. One thing for sale today. Scotty Cameron 2021 My girl. Brand new never used or even rolled. Grip still in plastic. Will ship tomorrow via fed ex. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Price $sold
  10. Looking for a quick sale. Both headcovers are sealed. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Swag Hockey New York Rangers blade cover. Swag Hockey Boston Bruins blade cover. Price - $180 each
  11. As much as I want to putt with these, I can’t get away from my armlock. Help me out in my purchase of a custom armlock. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Scotty Cameron champions choice Newport 2 - 35 inch. Brand new still sealed in the plastic. Price sold Scotty Cameron 9.5 Triple Black. 35 inches. Brand new still in plastic as well. Price sold pin 10/6
  12. Vessel is a better bag imo. I have had many vessels, titleist linkmasters and a few stitch sl2’s. The stitch was the worst for me. Didn’t hold up as well and showed more wear and the pocket space was very small.
  13. All items shipped and insured. Send any questions my way. Will ship tomorrow if sold tonight. Otherwise will be on Monday. Thanks! Scotty Cameron Serape Stand bag. Brand new still in plastic. I have a one too many bags and this one needs to go. Price $-750 Street Fighter Dhalsim Blade Putter Cover Swag Special Pink Edition. Brand new and still sealed. Price - $475 Swag Golf Patriotic Concentric Skulls Mallet. Also brand new and sealed. Price $135
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