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  1. Chunky dunky driver and 3 wood is live. How are we feeling about those? I want to like them but I wasn’t really into the shoes. Also, doesn’t really match any of the colors I have going on. I do love dormie headcovers though so not sure what to do.
  2. I think you’re spot on that. I think it would be better for him and the customers if they had custom ish models that were already made and ready to ship. Still very nice putters and great craftsmanship but wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of emails and making sure the orders are right.
  3. I figured in the end with all the hassle I went through that the final product would make it all worth it, but I was wrong. Like others have said sometimes with any putter make the communication isn’t always perfect (which is understandable) the final product is worth it. Couldn’t be any more false with my situation. I went back through my emails today and my final sketch and there was 4 big details that were wrong. I even saw an email that he noted I wanted a black shaft instead of chrome and it still showed up with chrome. Like I stated in the original post I don’t like to call people out bu
  4. Wanted it to be a long neck and face balanced, that’s all.
  5. Also, what you said about goodwood. He seems like a good dude and I will keep him in mind for my next project. But his comment about the stress of custom orders shows you it’s not easy. He can manage it though because he doesn’t take in more than he can handle. He keeps it under 100 orders and under 3 month wait. That’s perfectly acceptable to me. 500-600 putters and 6-8 months is mind boggling and have no idea why you would even do that to yourself.
  6. I’m not going to speak on other small putter makers. But to me on the Olson situation, it’s simply the greed for money. He takes all the money up front for 500 putters up front which is a bad way to do it in my opinion. There’s no way one man can handle the details needed for 500 putters at a time. I can understand a deposit but the full amount is not the way you should treat customers of a small business. Especially when you have to wait 6 months. Then you end up with a messed up product. I’m not very good at math but I know with the prices he charges and 500 putters in que, he’s doing very w
  7. Haha I will comment for sure when he has a new post. It’s just sad this is what it’s come to. I wouldn’t mind if I could get some help though from you! I appreciate it!
  8. I’ve seen that. That’s why you don’t see any negative comments. I don’t want to do that yet because I’m sure he’ll just block me if I spam bad comments.
  9. Definitely not the case. I tried to confirm many times with him to make sure this didn’t happen. Already tried with the credit card but it’s been too long. I was pretty specific with the details and he pretty much went cold turkey once he got my money. He’s a nice guy but can’t handle that many orders at one time.
  10. Sadly a basic long neck blade that I’ve been using while I was waiting. Don’t want to change it up now. Looking to pass it along to someone else!
  11. Figured I would go all out and get all the details I wanted for once. Most important was a long neck blade with more stability. That’s not very easy to find so I figured I would go custom. Just sadly picked the wrong maker. It’s a beautiful putter and someone will be very pleased. Just not what I asked for is all. The finish is unreal though and very happy the way it turned out. I hope you get what you wanted but even better! Let me know how it turns out please. I’ve always been interested in those putters!
  12. I wish you all the best and hope it shows up as requested. Nothing better than asking for something custom and getting what you want when you finally open up the package. I’m just trying to warn anyone before they make the same mistake I did. I really don’t like to start drama on here or anywhere but this is just unacceptable. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I did.
  13. Funny part is he charged me more for the twisted neck that I didn’t even get hahaha.
  14. I agree with. The only problem is no matter how many pictures you see of the putter, to me it’s never exactly what you imagined it. That’s why if it’s an expensive purchase I will probably only do it in person from now on. If it’s not a crazy amount, then I’d be fine still buying with just seeing pictures but for what Olson charges you should het exactly what you requested. Especially the neck, that’s the most important part in my opinion.
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