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  1. When I saw that I’m pretty sure it said they would still make for their other companies. I’m pretty sure Bettinardi is EP and they are still using them.
  2. This cover is 100% fake. Most fakes still have the am&e tag. I think that’s most people assume if they have the tag it’s real. I’ve seen some high quality fakes but this one is very poor. The leather is too hard. The shape is very poor and almost angled like previously posted. I would try and get a refund if possible. A cover like that will also rip pretty easily.
  3. That’s what’s funny. He didn’t respond to any of my messages on Instagram but has the time to reply to comments and delete others he didn’t like. You think if you spend 2k with a guy he would be a little nicer to you than random comments on his post but I guess I’m wrong lol.
  4. In all seriousness be careful out there lately on eBay. I saw someone stole the pictures I took of my putter on my home course of and was listing it like it was his. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot weird priced items on eBay lately from brand new sellers and or from places like Argentina. Gotta be safe out there
  5. That looks great! Really want to get one now as I didn’t know much about him before. His stuff looks really clean to me. I sent him and email and went over a few things. He was going to send me a sketch but it’s been a few days now. Hoping I can get one ordered soon.
  6. I’ve been collecting way too many headcovers lately and need to start downsizing. This will be first of many post likely with a bunch of headcovers, polos, belts etc. Let me know if you have any questions. Will combine shipping and discounts for multiple. Most are very lightly used unless noted otherwise. Add $5 for shipping. Thanks! Black stitch 3 wood - sold Black stitch utility - sold Blue stitch utility - sold New PXG driver - $25 White Cru driver - $40 Blue Iliac Scotland - sold Brown Iliac fearless - sold New TBC Tiffany Mid Mallet - sold
  7. Not really what I was looking for. Just trying to help some fellow wrx folks. I’ve always wanted a lamb putter though. Always seemed impossible to get so I settled on some cool donut markers
  8. Whatever you do, don’t order a custom Olson. Unless of course you want to wait 6 months and get nothing you asked for. I would much rather have a lamb then an Olson.
  9. Got mine today. Pretty nice in hand but still bulky/heavy feeling to me. I got them a half size smaller this time since they didn’t have a 12.5 like the cement 4’s but they still feel big even though it’s short in the toe. Probably just my narrow feet lol. Not sure how much I’ll wear but still very cool looking shoe.
  10. No, never have heard back from him after numerous emails and messages on Instagram. Really poor business he runs and it’s sad to see him treat customers like this.
  11. Chunky dunky driver and 3 wood is live. How are we feeling about those? I want to like them but I wasn’t really into the shoes. Also, doesn’t really match any of the colors I have going on. I do love dormie headcovers though so not sure what to do.
  12. I think you’re spot on that. I think it would be better for him and the customers if they had custom ish models that were already made and ready to ship. Still very nice putters and great craftsmanship but wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of emails and making sure the orders are right.
  13. I figured in the end with all the hassle I went through that the final product would make it all worth it, but I was wrong. Like others have said sometimes with any putter make the communication isn’t always perfect (which is understandable) the final product is worth it. Couldn’t be any more false with my situation. I went back through my emails today and my final sketch and there was 4 big details that were wrong. I even saw an email that he noted I wanted a black shaft instead of chrome and it still showed up with chrome. Like I stated in the original post I don’t like to call people out bu
  14. Wanted it to be a long neck and face balanced, that’s all.
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