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  1. Not the same though. Don’t get me wrong I love Srixon. I’ve had the past 3 sets of irons and use Cleveland wedges. I just wish I could get it flatter or try out a flat lie version like the had in the previous tour issue heads. 59 standard lie is a little too upright to me.
  2. Just picked this up on the bst. I love a face balanced blade and couldn’t resist. Does anyone know anything? Haven’t seen one with a long slant neck before. Feels really good as well, was a little surprised.
  3. Too bad we can’t get the actual model the use. The FL version.
  4. Yes direct from the website. Pretty quick as well. Just about 2 and half weeks.
  5. Sorry for the late response. Hit a few putts with each and really didn’t notice a huge difference. For reference again, original spider had the stock face. Blue spider has a black face. Spider x custom pink has the white face. I would rate hardest to softest has - Blue - Red - Pink. I’m probably not the best person for feel but they don’t feel that different in my opinion. I’ve always putted well with the spider so I’m not too worried. I do wish it was a touch harder off the face IMO.
  6. Maybe it’s the shaft? I ordered mine with the KBS Tour white. I will say it does seem odd for it not to be here yet.
  7. I ordered a tour rack set with custom grinds on 4/24 and got an email that it partially shipped today. So that’s a good sign. Not sure why all 3 wouldn’t ship though. We will see.
  8. Yeah I’ll post some pics here in a few minutes. I have the original red spider. A custom spider with a black insert. Then the spider x I just got is with the white. I can compare the 3 if you would like and rate it from softest to hardest.
  9. Just actually received me custom spider x yesterday. I also have a custom spider. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. I also read all the reviews and saw the comments to get the white insert. I can say it’s very soft, almost too soft to me but it feels good. At least it’s not a clicky/hard sound. I can post some pictures if you want.
  10. Just got the ZX utility and was curious on the sound. It’s a little high pitched and has kind of a tingy sound. Am I the only one that’s noticing this and is this normal? I’ve had the previous models and they all sounded fine.
  11. I think the main issue is that you can’t see these clubs in person. Other sites have stated the way they measure or you can check out the clubs in person. PXG clubs you can’t just go see the length. I’ve had Srixon and PXG at standard length and they were a half inch different. It would save every manufacture the trouble if they would state how they measure the clubs.
  12. I have a 50,54,58. All three have custom grinds. The 50 and 54 just have heel and toe relief. Probably didn’t need it as I don’t use my 50 much other than full shots. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I got the 58 with heel and tow relief and also a sharpened leading edge. The wedge sits really low to the ground and when opened up it glides through much better than any stock wedge I’ve had. I think they’re worth every penny and I would go raw if you’re going to get the Zip Cores.
  13. I was super excited as well but wore them for 10 mins of the range and is already creasing on the sides of the shoe. The upper feels like it’s going to show wear super quick. I was waiting to see if anyone else felt this way.
  14. Open to offers. Would like to get this sold to someone that will use it!
  15. USPS isn’t that bad. Just recently shipped a bag via fed ex and they put the wrong label on. They said they were sorry. This is the second time this has happened in the past year. The workers at FedEx and useless and don’t double check what they’re doing. No one even knows where my package is now. All shipping places right now are horrible.
  16. Thanks man I know how frustrating it is and we can only all hope it gets better. I’ve been buying headcovers off and on the website for years and can agree it used to be much better.
  17. On my phone this time. I learned my lesson to just be patient. This is the first time I’ve ever got a bag though. Very happy with it but very grateful as well. I know the struggle and still don’t get why they can’t just put a little more work into the site.
  18. I agree but the swag mallet sold out in 30 seconds. I can never get anything from them. At least from Scotty it’s hit or miss if you can log in and check out. I got a bag, headcover and tool today. It took me like 8 mins to check out as well.
  19. One item today. Let me know if you have any questions. No trades please. Will ship fed ex insured. Thanks! Logan Olson retro blade putter. Brand new and only rolled a few on my putting mat. 35 1/8 inches. 3* loft and 70* lie. Comes with the original leather Olson grip and headcover. Price - sold pin 4/7
  20. I’ve had about 6 circle t’s now and I only have 1 left. I’ve never really thought they were that great. What baffles me is an example of how they sold the T22 Fastback at a limited release and can still be had for under $1000. Yet, they release the same version in the gallery for $3000. There’s no difference in the shape or the face etc. Why you would be $2000 more for the same putter because it has a stamp is something I’ll never understand.
  21. I got a blade but was hoping to get the mallet. I thought it was CST time as well. Stupid for not reading it correctly lol
  22. Long neck on the Toulon? What’s the toe hang?
  23. I know it’s not irons but best grips is a great company out of Texas. I’d give them a try
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